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Weep o'er your Desire and Hope,
With tears of humblest Love,
Sing, for Jesus is gone up,
And reigns enthron'd above,
Lives our Head to Die no more.
Pow'r is all to Jesus giv'n,
Worship'd as he was before,
Th' immortal King of Heav'n.



JE S U, let thy pitying Eye,
Call back a wand'ring Sheep,
False to thee like Peter, I
Would fain like Peter weep:
Let me be by Grace restor'd,
On me be all long-suffering shewn,
Turn, and look upon me, Lord,
And break my Heart of Stone.

See me Saviour, from above,
Nor suffer me to Die,
Life, and Happiness, and Love,
Drop from thy gracious Eye;
Speak the reconciling Word,
And let thy Mercy melt me down,
Turn and look, &c.

Look, as when thy languid Eye
Was clos'd, that we might Live,
Father, ( at the point to Die,
My Saviour gasp'd ) forgive:

Surely Surely with that dying Word,He dispels our Sin and Sadness,

He turns, and looks, and cries, 'Tis done."

O my bleeding, loving Loxd,

Thou break'st my Heart of Stone.


HE Dies! the heav'nly Lover Die?,
The Tydings strike a doleful found
On my .poor Heart-strings: deep he lies
In the cold Caverns of the Ground:
Come Saints, and drop a tear or two,
On the dear bosom of your God;
He shed a thousand drops for you,
A thousand drops of richer Blood.

Here's Love and Grief beyond degree,
The Lord of Glory Dies for Men?
But lo what sudden Joys I fee!
Jesus the Dead revives again;
The rising God forsakes the Tomb,
Up to his Father's Court he flies,
Cherubic Legions guard him Home,
And shout him welcome to the Skies.


THankful for our eeery Blessing,
Let us stng, Christ rjie Spring,
Never, never ceasing.

source of all our Gifts and Graces,

Christ we own, Christ alone Calls for all our Praises,

N H*

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Life imparts, Chears our Hearts, Fills with Food and Gladness.

He himself for us hath given,

Us he Feeds, us he leads To a Feast in Heaven.


Provisions for the Table of the Lord.

LO RD, we adore thy bounteous Hand,
And sing the solemn Feast,
Where sweet cekstial Dainties stand,
For every willing Guest.

The Food's prepar'd by heav'nly Art,

The Pleasure's well refin'd;
They spread new Life thro' ev'ry Heart,

And chear the drooping Mind.

Shout and proclaim the Saviour's Love,
Ye Saints, that taste his Wine;

Join with your kindred Saints above,
In loud Hosanna join.

A thousand Glories to the God,

That gives such Joy as this, Hosanna let it sound abtoad,

And reach where Jesus is.

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Agonies of Christ.

TOW let our Pains be all forgot,
Our Heart no more repine;


Our Sufferings are not worth a Thought,
When, Lord, compar'd with thine.

Our humble Faith here takes her rise,,

While sitting round his Board, And back to Calvary she flies,

To view her groaning Lord.

His Soul what Agonies it felt E
When his own God withdrew,

And the large load of all our Guilt
Lay heavy on him too.

But the Divinity within,
. Supported him to bear
Dying, he conquer'd Hell and Sin,
And made his Triumph there.

Our Hymns should found like those above,

Could we our Voices raise; Come, Lord, and sill our Hearts with Love*

And allour Lives with Praise.


I John, iii, 16.

fHE God of the Skies* * On Calvary Dies, Our perfect atonement and great Sacrifice*.

Lost Sinners who feel, Your Sins deserve Hell, What plenteous Redemption doth Jesus reveal

N 2 He He pities your Grief, He fends you Relief, He casts down the mountain of strong unbelief*

In Jesus belieVe,

And you shall receive Much greater Salvation, than Heart can conceive.

Thou first,born of God,

Wash us in thy Blood-. That we thygreat goodness inxf riuWifli SrBroW*

Thy Glory display.

Make this the bleff Dfcy, When Doubts, Fears arid Sor-rdws", flfalt all


What Wdridttrs. I see,,

Salvation is free,
For impious Ke"be1s, as wicked as'w"di

Then let us adore ,
His Goodness and PoWer",
And praise him now, henceforth, and for ever-



OGOME, thou wounded Lamb of God,
Come waftrus in thy cleansing Blood;
Hide us within thy Wounds, tnehPdin
Is sweet, amF Life or Death is* Gain.

Take our poor Hearts and let them be?
For ever clos'd to all but thee;
Seal thou out Breasts, and let us wear
That Pledge of Love for ever there.


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