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He saw, and (O amazing Love !)
He ran to our Relief.

Down from the shining Seats above,

With joyful Haste he fled, Enter'd the Grave in mortal Flesh,

And dwelt among the Dead.

Oh! for this Love let Rocks and Hills
Their lasting Silence break,

And all harmonious human Tongues,
The Saviour's Praises speak.

Angels aflist our mighty Joys,
Strike all your Harps os Gold;

But when you raise your highest Notes,
His Love can ne'er be told.

Before Preaching.

TH E hand of our God
Has brought us again,
(A Favour bestow'd,

We hope not in vain)
To hear from our Saviour,
The Word of his Grace,
Then be our Behaviour
Becoming the Place.

Now help us O Lord,

With Praise and with Pray'r,, , To practice thy Word,

And worship with Fear j

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Help us with Contrition,

To own what we've done, And give us remission

Thro' Christ thy dear Son.

Blest Spirit of Christ,

Help us to believe. Thy Servants assist,

In Christ for to Live: O fend us thy Unction,

To teach us all good, Apply free Remission,

In Christ's precious Blood.


The Christian JVarfart.

^jTand up, blest Souls, shake off your Fears,
1^5 And gird the Gospel Armour on,
March to the Gates of endless Joy,
Where your great Captain, Saviour's gone.

Hell and your Sins resist your Course,
But Hell and Sin are, vanquish'd Foes,
Your Jesus nail'd them to the Cross,
And fung the Triumph when he rose.

Then let your Souls march boldly on,
Press forward to the heav'nly Gate;
There Peace and Joy eternal reign,
And glitt'ring Robes for Conqu'rprs wait.


There may we wear a starry Crown,
And-triumph in Almighty Grace,
While all the Armies of the Sky,
Join in our glorious Leader's Praise.

Isaiah, liii. 6.

LIKE Sheep we went astray,
And" broke the Fold of God,
Each wand'ring in a different Way,
But all the downward Road.

How dreadful was the Hour When God our Wand'rings laid! And did at once his Vengeance pour Upon the Shepherd's Head!

How glorious was the Grace, When Christ sustain'd the Stroke \ His Life and Blood, the Shepherd pays A Ransom for the Flock.

His joyful Soul shall fee
The purchase of his Pain;
And by his Knowledge justify
The guilty Sons of Men.

Heav'n shall advance God's Son
To Joys that Earth deny'd;
Who saw the Follies Men had dorte,
And bore their Sins and dy'd.

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The blejsed Society in Heaven,

OMay we mount on sacred Wings,
And tread the Courts above;
Nor Earth, nor all her mightiest things,
Should tempt our meanest Love.

There on a high majestick Throne,

Th'Almighty Father reigns;
And shed his glorious Goodnesedown

On all the blissful Plains.

Bright, like a Sun, the Saviour fits,

And spreads eternal Noon:
No Ev'nings there, nor gloomy Nights,

To want the feeble Moon.

Amidst those ever,shining Skies,

Behold the sacred Dove,
While banish'd Sin and Sorrow flies

From all the realms of Love.

The glorious Tenants of that Place,
Stand bending round the Throne;

And Saints and Seraphs sing and praise
The insinite Three-One.

But oh! what beams of heav'nly Grace,

Transport them all the while;
Ten thousand smiles from Jesu's Face,

And Love In every smile,

Jesus, Jesus, and when shall that dear Day,

That joyful Hour appear?
When I shall leave this House of Clay,

To dwell amongst 'em there.


For Easier,Da).

.y E that seek the Lord who Dy'd,
* Your God for Sinners Crucify'd,
Prevent the earliest Dawn, and come
To worship at his sacred Tomb:
Bring the sweet Spices of your Sighs,
Your contrite Hearts, and streaming Eyes,
Your fad Complaints, and humble Fears,
And embalm him with your Tears.

While ye thus your Souls Employ,
Your Sorrows shall be turn'd to Joy,
Now, now, let all your Grief be o'er,
Believe, and ye shall weep no more;
An Earthquake hath the Caverns shook,
And burst the Door, and rent the Rock,
The Lord hath sent his Angel down,
Who hath roll'd away the Stone.

See, as Snow, his Garment white,
His Countenance, as Light'ning, bright,
He sits and waves a flaming Sword,
And waits upon his rising Lord;
The third auspicious Morn is come,
And calls your Saviour from the Tomb,
The bands of Death are torn away,
And the Tomb gives back his Prey.


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