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Gloria Patri. WIVE Glory to God,

vod, UT Ye Children of Men, Ye Children of

And publish abroad,
Again and again ;
The Son's glorious Merit,
The Father's Free Grace,
The Gifts of the Spirit,
To Adam's loft Race. 1000 W

: you aid EL 1519
Elo The same. vlle prisirisi

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Live by Heav'n and Earth ador'd,

Three in one, and one in three, Holy, holy, holy Lord,

All Glory be to thee.,'

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Strengthen us, Almighty Lord,
By thy Spirit's quick’ning Word,
Help each Brother to go on,
Treading Sin and Satan down.
Our Almighty Captain, Thou,
At thy Feet, behold, we bow;
Keep us, 'till me meet again,
Near thy loving Heart, dear Lamb..

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