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Guard us, Oh ! guard us from all Sin,
And let us be renew'd within;
Maintain O Lord, our Faith and Love,
Till we behold thy Face above.


The same.

AN D are we Wretches yet alive?
And do we yet Rebel r
'Tis boundless! 'tis amazing Love!
That bears us up from Hell.

The burden of our weighty Guilt,
Would sink us down to Flames;

And threat'ning VeDgeance rolls above,
To crush our feeble Frames.

Almighty goodness cries forbear,

And strait the Thunder stays,
And dare we now provoke his Wrath?

And weary out his Grace.

Lord, we have long abus'd thy Love!

Too long indulg'd our Sin;
O that our Hearts may bleed to fee,

What Rebels we have been.

No more our Lusts may ye command,

No more may we obey f Stretch out, O God, thy conquering Hand,

And drive our Foes away.


The same.

ONCE more the constant Sun,
Revolving round his Sphere,
His steady course has run,
And brings another Year;
He rises, sets
But goes not back,
Nor ever quits
His destin'd Track.

Hence! let Believers learn,
To keep a forward Pace,
Be this our main Concern,
To sinish well our Race i

Backflidings shun,

With Patience press,

Towards the Sun

Of Righteousness.

What now shall be our Task,
Or rather what our Prayer,
What good things shall we ask,
To prosper this New-Year;

With one accord

Our Hearts we'll list,

And ask our Lord,

A New-Years Gift.

No trifling Gift or small,
Should Friends of Christ desire,
Rich Lord, bestow on.all,
Pare Gold, well try'd by Fice


Faith that stands fast,
When Devils roar,
And Love that lasts
For evermore.


Te Deum.

HO W can we adore,
Or worthily praise,
Thy Goodness and Pow'r,

Thou God of all Grace!
With Honour and Blessing,

Before Thee we fall, Most gladly confessing Thee, Father of all.

The Heavens and Earth,

And Water and Air,
To Thee owe their Birth,

Subsist by thy Care;
While Angels are singing

Thy Praises above,
We Mortals are bringing

Our Tributes of Love..

Thou Saviour art One

With God the Supreme, His eternal Son,

And equal with Him: Invested with Glory,.

On high dost thou sit, While Angels adore Thee

And bow at thy Feet.

How How great was thy Love,

How wond'rous thy Grace! Thou cam'ft from above

To save a lost Race; And, Man to deliver,

Of Mary wast born, That ev'ry Believer

To God might return.

How soon will thy Seat

Of Judgment appear? Prepare us to meet

And welcome Thee there! Thy witnessing Spirit

In us shed abroad, .

And bid us inherit

The Kingdom of God.

Praise to Christ.

HAIL thou once despised Jesus!
Hail thou Galilean King!
Who didst suffer to release us,

Who didst free Salvation bring!
Hail thou universal Saviour,

Who hast born our Sin and Shame,
By whose Merits we sind Favour,
Life is given thro' thy Name!

Paschal Lamb by God appointed,
All our Sins on Thee were laid,

By Almighty Love appointed,
Thou hast full Atonement made;

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Ev'ry Sin may be forgiv'n,
Thro' the virtue of thy Blood,

Open'd is the Gate of Heaven,

Peace is made 'twixt Man and God.

Jesus Hail! enthron'd in Glory,

There forever to abide f
All the Heavenly Hosts adore Thee,,

Seated at thy Father's side:
There for Sinners thou art pleading,

"Spare them yet another Year—'* Thou for Saints art interceding,

Till in Glory they appear.

Worship, Honour, Power and Blessing,

Christ is worthy to receive, Loudest Praises without ceasing,

Meet it is for us to give, Help, ye bright angelic Spirits,

Bring your sweetest, noblest Lays* Help to sing our Jesu's Merits,

Help to chaunt Emmanuel's Praise.


Imploring for God's Protection,

O Ever-living Priest,
We Sinners come to thee j
Deny not our Request,

We've no where else to flee;
We ask thee, Lord, to stand between,
Offended God, and sinful Men,.


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