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He built the Earth, he spread the Sky,
And fix'd the starry Lights on high ;
Wonders of Grace to God belong.
Repeat his Mercies in your Song. --
He saw the Gentiles dead in Sin,
And felt his Pity Work within ;
His Mercies ever shall endure,
When Death and Sin hall reign no more.
He sent his Son with Pow'r, to save
From Guilt and Darkness, and the Grave;
Wonders of Grace to God belong,
Repeat his Mercies in your Song.
Thro' this vain World he guides our Feet, .
And leads us to his heav'nly Seat;
His Mercies ever fall endure,
When this vain World mall be no more.

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V E tribes of Adam join,

1 With Heaven, and Earth, and Seas,
And offer Notes Divine,
To your Creator's Praise.

Ye holy Throng
Of Angels bright,
In Worlds of Light,

Begin the Song.
The shining Worlds above,
In glorious Order ftand,
Or in swift Courses move,
By his supreme Command.

He spake the Word,
. And all their Frame

From nothing came,
To praise the Lord.


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They find Access at every Hour,

To God within the Veil,
Hence they derive a quick’ning Pow'r,

And Joys that never fail.

O happy Souls, O glorious State

Of overflowing Grace,
To dwell fo near their Father's Seat,

And see his lovely Face.

Lord, I address thy Throne,

Call me a Child of thine ;. Send down the Spirit of thy Son,

To form my Heart Divine.

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