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OW awful Lord, thy House appears 2

How beauteous are their Feet 12

How blest are they whose Sins are hid 25

He comes, he comes, the Judge severe 45'

How often have I stood 55

Happy the Hours, the golden Days 118

Happy the Souls to Jesus join'd 1 $2

How great the Christian's Portion is 156

He reigns! the Lord our Saviour reigns 164

Hark ! from the Tomb a doleful found 167

How shall we bless the bleeding Lamb 168

Hosanna lo the Prince of Light 189

Hail holy, holy, holy Lord 190

Hosanna to Jesus on high 193
How can we adore ^ 206

'Hail thou once despised Jesus 207

How shall we address thy Throne 210

Hail, fellow Strangers here below 227

Head of the Church triumphant 236

JE SU exert thy gracious 34
I waited Patient for the Lord '41

Jesu, thy Word bless 5 3

Tn God's own House pronounce 62

Jesu, Lover of my Soul 64

Is this the kind return 79-

Jesus, our great High Priest Joo

Jesu, Shepherd of the Sheep 108

Jesus is gone up on high 121

Join all to praise the Name 122

.Insinite God to thee we raise 138

Jesus is come', O joyful News 146

Jesus, shew us thy Salvation 162

Jesus come, our dearest Jesus 198

jesu's dying Grace 200-

i will lay me down to sleep 218


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