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See the Lord is ris'n indeed,
To Death deliver'd in your Stead,
His rife proclaims your Sins forgiv'n,
And shews the living Way to Heav'n;
Go tell the Followers of your Lord,
Their Jesus is to Life restor'd,
He Lives, that they his Life may sind,
Lives to quicken lost Mankind,

The Resurreftion of Christ.

UP from the dark and silent Tomb,
See the victorious Jesus come;
Th' Almighty Pris'ner quits,the Pris'n,
And Angels tell the Lord is ris'n,

Angels, Angels, Angels, Angels, Angels
tell the Lord is ris'n.

Ye guilty.Souls that groan and grieve,
Hear the glad Tidings; hear and Live,
God's Righteous Law is satisfied,
And Justice now is on your side,
Justice, Justice, &c.

Your Surety, thus releas'd by God,.
Pleads the rich Ransom of his Blood,
No flaming Sword, no Bar remains,.
But Mercy now triumphant reigns,
Mercy, Mercy, &c.

Believers, hail ! your rising Head,
The first Begotten from the Dead,
Your Resurrection's sure thro' his,
To endless Life, to endless Bliss,
Endless, Endless, &c. HYMN-.


Resurrection of the Saints, &c.

YE Christians, hear the joyful News!
Death has receiv'd a deadly Bruise,
Our Lord has made his Empire fall,
And conquer'd him that conquer'd All,
Conquer'd, &c.

Thus doom'd are all Men once to Die,
Yet Saints, by Faith, Death's Pow'r defy";
They soon shall feel his Bands unbound,
Awaken'd by th' Archangel's found,
Awaken'd &c.

The Trump of God shall rend the Rocks,
And open adamantine Locks;
Come forth the Dead, from Death's dark dome,
And Jesus calls his ransom'd home,
Jesus, Jesus, &c.

Ye Sinners timely warming take,
Turn to the Lord, your Ways forsake,
And hope, thro' God's Almighty Pow'r
The happy Resurrection Hour.
Happy, Happy, &c.


Easter Day.

f> H R I S T the Lord is risen to-day:
^ Sons of Men, and Angels fay,
Raise your Joys and Triumphs high,
Sing ye Heavens, and Earth reply.


Love's redeeming Work is done,
Fought the Fight, the Battle's won,
Lo! our Sun's Eclipse is o'er,
Lq! he sets in Blood no more.

Lives again our glorious King,
Where O Death! is now thy sting j
Once he Dy'd, our Souls to save,
Where's thy Victory, O Grave.

Soar we now, where Christ has led,
Foil'wing our exalted Head 5
Made like him, like him we rife,
Ours the Cross, the Grave, the Skies.

Hail! the Lord of Earth and Heaven^
Praise to thee, by both be given,
Thee we greet, Triumphant now,
Hail ! the Resurrection thou.

King of Glory! Soul of Bliss,
Everlasting Life is this,
Thee to know, — thy Power to prove,
Thus to Sing, and thus to Love,



TO Jesus our ascended God,
New Honours let us raise,
And Sing the Triumphs of his Cross,
To his most worthy Praise.


Th' Almighty Conqu'ror reigns on high,

He's now fat down above,
To plead the Victories he has won,

Upon a Throne of Love.

What tho' the Powers of Hell combine,

To drive our Souls away;
Death, Sin and Hell, are vanquished Foes,

Rife up, our Souls away.

'Tis sinilh'd! said he long ago.

When he on Earth did Die; But now 'tis sinish'd double so,

For he"s ascended high.



The same.

EMmanuel to Heaven is gone,
And sits at God's right Hand,
Before him round the glorious Throne,
Thousand of Thousands stand.

With Worship, all his Angels own

His Majesty and Grace,
And all the Elders now cast down,

Their Crowns before his Face.

The heavenly Hosts surround th' Abode,

Of this exalted King,
And Songs of Praise to him, their God,

With chearful Voices Sing.

Glory Glory to thee is all their Song,

Who for thy Saints were Slain, Wisdom and Power to thee belong,

And endless Praise, Amen.

Psalm xxiv. 7. Lift up your Heads, Use.

OU R Lord is risen from the Dead,
Our Jesus is gone up on high, n
The Powers of Hell are Captive led,.
Drag'd to the Portals of the Skie.

There his Triumphant Chariot waits,
And Angels chaunt the Solemn Lay;
Lift up your heads, ye heavenly Gates,
Ye everlasting Doors give way.

Loose all your Bars of Massy Light,
And wide unfold th' etherial Scene:
He claims these Mansions as his right,
Receive the King of Glory in.

Who is the King of Glory? who?
The Lord, that all his Foes o'ercame,
The World, Sin, Death, and Hell o'erthrew,
And Jesus is the.Conqueror's Name,

Lo! his Triumphant Chariot waits,
And Angels chaunt the Solemn Lay:
Lift up your Heads, ye heavenly Gates,
Ye Everlasting Doors give way.


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