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Let such amazing Loves as these,

Be sounded all Abroad:
Such Favours are beyond degrees,

And worthy of a God.

To him, that wafli'd us in his Blood,

Be everlasting Praise!
Salvation, Honour, Glory, Pow'r,

Eternal as his Days.


OUR dearest Jesus, full of Grace,
Comes in Mercy from above:
Great Salvation he displays,
Wond'fous Mysteries of Love.

View your Sins, and cry aloud,
See a bleeding Saviour, fee!

You have pierc'd the Lamb of God,
Caus'd his bitter Agony.

Our dearest Saviour.Groans and Dies,.

He bows down his sacred Head: He our perfect Sacrifice,

He our bloody Ransom paid.

We have kill'd the Lord of Life,,.

Our Sins cut each tender Vein,. He bore all our Guilt and Grief,

He for us vile Worms was slain..

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Olnners, view him lifted high,
^ How he hangs 'twixt Earth and Heav'n.
Hew his Blood doth reach the Sky,
Speaking all our Sins forgiv'a.

Look we now on him and mourn,

Mourn for our Iniquities:
He with Whips and Nails is torn,

Oh! was ever Pain like his?

Sinners, fee his bleeding Heart,
Look with trembling on his Cross;

Life divine his Wounds impart,
Lo! the Lamb was slain for us.

Desiring te love Christ.

J N sinite Grace! Almighty Charms!
Stand in amaze ye whirling Skies:
Jesus, the God, with naked Arms,
Hangs on a Cross of Love, and Dies.

Did ever Pity stoop so low,
Drcss'd in Divinity and Blood?
Was ever Rebel courted so,
In groans of an expiring God?

Again he Lives, and spreads his Hands,
Hands tnat were nail'd to tort'ring Smart,


O precious Wounds! lo, how he stands,
And prays to clasp me to his Heart,

O ! 'tis a Sight would melt a Rock,
And make a Heart of Iron move;
O God, melt down my Heart to Tear9,
This Heart, O make it yield to Love.

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JOIN every Tongue to sing,
The Mercies of the Lord,
The Love of Christ our Kipg,
Let every Heart accord,
He fav'd us from the Wrath of God,
And pay'd our Ransom with his Blood,

Hell was our just desert,
And he that Hell endur'd,
Guilt broke his guiltless Heart,
With Wrath that we incur'd;
We bruis'd his Body, spilt his Blood,
And both became our heavenly Food..


YE Sinners, while these Symbols dear*.
Present your suffering Lord to view,
Drop the soft Tribute of a Fear}
For he stied many Tears for you.

In the fad Garden, on the Wood,
His Body biuis'd, from every part


Pour'd on the Ground a Purple Flood,
'Till Sorrow broke his tender Heart.

Lord, while we thus shew forth thy Death,

O fend thy Spirit from above;

Help us to feed on Thee by Faith,

And Sigb and Sing, and Mourn and Love.


OHow good our gracious God is,
What rich Feasts does he provide?
Bread and Wine to feed our Bodies,
But much more is signisied,
All his Sheep, (amazing Wonder)
Feeds he, witq his Flesh and Blood:
Where's the Power can ever sunder,
Souls united thus to God?

When we take the sacred Symbols,
Of his Body, Bread and Wine!
While the Heart relents and trembles,.
We rejoice., with Joy divine;
jesus makes the weakest able,
Feeds us with his Flesh and Blood,
Needy Beggars at his Table,
Are the welcome Guests of God.

Cease thy Fears, then weak Believer,.
Jesus Christ is still the fame,
Yesterday, To-day, for ever,
Saviour is his blessed Name;
Lowliness of Heart, and Meekness,
To the bleeding Lamb belong,
Trust in him, and by thy Weakness,
Thou shalt prove that Christ is strong.


Incomparable Food.

WE Sing the amazing Deeds,
That Grace divine performs.
Th'eternal God comes down, and Bleeds
To nourish dying Worms.

The Banquet that we Eat,

Is made of heav'nly things;
Earth hath no Dainties half so sweet,.

As our Redeemer brings.

Th'angelick Host above,

Can never taste this Food;
They feast upon their Maker's Love,

But not a Saviour's Blood.

On us the Almighty Lord,

Bestows this matchless Grace,
And meets us with some chearing Word,

With Pleasure in his Face.

Come all you drooping Saints,

And Banquet with the King, This Wine will drown your fad Complaints,

And tune your Voice to sing.

Salvation to the Name,

Of our adored Christ,
Thro' the wide Earth his Grace proclaim,.

His Glory in the high'st.


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