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O flumb'ring Saints, awake, arise,
Raise from your Lamps a holy Flame,
The Bridegroom's coming with surprize,
And overwhelm the World with Shame.

Cloath'd with the Robes of Righteousness,
Attend the coming of your God;
His faithful ones he will confess,
And welcome to their bless'd Abode.

Inviting to Praise.

GOME, guilty Souls, and flee away,
Like Doves to Jesu's Wounds,
This is the welcome Gospel-Day,
Wherein free Grace abounds,

God lov'd the World, and gave his Son

To drink the Cup of Wrath; And Jesus fays, he'll cast out none

That come to hirn by Faith.



UNprofitable still,
We wait before the Lord,
Alas! no sweetness we can feel,
Nor catch one gracious Word.

D We We hear the blessed sound Our drowsy Pow'rs, why Sleep ye so f

Of thy Salvation, Lord,

But still how weak our Faith is sound,

And Knowledge of thy Word.

How feeble is our Love!

How negligent our Fear!

How low our Hope of Joys above!

How few Affections there!

How long must we attend

In this unhappy Way?

How long before our Deadness ends

In one eternal Day? x

Great God thy Power impart,
To give thy Word Success;
Write thy Salvation on our Hearts,
And make us learn thy Grace.

O! sliew our Feet the way

That leads to Joys on high,

Where Knowledge grows without Decay,

And Love shall never Die.


Praising God for his Word.

BLess'd be thy Name, immortal King,
Of all the Nations, Lord,
Whose Love provides for sinful Souls,
The Cordial of thy Word.

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Awake each sluggish Soul j Nothing has half the Work to do.

Yet nothing's half so dull.

The little Ants, for one poor Grain

. Labour, and tug, and strive, Yet we, who have a Heav'n to obtain, How negligent we Live.

Lift up our Souls in holy Zeal,

Inflame our Breasts with Love; Touch our cold, frozen Lips with Fire,

O thou anointing Dove.

Leave then, our Souls, the things of Earth,

With God's Assembly join;
Lo! Heav'n descends to welcome Man

To tafte the things Divine.

We come, dear Saviour, lo we come!

Thou Fountain Head of Good; Filthy we come, and all unclean,

O cleanse us in thy Blood.

Haste, haste to bring us to our God,

To everlasting Reft,
To share with all departed Saints

The holy Marriage Feast.


To Jesus.

Lovely Jesus, slaughters Lamb,
We now would triumph in thy Name,
D a At


At God's right Hand thou now hast Place, While Choirs of Angels sing thy Praise.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, ——

Praise the Lamb.

Begin the Song, ye Host above,
Who see his Face so full of Love;
Ye Angels and Arch-Angels join
To praise his Name in Hymns Divine,
Hallelujah. _

Shout, all the ransom'd Souls of God,
So dearly Bought with Jesu's Blood;
We have the greatest Cause to sing,
The Children of the heav'nly King.

We magnify his glorious Name,
Delight to spread the Saviour's Name;
To him our Faith, our Hope aspire,
He sills our Hearts with heav'nly Fire.

He is our Light, our Life, and Joy,
May we our Hearts and Lips Employ
In shewing forth his ceaseless Praise,
The Wonders of redeeming Grace.

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The same.—V A K T II.

E T Potentates, who sit on Thrones,
And.Kings, who wear terrestial Crowns,


Conspire to praise his glorious Name,
His Worth and Excellence proclaim.

Praise him all Creatures on the Earth,
From him ye all derive your Birth,
And are subsisted by his Care,
His Power and Majesty declare.

Jesus, at thy mysterious Grace
Both Heav'n and Earth rejoice in Praise,
But who can set thy Glories forth,
Thy Praise excels both Heav'n and Earth.

When we thy Judgment Seat on high
Behold, erected in the Sky;
We shall rejoice to see thee near,
A Crown of Life we then shall wear.

There we shall join the heav'nly Throng,
In one triumphant, endless Song;
• Worthy the Lamb that once was slain,
'For ever on his Throne to Reign.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, ——

Praise the Lamb.

Praise for the Goftd.

JE S U, thy Word bless,
That Sinners may prove,
The heighth of thy Grace,
The depth of thy Love:

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