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Cor. xv. IVhat is sown in Corruption, is, &c.

CONS of God by blest Adoption,
^ View the Dead with steady Eyes,
What is sown thus in Corruption,
Shall in Incorruption rife!
What is sown in Death's dishonour,
Shall revive to glorious Light!
What is sown in this wealc Manner,
Shall be rais'd in matchless Might.

Jesus thy rich Consolations,
To thy mourning People fend,
May we all with Faith and Patience,
Wait for our approaching End!
(Our Petition be it granted)
For our Change our Hearts prepare,
Give us Confidence undaunted,
Chearful Hope, and godly Fear.

At a Funeral.

"OEhold! our Brother's happy Soul
.",' To Paradise is gone:
Is gone where endless Pleasures dwell,
To share our Saviour's Throne.

All Tears are wiped from his Eyes,

And he from Sin releas'd: Caught up to God above the Skies,

W here weary'd Spirits rest.


Soon shall this Body glorious rife,
And, like our Saviour's, shine;

Be number'd with the Just and Wise,
In Majesty divine.

Teach us, Almighty God, and true,

Our feeble Age to fee;
How few our Years! and evil too,

And how to follow thee.

Prepare us for the solemn Day,
When we must cease to Live;

And when our Souls are forc'd away,
Do thou our Souls receive.


Life and Eternity.

TH E E we adore eternal Name,
And humbly own to thee,
How feeble is our mortal Frame!
What dying Worms are we!

Our wasting Lives grow shorter stilj,

As Months and Days increase: And ev'ry beating Pulse we tell,

Leaves but the number less.

The Year rolls round, and steals away

The Breath, that first it gave: Whate'er we do, where'er we be,

We're traveling to the Grave.

K 2 Dangers Dangers stand thick thro' all the Ground,

To push us to the Tomb:
And fierce Diseases wait around,

To hurry Mortals Home.

Great God! on what a slender Thread

Hang everlasting things; Th'eternal state of all the Dead,

Upon Life's feeble strings.

Infinite Joys, and endless Woe,

Attend on every Breath:
And yet, how unconcern'd we go

Upon the brink of Death!

Waken, O Lord, our drowsy Sense,
To walk this dang'rous Road:

And if our Souls are hurry'd hence,
May they be found with God.

At the Death or Burial of a Christian.

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Right dear in the Almighty's Sight
The Saints put off their Clay;
And born to everlasting Light,
The Spirits fly away.

How blest are they whose Work is done!

Who hear the Saviour's Word; "Enter my Joy, and share my Throne,

*l And banquet with thy Lord."

Bless'd Bless'd with the Spirits are the Dead,

Who from their Labours rest:
Who sleep in Christ their Living Head,

And wake in Jesu's Breast.

No more let Tears our Eyes o'erflow,

Nor Grief our Spirits move;
Our Brother leaves his Friends below,

To join his Friends above.

The great Assize is near at Hand,

We there must all appear,
In milky Robes, with Jesus stand,

Or tremble at his Bar.

Master, go on, to bring again

Thy Sheep from every Land:
Lead back the wand'ring Sons of Men,

To reign at thy right Hand.

Hasten thy Kingdom! let the Days

of sinful Fleffi be few: We long to dwell in endless Praise,

And bid to Time adieu.


The same.

JET God be prais'd, our Brother's gone,
~ His Soul to Abraham's Breast is fled,
His Fight is fought, his Work is done,
And he is number'd with the Dead;
The silent Grave shall give him room,
'Till Jesus shall to Judgment come.

K 3 No No Foe stall interrupt his Rest,

No Enemy disturb his Peace,

He, dead in Christ, with him is blest,

Partaker in his Happiness:

Nor Wrongs, nor Griefs, nor Pains, nor Strife,

Shall rob him of eternal Life.

Almighty King, whose pow'rful Word,
Calls this our Brother to thy Throne,
Soon let thy Remnant be restor'd, ,

Where Hope we this thy Servant's gone;
And when the last loud Trump is heard,
O! grant that we may be prepar'd.


The same,

JESUS come! our dearest Jesus,
Save us from the World beneath,
From a Life of Pain release us,
From a Life of daily Death:
Listen to the ceaseless Mourning,
Of thy plaintive Turtle-Dove,
Answer, Lord, thy Spirit's Groaning,
Take us to our Church above.

Many a Soul is lodg'd before us,
In the garner of the Grave,
Jesus, come! to Life restore us,
Us from all our Troubles save:
Us in insinite Compassion,
To our happier Friends unite,
Raise us to our highest Station,
Rank us with thy Saints in Light.


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