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JESU, let thy pitying Eye,
J Call back a wand'ring Sheep,
False to thee like Peter, I
Would fain like Peter weep :
Let me be by Grace restor’d,
On me be all long-suffering shewn,
Turn, and look upon me, Lord,
And break my Heart of Stone.
See me Saviour, from above,
Nor suffer me to Die,
Life, and Happiness, and Love,
Drop from thy gracious Eye ;
Speak the reconciling Word,
And let thy Mercy melt me down,

Turn and look, &c.
Look, as when thy languid Eye
Was clos'd, that we might Live,
Father, ( at the point to Die,
My Saviour gafp'd ) forgive :


Surely with that dying Word,
He turns, and looks, and cries, 'Tis done ::
O my bleeding, loving Lord,
Thou break’t my Heart of Stone.

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Our Suff'rings are not worth a Thoughts

When, Lord, compar'd with thine.

Our humble Faith here takes her rife,

While fitting round his Board, And back to Calvary she fies,..

To view her groaning Lord. His Soul what Agonies it felt !

When his own God withdrew, And the large load of all our Guilt.

Lay heavy on him too.
But the Divinity within,

Supported him to bear
Dying, he conquer'd Hell and Sing

And made his Triumph there.
Our Hymns should sound like those above,
· Could we our Voices raise;
Come, Lord, and fill our Hearts with Loves

And all our Lives with Praise.


1 John, iii, 16. THE God of the Skies,

1 On Calvary Dies, Our perfect atonement and great Sacrifice..

Loft Sinners who feel, .

Your Sins deserve Hell, What plenteous Redemption doth Jesus reveal: . N 20


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Then let us adore

His Goodness and Power, And praise him now, henceforth, and for ever-,

COME, thou wounded Lamb of God,

Come wash us in thý cleansing Blood;
Hide us within thy Wounds, then Pain
Is sweet, and Life of Death is Gain.
Take our poor Hearts, and let them bé
For ever clos'd to all but thee ;
Seal thou our Breafts, and let us wear.
That Pledge of Love for ever there.


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