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DRAISE to the God who arch'd the Sky,

I Is the high Notes that wake my Tongue, Praise to the God who reigns on high, Shall be the cadence of my Song ;


Celestial Worlds ! your Maker's Name
Resound thro' e'ery shining Coast;
Our God a greater Praise will claim,
Where he unfolds his Glories moft.
Mortals can you refrain your Tongue ?
When Nature all around you fings;
O for a Shout from Old and Young,
From humble Swains and lofty Kings ;
Wide as his vast Dominion lies,
Make the Creator's Name be known,
Loud as his Thunder fhout his Praise,
And Sound it lofty as his Throne.
Jehovah ! 'tis a glorious Word,
O may it dwell on every Tongue,
But Saints who best have known the Lord,
Are bound to raise the noblest Song ;
Speak of the Wonders of that Love,
Which Gabriel plays on every Chord,
From all below and all above,
Loud Hallelujahs to the Lord.

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COME, Thou Almighty King,

Help us thy Name to fing,

Help us to praise !
Father All-glorious,
O'er all Victorious
Come, and reign over us,

Antient of Days.


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The fame.
T'ATHER, e'er we hence depart, ',
F Send thy good Spirit down,
To refide in every Heart,
And bless the Seed that's fown;
Fountain of eternal Love,
Thou freely gav'st thy Son to Die,
Send thy Spirit from above,
To quicken and apply,

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