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"Our drooping Spirits now revive,
With all thy quick'ning Grace:

Speak now the gracious Word, O God,
'Tis sinish'd, go in Peace.



rOME, let us adore

*"' The Lord's gracious Hand,

{ Our great Governor )

Who gave a Command And Charge to his Angels

To watch round our Bed, To guard us from Evils,

From Dangers and Dread.

Our Shepherd alone

The Lord let us bless, Who reigns on the Throne

The Prince of our Peace; Who evermore saves us

By shedding his Blood; All hail, holy Jesus,

Our Lord and our God.

We daily will sing

Thy Merits, thy Praise, Thou merciful Spring

Of Pity and Grace: Thy Kindness for ever

To Men we will tell; And fay, our dear Saviour

Redeems us from Hell.

Preserve Preserve us in Love,

While here we abide; Nor ever remove,

Nor cover, nor hide, Thy glorious Salvation;

'Till joyful we fee The beautiful Vision

Compleated in thee.


ERE I sleep, for ev'ry Favour
This Day shew'd
By my God,
I will praise my Saviour.

O my Lord, what shall I render

To thy Name,

Still the same,
Gracious, good, and tender?

Leave me not, but ever love me;

Let thy Peace

Be my Bliss,
'Till thou hence remove me.

Visit me with thy Salvation;

Let thy Care

Now be near, Round my Habitation.

Thoa Thou my Rock, my Guard, and Tower,

Safely keep,

While I sleep,
Me with all thy Power.

So, whene'er in Death I slumber,

Let me rise

With the Wise, Counted in their Number.


The Pilgrimage of the Saints.

LORD! what a wretched Land is this
That yields us no supply;
No chearing Fruits, no wholesome Trees,
Nor streams of living Joy.

Yet the dear Path to thine Abode,

Lies thro' this horrid Land,
Lord! may we keep that heav'nly Road,

And run at thy Command.

Long Nights and Darkness dwell below,
With scarce a twinkling Ray;

But the bright World to which we go,
Is everlasting Day.

Our Journey is a thorny Maze,

May we march upward still, Forget the troubles of the Ways,

And reach at Zion'i Hill.

See See the kind Angels at the Gates, We'd hear thy Word with love,

Inviting us to come!
There Jesus the Forerunner waits,

To welcome Travelers Home!

Eternal Glories to the King,

That brings his People through,

Their Tongues shall never cease to sing,
And endless Praise renew.

For a Lord's Day Morptng.

BE H O LD, the Morning Sun
Begins his glorious Way,
His Beams thro' all the Nations run,
And Life and Light convey.

But where the Gospel comes,

It spreads diviner Light,
It calls dead Sinners from their Tombs,

And gives the Blind their Sight.

Within thy Churches, Lord,
We long to find our Place:

Thy Power and Glory to behold,
And feel thy qiiick'ning Grace.

For Life, without thy Love,

No Relish can afford;
No Joy can be compar'd with this,

To serve and please the Lord.

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And now would fain obey, Send thy good Spirit from above,

To guide us, lest we stray.

Our gracious God, how plain

Are thy Directions giv'n! O may we never hear in vain,

But sind the Path to Heav'n.

HYMN LXXXfI. The Nation's Prosperity, andth, Church's Increase.

With Beams of heav'nly Grace: Reveal thy Power through all our Coasts, And thew thy smiling Face.

When shall thy Name, from Shore to Shore,
Sound all the Earth abroad, S

And distant Nations know and love
Their Saviour and their God?

Sing to the Lord, ye distant Lands,
Sing loud with solemn Voice,

And British Hearts rejoice.

He the great Lord, the sov'reign Judge,
That sits enthron'd above:'

Wisely commands the Worlds he made,
•injustice and in Love.

E Earth

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