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In Thee, immortal beauties shine,
In Thee, th’ united Brethren join,
In Thee, all ransom'd Souls delight,
Ie 'Thee, thy Peoples Hearts unite.
Thou art our God ! and thou alone,
May we in Spirit all be one !
One with each other let us be,
And one with Christ eternally..
The World may all in pieces break,
And Heaven and Earth endure a Wreck
The Church of Christ for ever stands,
Immoveable in Jesu's Hands. .

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Now we Live, we Live anew,
Fill'd with Peace and Comfort too;
Ever crying in our Prayer,
Lord, how low thy Chariots are !

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Grant us, Lord, one mind, one way !
Keep us, left we run aftray,
Sweetly let us Live and Die, ,
All together reign on High. '

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