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The Love Feast.

T N Jesu's Name our Souls we bow,
-*. We meet in Jesu's Name,
Come, Holy Ghost, within us now,

Kindle the heav'nly Flame:
Come with the Joy the Angels know,

In realms of Bliss above,
O come, and all our Hearts prepare

To keep the Feast of Love.

Come, holy, holy, holy Lord,

From Heav'n, thy lofty Throne,
Come thou united mystick Three,

And join us all in One;
Pour out thy Blessings on our Souls,

Come thou anointing Dove ! .
Come, and the Oyl of Gladness shed,

And we shall Feast in Love.

James iv. 5.

WHAT Tongue can fully tell,
That Christians grievous Load,
Who would do all Thing well,
And walk the Ways of God?
But feels within,
Foul Envy lurk,
And Lust and Work,
Engendring Sin.

Poor, Poor, wretched, worthless Worm,

In what fad Plight I stand, When Good I would perform, Then Evil is at Hand:

My leprous Soul . f

Is all unclean!
My Heart obscene,
My Nature foul.

Thou all-sufficient Lamb,
God blest for evermore,
We glory in thy Name,
For thine is all the Pow'r:
Stretch forth thy Hand,
And hold us fast,
Our First and Last,
In thee we stand.


Hebrews, iii. I.

SE E, my Soul, thy Saviour Dying
On the Tree,
To save thee,
On his Cross relying.

How does he in Torture languish!

There he Hangs,

Full of Pangs,
To relieve thy Anguish.

Was thy Lord so lately bleeding,

He sits down,

On a Throne, 'Ever interceding. .;


He makes ceaseless Supplication

For his Race,

For more Grace, Pardon and Salvation.

When thou art in Want or Danger,

Don't repine,

Christ is thine, He lay in a Manger.

Art thou try'd with fierce Temptation,

Scorn to Fear,

Christ is near, He is thy Salvation.

Art thou funk in Fear and Doubting,

By each shake,

Thou shalt take Deeper, deeper rooting.

Rejoicing in Hope.

/"^Hildren of the heav'nly King,
*-* As ye journey sweetly sing;
Sing your Saviour's worthy Praise,
Glorious in his Works and Ways!

We are trav'ling Home to God,
In the Way the Fathers trod;
They are happy now, and we
Soon their Happiness, shall fee.

M Shout*

Shout, ye little Flock, and blest,
You on Jesus Throne shall rest;
There your Seat is now prepar'd,
There your Kingdom and Reward.

Fear not, Brethren, joyful stand
On the Borders of your Land:
Jesus Christ, your Father's Son,
.JJids you undismay'd go on.

Lord, obediently we go,
Gladly leaving aH below;
Only thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow thee.

Gloria Patri.

O Father of Heav'n, be ever ador'd!
Thy Mercy we sind in sending our Lord,
To rinsom andbless us, thy Goodness wepraise,
In sending, in Jesus, Salvation by Grace.

O Son of his Love, who deignedst to Die,
Our Curse to remove, our Pardon to buy,
Accept our Thanksgiving, Almighty to save,
Who openest Heaven to all that believe.

O Spirit of Love, of Health, and of Power, Thy working we prove, thy Grace we adore; Whose inward revealing applies our Lord's

[Blood, Attesting and sealing us-Children of God.


Sacramental HYMNS.


TO-day we're bidden to a Feast,
Surely a Feast divine;
Where Jesus is himself receiv'd
In form of Bread and Wine.

In that same Night he was betray'd,

Our Lord this Feast enjoin'd;
By which we might review his Death,

And all his Passion mind.

©ur Shepherd offer'd up, himself,

To take away our Sin;
The Cross a bleeding Victim bore,

The Lamb of God was slain.

Together, with these Symbols, Lord,

Thy blessed self impart,
And let thy very Flesh and Blood,

Feed each believing Heart.

Let us from all our Sins be wash'd

In thy redeeming Blood: And let thy Spirit be the seal

That we are Sons of God.

Come Holy Ghost, with Jesu's Love,

Prepare us for this Feast;
So shall we banquet with our Lord,

And lean upon his Breast.


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