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Great are thy wond'rous Works!
Most just and true thy Ways
Lord God Almighty! King of Saints,
High in eternal Praise.

Who shall not fear thy Might,
By ev'ry Pow'r ador'd!
All Nations shall before thee kneel,
And gladly call thee, Lord.

Salvation to our God,
To Father, and to Son;
And Glory to the Holy Ghost,
Three, Coeternal One.


Praise after Meat.

OGive Thanks, ye Old and Young,
Praise the Lord with Heart and Tongue,
For his Mercy still supplies
All Mankind's Necessities.

God displays, for our Delight,
Endless Wonders of his Might;
Lord, enlarge our narrow Sense,
So t'adore thy Providence.

O that Body, Soul and Mind,
May to thee be all resign'd;
'Till we praise thy glorious Name,
At the Supper of the Lamb.


Os Repentance.

OGOD my Lord, how great's my hoard,,
Of all my past Transgression:
And here is none that could atone,
In this wide World's Possession.

• Now may I fly to God and Cry,

O save from Condemnation,
For what thy Son, has freely done,

Is full Propitiation,

But if thou wilt, chastise my Guilt,
And make me feel thine Arrows;

Chastise me here, but keep me clear
Of everlasting Sorrows.

O deal with me, as seems to thee

Most good, O thou most Holy; Do but avert, th'eternal Smart,

That's due unto my Folly.

Christ's wounded Side, my Soul shall hide, ,
When Death shall draw his Arrow;

In"Christ, true Faith redeems from Death,
And Hell, and Sin, and Sorrow.

O blessed be, th'eternal Three,

To Father, Son and Spirit;
Blest Three in One, to whom the Soa •

Restores us by his Merit.



On the Death of Christ.

f\ Boundless Grief, beyond Relief!
^~* Where are oui Passions hurried?
God, the Father's darling Son,
For our Sins has died.

O make a Pause, and search the Cause,

Of this unheard,of Murther; Sinner! thine A postacy,

Could advance no further.

The Lamb of God, has shed his Blood,

For Sinners free Salvation; Thus to rescue sinful Men,

From just Condemnation.

O, greatest Dread, God Man is Dead,

O, he was torn and wounded, At this Sight the guilty World

Ought to be confounded.

How blest he is, who weigheth this

With Christian Application. That the Lord of Life and Light,

Dy'd for our Salvation.

O Jesu West, our Hope and Rest,

Grant us this heav'nly Favour;
That thy Blood, Cross, Death and Tomb,

Prove our dying Saviour.


The Love of Jesus.

COME all, and hear of Jesu's Love,
O may his Spirit from above,
Tune our Hearts and Tongues to raise
His Praise, in loud harmonious Lays.

Of him, who did Salvation bring,
We could for ever think and sing: 1
His Grace but ask, and 'twill be giv'n,:..
He'll raise and turn your Hell to Heav'n.


O wond'rous Jesu.! greatest King,
All Heav'n doth with thy Triumphs ring; .
Still let our Tongues resound thy Name,
And Jesus be oar constant Theme,

To shame out.Si-ns, Christ blusiVd in Blood,
He clos'd his Eyes to shew us God:
May all the World fall down and know,
That none-but God such Love cquld shew.


Commit thy Ways unto the Lord, (gu..

, /^"Ornmit thy Ways and Goings, ^-i And all that grieve thy Soul, Tp him, whose wisest Doings Rule all, without controul.:

Unto Unto the Lord turn wholly,

For he will never fail, To rescue thee from Folly,

If thou dost but bewail.

Trust also in him ever,

Without reluctant Will, His Promises will never

Once come behind thy Zeal: His Goodness knows no Measure,

His Love and Care no End, For such as wait with Pleasure,

'Till he Salvation send.

Bring it to pass, O blessed,

Above what Words can tell, And fee us all released

From Sin, and Death, and Hell: Direct us, O most Holy,

In the blest heav'nly Way; That leads thro' this dark Valley,

To everlasting Day.

Praise to the Redeemer.

PLung'd in a Gulph of dark Despair,
We wretched Sinners lay,
Without one chearful Beam of Hope,
Or spark of glimm'ring Day.

With pitving Eyes, the Prince of Grace,

Beheld our helpless Grief!


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