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Under the Shadow of thy Wings,
And learn the Notes that Angels Sing.
And while we Worship here below,
Let us in Faith and Love still grow,
Longing to join the Heav'nly Throng,
In one triumphant endless Song.

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LORD, we come before thy Throne,

In all Humility fall down,
And worship at thy Feet;
Here may we wait 'till Thou pass by,' :
Unto our longing Souls draw nigh,

Who lie at Mercy's Seat."
Within thy House of Mercy, we
Will seek, 'till we thy Glory lee,
0 let it now draw nigh;

161 Unveil thy Face, that we may prove The wond'rous myft'ry of that Love,

Why God for Sinners dy'd! trico Nothing, great God, have we to bring But such vile Hearts that's full of Sin,

Lord, wash them in thy Blood; Take off the Burden from each Heart, Thy free Salvation now impart,

That we may walk with God. Will M O that we could this Moment feel The blessed Spirit's Heav'nly Seal, 1/30 The Unction from above; as de San B 2.


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