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Strive we in Affection, strive,
Let the purer Flame revive,
Such as in the Martyrs glow'd! -
Dying Champions for their God.
Sing we then in Jefu's Name,
Now as Yesterday the same,
One in every Age and Place,
Full of Love, of Truth and Grace :
Christ is now gone up on high,
(Thither may our Wishes fly)
Sits at God's right Hand above,
There with him we reign in Love.

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Thou hast drawn our Souls and loved,

We have known, ist

Thee our own, on?
Thee our Father proved. 777


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Thou hast us again begotten,

From the Dead,

We are freed, i
Heaven to us is open. :-
Thou in us, hast Christ revealed

Let us know, com .

Surely too,
We in Him are sealed...
Give us thine abiding Spirit,


In our Breaft, die .. . All our Saviours Merit.



Finding the Beloved
Ye Sons of Men attendy '! ;

To the Language of my Tongue, i
Jesus is become my Friend,
Now my Jesus is my Songs,'.
Loft and naked, him I fought,
I look'd, to find him in the Night,
Now I to his Feet am brougbit, is
And he fills me with his Light...
Satan, where is now thy Boaft ?
Hell ! O where is now thy Prey ? :
Where's the Lamb who late was Lost ?
The poor Sheep, who went aftray?. . ;..
Lo! 'tis in the Saviour's Armsg !!!
'Tis in Jesu's Borom laid, . .
I am got above thy Charms,
My great Price, my Debt is paid.


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Η Υ Μ Ν ΧΙΧ. : ..

The Triumph of Faith. : !! TTEAD of the Church triumphant ! Ni We joyfully adore thee ;

Till thou appear,

Thy Members here,'' Shall fing like those in Glory. We lift our Hearts and Voices With bleft Anticipation,' .

And cry aloud,





And give to God

The Praise of our Salvation.
While in Adiction's Furnace, in
And passing thro' the Fire, .dire .

Thy Love we praise,

Which knows our Days, And ever brings us nigher.” We clap our Hands exulting, In thine Almighty Favour,

The Love divine

Which made us thine Shall keep us thine for ever.


Thou doft conduct thy People
Thro’ Torrents of Temptation,

Nor will we fear,

Whilft thou art near,
The Fire of Tribulation.
The World with Sin and Satan
In vain our March opposes ;

By thee we shall

Break thro' them all, And sing the Song of Moses.

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They alone are truly blest,
Heirs of God, Joint Heirs with Chrift;
With them number'd may we be, " .
Here and in Eternity!


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