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And will he write his Name, - : - .
My Father, and my Friend: ..

I love his Name,
I love his Word,
Join all my Powers,
And praise the Lord.

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Thou, O Chrift, art all I want,
More than all in thee I find,
Raise the Fallen, chear the Faint,
Heal the Sick, and lead the Blind :


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Plenteous Grace with thee is found,
Grace to pardon all my Sin,
Let the healing Streams abound,
Make and keep me pure within:
Thou, of Life, the Fountain art,
Freely let me taste of thee,
Spring thou up within my Heart,
Rise to all Eternity..

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There we that love the Saviour, fit

(There we would fain have Place, Amongst your Thrones, or at your Feety

So we might see his Face..

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But, o unutterable Grace !
Th’Eternal Son takes Adam's Place !
Down to the World the Saviour Aies,
Stretches his naked Arms, and Dies.

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OTIS done! the Rocks are rent in twain,

1 The Temple's Veil is torn, The Saviour Dies, his parting Soul

To distant Realms is borne.

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