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Let him be remember'd thus,
By every Soul of Man:
"We are bound, above the rest,
His Oblation to proclaim,
Keep we then the solemn Feast,
And banqueton the Lamb.

Jesus, Master of the Feast,

The Feast itself thou art,

Now receive the meanest Guest,

And comfort every Heart:

Give us living Bread to eat,

Manna that from Heaven comes down,

Fill us with Immortal Meat,

And make thy Nature known.

In this barren Wilderness,
Thou hast a Table spread,
Furnish'd out with richest Grace,
Whate'er our Souls can need:
Still sustain us by thy Love,
Still thy Servants strength repair,
Till we reach the Courts above,
And feast forever there.


Admiring the Love of Christ,

TT O W shall I bless the bleeding Lamb,

Or his amazing kindness shew,
Give equal Honours to his Name,
Or renders him the Praises due,
Lo! God for Sinners bleeds and dies,
Our Maker is our sacrifice.

His His Love is large, and knows no bound,

Immense! Eternal! Insinite!

His Grace o'er all our Sins abound;

Who can declare its depth or height,

Angels above desire to fee,

The Truth of this great Mystery.

O for that World which yet remains,
That Land of rest for Saints above,
There shall we chaunt in nobler Strains,
The Mysteries of Jefu's Love,
His Love shall then be all our Song,
While endless Ages pass along.


T^Isturb'd and distress'd,
.'-' I languish and pine,
I never shall rest
Till Jesus is mine,
O grant me Salvation,
Which Grace doth impart,
And give a Sensation
Of God in my Heart.

The Gospel reports,
A total Reprieve,
From Sins of all forts.
For all who believe;
A close application,
Of Christ's precious Blood,
Procures your Salvation,
And Pardon with God.

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Why are ye afraid,
Is not the Lord true?
The Word hath he said,
And wil! he not do?
Be willing to venture,
Your Souls in bis Hand,
And soon you will enter
The heavenly Land.


WHAT solid Sweetness they possess,
Who trust in Jesu's Righteousness,
And feel his Precious Blood;
May F, of that blest Number be,
One Thing I only ask of Thee,
To taste thy Grace O God.

Jesu, on thee I cast my Care,

To thee, with humble Faith and Pray'r

1 utter my Request: The anguish of my Spirit see, O cast a pitying Eye on me,

Bid me return to rest.

Come quickly for thy Mercies fake,
To Heav'n my weary Spirit take,

Then shall my Tryals end;
Lord, how I long to fee thy Face!
Eternity's too short to praise

My Saviour, and my Friend.

Lord, when wilt thou my Soul receive
In Glory? when shall I arrive,
And share the Marriage Feast?


Thou didst my ruin'd Soul redeem,
Thy Love shall be my joyful Theme,
While endless Ages last.

How happy are the Souls above!
Who live in Peace, and Joy, and Love,

And all thy Glory fee:
Lord, when shall I awake in Light?
Enjoy the beatifick Sight,

And Live and Reign with thee.

Prisoners of Hope. Zech. 9, 12.

YE Prisoners of Hope,
Who bitterly Grieve,
To Jesus look up,

He will you receive:
Declare the Condition

And State you are in,

And Christ the Physician,

Will Cure you of Sin.

Law, Conscience and Sin,

Accuse us in vain, If we are found in

The Lamb of God slain; There's no Condemnation

In Jesus the Lord, But strong Consolation

His Love doth afford.

Then dry up your Tears^

You Children of Grief, The Lord now appears

To give you Relief: T» To Jesus returning

Your Savrbur and Friend, Give over your Mourning,

Sing Praise without end.

None will I cast out,

Who come, faith the Lord, Why then do you doubt?

Lay hold of his Word! Ye Mourners in Zion,

Be bold to believe, For ever rely on

Your Saviour, and Live.

Christ's Death.

JESUS drinks the bitter Cup,
The Wine Press treads alone,
Tears the Graves and Mountains up,
By his expiring Groan,
Lo! the Pow'rs of Heaven he shakes,
Nature in Convulsion lies,
Earth's profoundest Centre quakes,
The great Jehovah dies!

0 my God! he dies for me!

1 feel the Mortal Smart,

See him hanging on the Tree,
A Sight that breaks my Heart:
O that all to Thee might turn,
(Sinners, ye may love him too,)
Look on him, ye pierc'd, and Mourn
For one who bled for you.


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