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Psalms and, Hymns




Various AUTHORS,
Afld Published by the

Revd Mr. DYER,

Late of Plymouth, D'EVON. i' i ji i I..'

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P R E F A C E.

rtlNG ING of Psalm) and Hymns, is a O fort of Divine Worship in the Chrijiian Church. May you and I, Christian Reader, have the Assistance and Guidance of the Holy Spirit, in this important Employment; may we be enabled to Sing with Grace in our Hearts; may the Melody of the Voice be so Sanilised, as to affect our inmost Souls, and may we be found at last if the happy Number of those Seraphick Spirits, that jhall meet around the Throne of God, to Sing the Song of Moses and the Lamb for ever.

Even so, Lord Jesus,

Amen and Amen.

May Jesus Word take place,
And Wisdom in u* dwell,

That we his Miracles of Grace,
In Psalms and Hymns may ttli.






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Come and let us sweetly join 233

Come on my Partners in Distress 2 $8-

Children of th e hea v'nly K ing 2-41.

DEAR Jesus who can 129.

Death ! 'tis a melancholy Day 136 •

Dear Jesus draw near 154

Dying Friend of Sinners hear us 160

Death cannot make our Souls afraid 166 .

Dismiss us with thy. blefling, Lord 217

EARLY our God without Delay, 8 •

Ere I sleep for.ev'ry Favour 70

Emmanuel to Heaven is gone 187

FA R. from our Thoughts vain World I 6

Father, how wide thy dory shines - 6

Father of Mercies, God of Lave 85

Father, our Hearts we lift 96

From Heav'n the sinning Angels fell. 133

Father, e'er we hence depart 218

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 219

GREAT God attend while Zion sings 9

Great King of Glory, and of Grace 28

Gracious Lord, incline-thine Ear 36

God sent his Son to Die for us 55

Give to our God immortal Praise 58

Great was the Day, the Joy was great 78

Great God, hew insinite art thou 79

Glory to our God be given 90

God of the Prophets Power no

Give thanks to God the sov'reign Lord: 127

Glory to God that walks the Sky 166

Give Glory to God 219

God, whose Glory sills the Heaven 234,

A- v Hoiiev

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