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. God's Eternal Dominion. G REAT God, how Infinite art thou !

J What worthless Worms are we ! Let the whole race of Creatures bow,

And pay their Praise to thee. Thy Throne eternal Ages ftood,

E’re Seas or Stars were made, Thou art the ever-living God,

ou Wa (Were all the Nations Dead.), Eternity, with all its Years,

Stands present in thy View :
To thee, there's nothing old appears,

Great God! there's nothing New.
Our Lives thro' various Scenes are drawn, la

And vex'd with trifling Cares: it While thine eternal Thought moves on,

Thine undifturb'd Affairs.

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The Gospel bears our Spirits up,
A faithful and unchanging God,
Lays the Foundation for our Hope,
In Oaths, and Promises, and Blood.


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