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Christ appearing to his Church.

· Solomon's Song, Chap. ii. THE Voice of my beloved Sounds

Over the Rocks and rising Grounds, Oer Hills of Guilt, and Seas of Grief He leaps, he flies to our Relief. Gently he draws my Heart along, Both with his Beauties and his Tongue, Rise, faith my Lord, make Haste away, No mortal Joys are worth thy stay. The Jewith Wintry State is gone, The Mists are fled, the Spring comes on ; The sacred Turtle - Dove we hear Proclaim the new, the joyful Year.

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But, o our Souls, for ever Praise,

For ever love his Name; Who turns our Feet from dang’rous Ways,

Of Folly, Sin, and Shame.

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NREAT King of Glory, and of Grace,

J We own with humble Shame, How Vile is our degen’rate Race!

And our first Father's Name.

We live enftrang'd afar from God,

And love the distance well,
With hafte we run the dang'rous Road

That leads to Death and Hell.


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