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Come holy Spirit, heayenly Dave,,
With all thy quick'ning Powers;

Come shed abroad a Saviours. Love,
And that shall kindle Ours.

The same.

TO praise redeeming Love,
Dear Christians lend a Voice,
Come thou Diviner Dove,
And help us to rejoice:
Our Hearts too low,

Lord thou can'st raise,
Blest Spirit blow,
And we shall praise.

Here, Lord, may we admits
The Riches of tby Grace,,
'Till thou shall call us higher,
There to behold thy Faee:
O heighth of GraceJ
O depth of Love.!
Lord fit us for.
Our Place above.

Who can thy Love express!
Thy Merpy ne'eri Decays }
What can our Souls do less,
Than love thee,all our Days:
Bless God, each Soul,

Ev'n unto Death;
And write a Song
For ev'ry Breaths


Attempting to praise Christ.

pOME and let us now attempt, ta *~* Praise Jehovah's glorious Name, Lift to him our Hearts and Voices, Thro' whom our Salvation came: Men and Angels, Men and Angels, Join with us to praise the Lamb.

Let us come into his Presence,

Fill'd with Thankfulness and Love,

Glorify our dear Redeemer,

Who did leave his Throne above.
Men and Angels, he.

This our dear despised Saviour,
Is the great and mighty God,

King of Kings, that rules in Zion,
By his own Almighty Word,
Men and Angels, &c.

Therefore let us come and Worship,
Bowing down before his Feet,

Kneel before the Lord our Maker,

Sing his dying Love so sweet.

Men and Angels, &c. T

Hark! the Lord to-day inviteth,
Sinners hearken to his Voice,

Come now everv one that thirsteth,
And in Christ alone Rejoice.
Men and Angels, &c.

Come Come unto the bleeding Saviour,

That in him you may find rest,
F]y unto his Arms of Mercy,

Lean upon his loving Breast.
Men and Angels, Sec.


The Gospel Call.

pOME Sinners to the Gospel Feast,
^* Let every Soul be Jesu's Guest,
Be wife to know your gracious Pay,
AH Things are ready, come away!

Come then, ye Souls, by Sin opprest,
Ye restless wand'rers after Rest,
Ye Poor and Maim'd, and Halt and Blind,
In Christ an hearty welcome sind.

Come and partake the Gospel,Feast,
Be sav'd from Sin in Jesu's Rest,
His offer'd Love make haste t' Embrace,
And freely now be sav'd by Grace.

This is the time, no more Delay,
This is the glorious Gospel-Day,'

His proffer'd Benefits embrace,
The Plenitude of Gospel,Giace.


For God so loved the World, &k.

YE Ifles far and near,
Ye Nations give Ear,
The Saviour of Sinners to you doth appear.

Ye Ye Mourners look up,

Lo ! here is your Hope,

The Son of God drank off the dregs of the cup.

Why should you despair,

Salvation is near,

How kindly doth Jesus fay, be of good Cheer.

What think you but Love,

His Bowels did move

In such Condescension, to come from above.

His Soul did sustain,

Your Travel and Pain,

For you he was wounded, for you he was slain.

How long will ye mourn,

To Jesus return,

For all your transgressions he freely hath born.

Are you full of Sin;

Then Wash and be Clean,

Behold what a righteousness he hath brought in

How strait is the Road,

That leadeth to God;

The way of Salvation is mark'd with his blood.

Your Sorrows he bore,

The Conflict is o'er; [more

Have Faith in his Blood, and your Sins are no


PR AIS E the Lord, his wide Creation
Praise his Name,
Praise the Lamb,
By whom came Salvation. Jcsu

Jesu thou art our Desire,

Bow thine Ear,

Hear our Prayer, Grant what we require.

O forgive us all our Folly,

Make us Clean,

From our Sin, Like thy Spirit, Holy.

Save us from the Things forbidden;

God of Light,

Lead us right, Till we enter Heaven.

Love us Lord, thro' Jefu's merit,

By thy Grace,

Give us Peace, And thy Holy Spirit.'

Guide us thro' our Griefs and Sorrows;

O our God, <-.

By thy Blood,
Save us from all Terrors.

By thee may we be defended,

From our Foes,'

Snares and Woes,' 'Till our Days are ended."

'Till the Trump shall 'wake the Nations

Free from Pain,

May we Reign, In Eternal Mansions.

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