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He built the Earth, he spread the Sky,
And six'd the starry Lights on high;
Wonders of Grace to God belong.
Repeat his Mercies in your Song.

He saw the Gentiles dead in Sin,
And felt his Pity Work within;
His Mercies ever /hall endure,
When Death and Sin Jhall reign no more.

He sent his Son with'Pow'r, to save
From Guilt and Darkness, and the Grave;
Wonders of Grace 1o God belong,
Repeat his Mercies in your Song.

Thro' this vain World he guides our Feet,

And leads us to his heav'nly Seat;

His Mercies ever Jhall endure,

When this vain World Jhall be no more.


PRaise ye the Lord, our Hearts should join
In Work so pleasant and divine,
Now while the Flesh is our Abode,
And when our Souls ascend to God,

May Praise employ our noblest Powers,
While Immortality endures;
Our Days of Praise should ne'er be past,
While Life, and Thought, and Being, last.


Happy the Man, whose Hopes rely
On Israel's God; he made the Sky,
And Earth, and Seas, with all their train,
And none shall sind his Promise vain.

He loves his Saints, he knows them well,
Eut turns the Wicked down to Hell:
Thy God, O Zion, ever Reigns,
Praise him in everlasting Strains.



Praise to God from all Creatures.

YE tribes of Adam join,
With Heaven, and Earth, and Seas,
And offer Notes Divine,
To your Creator's Praise.
Ye holy Throng
Of Angels bright,
In Worlds of Light,
Begin the Song.

The shining Worlds above,.
In glorious Order stand,
Or in swift Courses move,
By his supreme Command.

He spake the Word,

And all their Frame

From nothing came,

To praise the Lord.


Let all the Nations fear
The God that rules above,
He brings his People near,
And makes them taste his Love:

While Earth and Sky

Attempt his Praise,

His Saints shall raise

His Honours high.



Praise God, all his Saints, &c.

AL L ye that love the Lord rejoice,
And let your Songs be new,
Amidst the Church with chearful Voice,
His later Wonders mew.

The Lord takes Pleasure in the Just,
Whom Sinners treat with scorn;

The Meek that lie despis'd in Dust,
Salvation shall adorn.

Saints should be joyful in their King,

E'en on a dying Bed,
And like the Souk in Glory Sing,

For God shall raise the Dead.

Then his high Praise shall fill their Tongues,
Their Hand shall wield the Sword,

Such Honour for the Saints remains,
Praise ye, and love the Lord.



A Song of Praise.

T N God's own House pronounce his Praise,
.". His Grace he there reveals,
To Heav'n your Joy and Wonder raise,
For there his Glory dwells.

Let all your sacred Passions move,

While you rehearse his Deeds; But the great Work of saving Love,

Your highest Praise exceeds.

All that have Motion, Life, and Breath,

Proclaim your Maker Blest;
Yet when our Voice is lost in Death,

Our Souls shall praise him best.


Charafters of God's Children, &c

SO new-born Babes desire the Breast,
To feed, and grow, and thrive;
So Saints with Toy, the Gospel taste,
And by the Gospel live.

Grace, like an uncorrupted Seed,

Abides and Reigns within: Immortal Principles forbid

The Sons of God to Sin.

They They sind Access at every Hour,

To God within the Veil,
Hence they derive a quick'ning Pow'r,

And Joys that never fail.

O happy Souls, O glorious State

Of overflowing Grace,
To dwell so near their Father's Seat,

And fee his lovely Face.

Lord, I address thy Throne,

Call me a Child of thine; Send down the Spirit of thy Son,

To form my Heart Divine.

There shed thy choicest Loves abroad,
And make my Comforts strong;

Then shall I say, my Father, God,
With an unwav'ring Tongue.


TH E Lord Jehovah reigns,
His Throne is built on high,
The Garments he assumes,
Are Light and Majesty:
His Glories shine
With Beams1 so bright,
No mortal Eye
Can bear the Sight.

And can this mighty King
Of Glory condescend,


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