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Guard us, Oh ! guard us from all Sin,
And let us be renew'd within ;
Maintain O Lord, our Faith and Love,
Till we behold thy Face above.

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ND are we Wretches yet alive?

! And do we yet Rebel ? "Tis boundless ! 'tis amazing Love !

That bears us up from Hell. The burden of our weighty Guilt,

Would fink us down to Flames; And threat'ning Vengeance rolls above,

To crush our feeble Frames.

Almighty goodness cries forbear,

And strait the Thunder stays,
And dare we now provoke his Wrath ?

And weary out his Grace.
Lord, we have long abus'd thy Love!

Too long indulg'd our Sin ;
O that our Hearts may bleed to fee,

What Rebels we have been.
No more our Lufts may ye command,

No more may we obey !
Stretch out, OʻGod, thy conquering Hand,
And drive our Foes away.


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