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O then say no more.
But free Grace adore,

And long for to meet him on Canaan's bleft
For worthy's the Lamb,
The Lamb that was slain,
The Lamb, we'll resound it again and again.

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PSALM XXIII. God our Shepherd. O UR Shepherd is the living Lord,

Now shall our Wants be well supply'd, His Providence and holy Word, Become our Safety and our Guide. In Paftures where Salvation grows, He makes his Saints to Feed and Rest; There living Water gently flows, And all their Food's divinely Blest.

Their wand'ring Feet his Ways mistake,
But he restores their Souls to Peace;
And leads them for his Mercies fake,
In the fair Paths of Righteousness.
Tho' they walk thro' the gloomy Vale,
Whore Death and all its Terrors are,
Their Heart and Hope shall never fail,
For God their Shepherd's with them there.

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I Waited Patient for the Lord,
1 He bow'd to hear my Cry,
He saw me resting on his Word,

And brought Salvation nigh.
He rais'd me from a horrid Pit,

Where mourning long I lay ;
And from my Bonds releas'd my Feet,

Deep Bonds of miry Clay.
Firm on a Rock, he made me stand,

And taught my chearful Tongue
To praise the Wonders of his Hand,

In a new thankful Song.
I'll spread his works of Grace abroad,
- The Saints with Joy shall hear,
And Sinners learn to make my God

Their only Hope and Fear.
How many are thy Thoughts of Love !

Thy Mercies, Lord, how great!
We have not. Words nor Hours enough
Their number to repeat. )

PSALM XLVII. Chrift Afcending and Reigning.

FOR a shout of sacred Joy, V To God the Sov'reign King; Let every Land their Tongues Employ, . And Hymns of Triumph Sing.


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Thou that hear'st when Sinners cry,

Tho' all our Crimes before thee lie, Behold them not with angry Look ! But blot their Mem'ry from thy Book. Create our Nature pure within, And form our Souls averse to Sin: Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart, Nor hide thy Presence from our Heart. Tho' we have griev'd thy Spirit, Lord, His Help and Comfort still afford ; Let Wretches now come near thy Throne, To plead the Merits of thy Son. Our Souls lie humbled in the Dust, And own thy dreadful Sentance just: Look down, O Lord, with picying Eye, And save poor Souls condemnd to Die.


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H Y M N L.

Breathing after Holiness.
T OVÉ divine, all Love excelling,

I Joy of Heaven to Earth come down,
Fix in us thy humble Dwelling,
All thy faithful Mercies crown.
Jesus, thou art all Compassion,
Pure unbounded Love thou art,
Visit us with thy Salvation,
Enter every trembling Heart.
Breathe, O breathe thy loving Spirit,
Into every troubled Breast,
Let us all in thee inherit,
Let us find thy promis'd Reft.
Take away the Power of Sinning,
Alpha and Omega be,
End of Faith, as its Beginning,
Set our Hearts at Liberty.
Come Almighty to deliver,
Let us all thy Life receive,
Suddenly return, and never,
Never more thy Temples leave.


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