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When Tempests from above,

Arise for broken Laws, Thou source of tender Love,

Espouse the Sinners Cause; Stand in the Gap, and turn away The Wrath we merit every Day.

Avert impending Wrath

Nor let thy favour'd Land,
A Victim fall beneath

The Judgment of thy Hand;
Help us, O Lord, to Watch and Pray,
Nor let us sin thy Grace away.

For Great Britain.

O Sinful Britain.) now Repent,
Your Hearts before "Jehovah rent,
Turn from your Sins, and vou shall prove
That God is still a God of"Love.

How long will ye in Darkness dwell?
And walk so near the brink of Hell,
When Jesus calls, why will you Die I
And Perish everlastingly?

Sinners, obey the Gospel call,
At Jesu's Feet for Mercy fall;
His Arms of Love will you embrace,
The Vilest of the fallen Race.

Let every one that thirsteth, come
To Jesu's Arms, for there is room;
Repent, and in his Name believe,
And you, Forgiveness shall receive.


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The same.

Ttow shall we address thy Throne
.*.* O thou high and lofty One,
Merit we have none to bring,
But a Saviour's Blood we sing.

Lord, we are a treach'rous Race!
Long have we abus'd thy Grace!
Long have trampled on the Blood
Of our agonizing God.

Monuments of thy Free Grace,
We adore thy fearchlefs Ways;
We admire, and well we may!
How we're spar'd from Day to Day!

Former Favours now excite
Us, thy Mercy to invite 5
Abba, Father, hear our Pray'r,
Once again for us appear.


On a Fast-Day.

r\ U R Saviour, our God, *"' We pray thee attend, And shew thyself now

The Protestants Friend: By tasting thy Goodness,

We evermore sind, Thou, to the unthankful,

Art Gracious and Kind.

Arise, Arise, O our God,

And scatter thy Foes, That thirst for the Blood

Of Men, thou hast chose; The Peace of thy Zion,

They fain would disturb, Arise, Judah's Lion,

Their Fury to curb.

Remember the Land,

Which thou dost delight, To guard with thy Hand,

By Day and by Night: Remember the Nation,

To which thou hast given, The News of Salvation,

By Christ brought from Heaven.

We own we've abus'd

Thy Mercy and Grace, And sadly misus'd

The Days of our Peace: But let the Rod's shaking

Convert us, O God, And lead us to wash, in

Thy Son's precious Blood.

The fame.

r\ Righteous God, thou Judge supreme!
v-r We tremble at thy dreadful Name,
And all our crying Guilt we own,
In Dust and Tears before thy Throne.



Justly might this polluted Land,
Prove all the vengeance of thy Hand,
But view us, Lord, with pitying Eye,
And lay thy lifted Thunder by.

Forgive the Follies of our Times,
And purge our Land of all its Crimes,
Reform'd and deck'd with Grace divine,
Let Princes, Priests, and People, shine.

Behold, thy Childrens Tears and Moan,
Nor turn away their secret Groan,
With these we join in humble Pray'r,
Our Nation shield, our Country spare.

For His Majesty King George, &c,

LORD, thou hast bid thy People Pray,
For all that bear the Sov'reign sway,
And thy Vicegerents Reign,
Rulers, and Governors and Powers,
And Lo! in Faith we Pray for ours,
Nor can we Pray in vain.

Jesus, thy chosen Servant guard,
And every threat'ning Danger ward,

From his anointed Head;
Bid all his Griefs and Troubles cease,
And thro' the Paths of Heavenly Peace,

To Life eternal lead.


Cover his Enemies with shame,
Defeat their proud malicious Aim,

Their baffled Hopes destroy:
But shower on him thy Blessings down,
Crown him with Grace, with Glory crown,

And everlasting Joy.

Secure us of his Royal race,
A Man to stand before thy Face,

And exercise thy Power:
With Wealth, Prosperity and Peace,
Our Nation and our Church to bless,

Till Time shall be no more.


Psalm cxxiv. Viftory over Enemies.

Hildren of God rejoice,
Lift up! lift up your Voice!
Tho' Thunders roar;
Put Robes of Gladness on,
Tell what the Lord hath done,
O Sound his Name alone,
From Shore to Shore.

Sing, O devoutly Sing,
The Conquests of your King,

His Cross display:
His Triumphs spread abroad,
The Glories of your God,
The Saviour's precious Blood,

Who won the Day.


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