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Still we bear about thy Dying,

In our feeble Bodies here,

Languishing for thee, and crying,

Light of Life in us appear;

Take us to thy kind Embraces,

To thy heavenly Banquet lead,

Wipe all Sorrow from our Faces, )

Set the Crown upon our Head.

Christ at the Door.

WE magnify thy Grace, OLord,
How plenteously hast thou prepar'd
A Supper for thy Saints!
All Things are ready, thou hast faid?
A Table thou" hast richly spreads
To answer all our Wants.

Now, Lord, allure our Souls to thee,
O kindly bid us come and fee,

And taste how good thou art;
Knock with the Hammer of thy Word,
Knock by thy pow'rful Spirit, Lord,

Lord, break into each Heart.

Darkness and Unbelief remove,
And ravish all our Souls with Love,

Cast out the Pow'r of Sin;
Jesus, attend our feeble Pray'r,
And for thyself our Hearts prepare,

Come in, our Lord, come in.

K 4 Let

Let Comfort, Love, and Joy, and Peace,
Like Rivers flow, and still increase,

Unto the Ocean driv'n:
Lord, condescend to sup with me,
And grant I now may sup with thee,

And sup at last in Heav'n.

HYMN CCXXIV. i Pet. i. 12. Which Things the Angels desiresc,

JESU's dying Grace,
To fing and shew forth,
Its Mysteriousness,

And insinite Worth:
What Tongue is sufficient

Of Angels or Men?
All, all, are desicient,
Too grov'ling and mean.

Our Sins he fustain'd,

And bought our Reprieve, Forgiveness obtain'd,

For all who believe! For every Transgression

And Sin against God, We have free Remission

In Jesus's Blood!

O Saviour, to thee,

With Guilt on our Head, For Succour we flee,

Salvation and Aid:

Oh Oh pardon us freely

Thro' Faith in thy Blood. And now let us feel thee

Our Saviour and God.

O help us to praise,

Extol and admire, His Riches of Grace*.

Ye angelick Choir; His Mercy is greater

Than all our past Sin, His Love is much sweeter

Than Honey or Wine.

Dear Jesus, who can

Sussiciently praise. In Life's narrow span,.

Thy wonderful Grace? Thy Love still engages,.

And heightens our Song, While Ages on- Ages,

For ever roll on..

The Mourner.

LO R Di I know not how to Pray.
I am still opprest with Sin,
Take the Burdert all away,
Waft, O wash, my Spirit Clean;
Give me thy renewing Grace.
And my Soul from.Sin, Converts
Pour thy Spirit, God os Peace,
Give me now a praying Heart.



How have I abus'd thy Grace,
Trampled on thy precious Blood,
Turning to Lasciviousness,
Thy rich Goodness, O my God;
1 can"only scarcely Mourn,
Lord, be gracious to me still,
Turn to me, a Sinner, turn,
Save, O save, my Soul from Hell.

At thy Mercy's Feet I lie,
Lord, do with me as thou wilt,
This my Language, though I Die,
The dear Saviour's Blood was spilt:
This shall be my ceaseless Cry,
This shall be my latest Plea,
Jesus did for Sinners Die,
O my God, he died for me.

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The mysterious One-in-Three,
Thou dost freely save the Lost,
Praise and Glory be to thee;
Earth below, and Heaven above,
Both conspire to sing thy Praise,
Both rejoice in Jesu's Love,
Both proclaim his sov'reign Grace.

On the last Day of a Year.

ARISE, my Soul, this Day Review,
The now expiring Year,
What Praises to thy God are due,
For all his Love and Care.


How many thousand Souls are fled,
Since the lastNew Years Day:

Their Bodies number'd with the Dead^
And mould'ring into Clay.

O in what Dangers, Fears and Straits,

Thy Life has been upheld;
And still sweet Mercy on thee waits,

And God is still thy Shield.

My num'rous Sins, O Lord, forgive,.

And bless me with thy Grace; That if another Year I Live,

It may be to thy Praise.


On New Yean Day.

WITH this new Year we raise our Songs,
To Praise the Lord with Hearts and
For his Support in Troubles past, (Tongues,
Wherewith our Lives were overcast.

O grant us, Jefu, Prince of Peace,
Thy constant Aid, thy constant Grace,
That we may thro' the rolling Year
Serve Thee with silial Love and Fear.

Grant us to lead a Holy Life,
And when we leave this World of strife,
O bring us to that joyful Day,
When thou wilt wipe all Tears away.


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