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Soon our Saviour will return

Triumphant in the Skies: Yet a Season, and you know

Happy Entrance will be giv'n, All our Sorrows lest below,

And Earth exchang'd for Heav'n.

A Dialogue between Men and Women.

Men, T O we are journeying to our God,

.lj Bid, by the Spirit Come,

Worn. And in the Way his Children tred,
We seek our Father's Home.

We walk a narrow Path and rough,

And we are tir'd and weak; Yet soon Jhall we have Rest enough.

In those blejl Courts we seek.

Farewel, false, treacherous World, farewel^ .

To better Worlds we go;
We travel with our God to dwell,

To cease from Toil below.

Our Saviour calls us; there is room

For us, — and we believe;
We come, Lord Jesus, lo! we come,

Thypromis'd Kingdom give.

Holy Strife in praising Christ,

"D I S E, O ye Seed of David, rife,
.**. Daughters of Zion, sing;

. Up

XJp, Sons of Jacob, Jesus praise,
Salute the auspicious King.

Our Souls arise, and may our Tongue.

Be tun'd to praise the Lamb! So ready be our ransom'd Throng

To magnify his Name?.

Why stay we then? the Lord extol,

Zion, break forth in Praise; Join ev'ry heav'n/y-minded Soul,.

In pure seraphic Lays.

Open ye everlasting Doors,

Divide ye Gates of Bliss,
We with Dominions, Thrones, and Rew'rs,

Praise Christ our Righteousness.

H Y M. N VI.

Salvation to the Lamb,

POOR Sinner, come, cast off thy Fear,..
And raise thy drooping Head,
Come sing with all poor Sinners here,

Jesus, who once was Dead.
Salvation stng; no Word more meet,

To joiii to Jesu's Name:
Let every thankful Tongue repeat the Lamb.

Saints, from the Garden to the Cross,,

Your Conqu'ring Lord pursue, Who, dearly, to redeem your Souls,

Groan'd, bled, and dy'd for you:

Now. Now reigns victorious over Death,

The glorious, great, I Am,
Let every Soul repeat with Faith,

Salvation to the Lamb.

When we ineurr'd the Wrath of God,

(Alas! what could we worse)
He came, and with his own Heart's Blood

Redeem'd us from the Curse:
This paschal Lamb, our heav'nly Meat,

Was roasted in the Flame,
Repeat, ye ransom'd Souls, repeat,

Salvation to the Lamb.

Meeting of Christian Friends.

NO W with joint Consent we sing
Glory to our God and King,
We our Hearts and Voices raise,
Sweetly singing Jesu's Praise : * ,, .
Jesus, we are bound to bless,
King of Salem, Prince of Peace,
First begotten, from the Dead,
Christ, our sov'reign Lord and Head".

Now we fee each others Face,

Gladly we unite in Praise,

While we taste our Saviour's Lovev

Doubts and Fears, and Cares remove;

Let us walk with God below,

In his Likeness daily grow.

'Till our joyful Spirits rife,

To behold hrm in the Skies.


Adding to the Church,


HAIL! fellow Strangers, here'below,.
Disciples of the Lord,
Welcome with us, to hold the Plough,
And share in our Reward,

May God our Saviour; worship'd here,

Prepare your Place in Heav'n, Soon make you in the Land appear,

From whence you now are driv'n.


COME my Brethren, Israel's Race,
And hear me bless my King,
Hear me my beloved Praise,

My Jesus do I Sing;
Neither hear my Song alone,

But help ! O help meto proclaim,
Jesus our Creator's Son,
Jesus ! that lovely Name.

Others sing their Time away,

Who Jesus never knew; Ought not we to pass our Day

In Joy and Singing too? Others, have they cause to bless?

The Children of the King have more; They have Christ, their Righteousness!

Their Glory, Peace and Pow'r.

Bow thy Throne, thou Son of God!

And with a living Coal
From the Altar, stain'd with Blood,

Inspire each drowsy Soul.
Slaughters Lamb, who, who can shew,

Or fully who can sing thy Praise?
Lord, we fail in Hymns below,

Tea,ch ! teach us heav'nly Lays.

Christian Union.

JESUS, thy Name is sweet to me,
For Wojrlds I wou'd not part from Thee,


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