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The Triumphal Feast. &c.

pOME let us lift our Voices high,
^ High as our Joys arise,
And join the Songs above the Sky,
Where Pleasure never dies.

Jesus, the God invites us here,

To this Triumphal Feast,
And brings Immortal Blessings down,.

For each redeemed Guest.

Victorious God, what can we pay

For Favours so divine,.
We would devote our Hearts away,

To be for ever thine.

We give Thee, Lord, our highest Praise,.
The Tributes of our Tongues,.

But Themes so insinite as these,
Exceed our noblest Songs.


TVLessed Jesus, spotless Lamb,
"We are met in thy great Name,
Gladly thy Command obey,
In thine own appointed way.

Let thy Presence now be near,
In the midst of us appear;
Send thy Holy Spirit down,
Make thy great Salvation known..


Stamp thine Image oneach Heart,
Thy dear Love to us impart,
Feed us with thy Flesh and Blood,
And unite our Hearts to God,

Let thy Glory, Lord, come down,
Seal us ever, for thine own
Keep us near thy bleeding Side,
That we never may backslide.

Now unveil thy glorious Face,
And discover thy rich Grace,
Speak unto each drooping Heart,
Bid our Sins and Fears depart.


T A MB of God, whose bleeding Love,

.*-* We thus recall to Mind,

Send the Answer from above,

And let us Mercy sind:

Think on us, who think on thee,

And every strugling Soul release,.

O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in Peace.

By thine agonizing Pain,
And bloody Sweat we pray!
By thy dying Love to Man,.
Take all our Sins away!
Burst our bonds, and set us free,
From all Iniquity release,
O remember Calvary,
And bid us go in Peace.


And they Crucify'd him.

OL O V E divine, what hast thou done? Th' immortal God hath Dy'd for me, The Father's co-eternal Son,

Bore all my Sins upon the Tree: Th' immortal God for me hath Dy'd, My Lord, my Love is Crucify'd.

Behold him, all ye that pass bv,

The bleeding Prince of Life and Peace,

Come fee, ye Worms, your Maker Dies,,
And fay, was ever Grief like his!

Pardon flows from his bleeding Side,

My Lord, my Love is Crucify'd..

Then let us sit beneath his Cross,
And gladly catch the healing stream,.

All things for him account but Loss,
And give up all our Hearts to him;

Of nothing think or speak, beside

My Lord, my Love is Crucify'd,

On the Crucifixion.

DEHOLD, the Saviour of Mankind,
,** Nail'd to the shameful Tree,
How vast the Love, that him inclin'd
To bleed and die for thee.

Hark, how he groans, while Nature shakes,
And Earth's strong Pillars bend,


The Temple's Veil in sunder breaks,
The solid Marbles rend.

'Tis done! the precious Ransom's paid,

Receive my Soul he cries;
See where he bows his sacred Head.

He bows his Head and Dies.

But soon he'll break Death's envious Chain,

And in full Glory shine:
O Lamb of God, was ever Pain!

Was ever Love, like thine.


QGOD of all Grace, ^ Thy Goodness we praise, Thy Son thou hast given to Die in our Place.

With Joy we approve, The design of thy Love, 'Tis a wonder on Earth, and a wonder above.

Tongue cannot explain That Love of God Man, Which the Angels desire to look to in vain.

It dazzles our Eyes, Thoughts cannot arise, To sind out a Cause, why the Insinite Dies.

Love mov'd him to Die, And on this we rely, He hath lov'd, he hath lov'd us, we cannot

[ tell why.


But this we can tel?,
He hath lov'd us so well,
As to lay down his Life to redeem us from Hell.

We all should commend
The Love of our Friend,
Forever beginning, what never shall end.

When Time is no more,
We still shall adore
That Ocean of Love,wi thout Bottom or Shore.


HERE, Lord, may we admire
The Riches, of thy Grace,
'Till thou shalt call us higher,
There to behold thy Face:
Oh Height of Grace!
Oh Depth of Love I
Lord, sit us for
Our Place above.

Who can thy Love express?
Thy Mercy ne'er decays!
What can our Souls do less
Than love thee all our Days?

Bless God, each Soul,

Even unto Death;

A nd write a Song

for every Breath.


tHRIST our Passover, for us
Is offer'd up and slain,


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