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Yourchearful Tongues Employ,
In Hymns of Holy Joy:

The Fight is o'er,
The happy Day is come,
Satan receiv'd his doom,
And Christ reigns on the Throne,

Reigns evermore.

Glory, O Lord to Thee,
Who giveft Victory,

O glorious Power!
(No Sword, nor Shield, nor Bow,)
Thou didst our Foes o'erthrow,
We give Thee Glory now,

Victorious Power!

We all had surely dy'd.
But thou wast on our Side,

And mad'st them fall:
O what have we deserv'd i
But blessed be the Lord,
Who spake the mighty Word,

O praise him all.

God prais'd by all his Creatures*

PRAISE to the God who arch'd the Sky,
Is the high Notes that wake my Tongue,
Praise to the God who reigns on high,
Shall be the cadence of my Song;


Celestial Worlds ! your Maker's Name
Resound thro' e'ery shming Coast;
Our God a greater Praise will claim,
Where he unfolds his Glories most.

Mortals can you refrain your Tongue?
When Nature all around you sings;
O for a Shout from Old and Young,
From humble Swains and lofty Kings;
Wide as his vast Dominion lies,
Make the Creator's Name be known,
Loud as his Thunder shout his Praise,
And Sound it lofty as his Throne.

Jehovah ! 'tis a glorious Word,
O may it dwell on every Tongue,
But Saints who best have known the Lord,
Are bound to raise the noblest Song;
Speak of the Wonders of that Love,
Which Gabriel plays on every Chord,
From all below and all above,
Loud Hallelujahs to the Lord.

To the Trinity.

COME, Thou Almighty King,
Help us thy Name to sing,
Help us to praise .'
Father All,glorious,
O'er all Vidorious!
Come, and reign over us,
Antient of Days.


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At Dismiffim.

NO farther go To-night, but stay,
Dear Jesus, 'till the Break of Day:
Turn in, dear Lord, with me;
And in the Morning when I wake,
Me in thine Arms, my Jesus, take,
And I'll go on with thee.

The same.

THIS God is the God we adore,
Our faithful, unchangeable Friend,
Whose Love is as large as his Power,
And neither knows Measure nor End;
'Tis Jesus, the First and the Last,
Whose Spirit shall guide us safe Home,
We'll praise him for all that is past,
And trust him for all that's to come.

The same.

Dismiss us, with thy Blessing, Lord,
Help us to feed upon thy Word,
All that has been amiss, forgive,
And let thy Truth within us Live.

Tho' we are Guilty, thou art Good,
Wash all our Works in Jesu's Blood;
Give every fetter'd Soul release,
And bid us all depart in Peace.

The The sarm.

FATHER, e'er we hence depart,
Send thy good Spirit down,
To reside in every Heart,
And bless the Seed that's sown;
Fountain of eternal Love,
Thou freely gav'st thy Son to Die,
Send thy Spirit from above,
To quicken and apply.

The same.

t T Will lay me down to sleep, ,* And safely take my Rest; Me commend to Jesu's Grace,

And as upon his Breast, So, if Jesus please, I'll fieep,

While Troops of Angels are my Guard; O, my Shepherd, love and keep,

And be my great Reward.

The same.

NONE but Jesus will we sing,
None else will we adore;
He our Prophet, Priest, and King,

Shall be for evermore.
None among the heav'nly Pow'ra,

Nor one on Earth, our Praise may claim;
None but Jesus call we ours,
None but the bleeding Lamb!


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