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How can it be, thou heav'nly Kingj
That thou should'st Man to Glory bring;.
Make Slaves the Partners of thy Throne,
Deck'd with a never,fading Crown.

Ah, Lord, enlarge our scanty Thought,
To know the Wonders thou hast wrought;:
Unloose our stamm'ring Tongue to tell
Thy Love immense, unsearchable.


s\ OUR agonizing Saviour,, ^"^ By thy Pain, let us gain. God's eternal Favour.

In thine own Appointment bless us,,

Meet us here, now appear. Our Almighty Jesus.

Let the Ordinance be sealing,.

Enter now, claim us thou, For thy constant Dwelling,.

F,H1 the Heart of each Believer^..

We are thine,;Love divine,. Reign in us for ever.


At Sacrament.

'Tp"HAT doleful Night before his Death,
•*, The Lamb, for Sinners slain,
Did almost with his latest Breath,
This solemn Feast'ordain. -

N ^ To, To keep thy Feast, Lord, we ire trier, Extolling the Saviour,

And to remember thee;
Help each poor Sinner r6= repeat,

For me, he dy'd, for trie,

Thy SufPrirrgs; Lord, eaeh faes ed sign,
To bur remembrance brings,

We eat the Bread, and drink the1 Wine,
But think on nobler things.

O tune our Tongues, and set in Frame
Each Heart, that pants for thee -,

To sing " Hosanna to the Lamb, ,
"The Lamb that died for me"

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. After Sacrament,
O M E, O my Soul, and sing,

How Jesus hath thee fed,
How Jesus gave himself for thee,
The true and living Bread.

I love my Saviour Christ,
His Grace did freely moYe;

And justly my Affections claim,
I cannot chuse but Love.

I love thee, O my Lord^

I gladly thee adore:
O may I never turn again!

But love thee more astd more.

O raise my feeble Flames .'
My little Stock improve;


Increase my Ardor Day by Day,
And change me all to Love1.

O may my precious Souly

Lord, ne'er from thee remove;

But O be near, and nearer yet,
And let me ever Love.


GLORY to our God be givtfst,
Praise and Bliss, on Earth Peace,
As enjoy'd in Heaven.

Jesus, God of my Salvation,
Pardon give, let me Live,
By thy Death and Passion.

Lord, I know there is no Cure,

But thy Blood, Son of God, . This shall make me pure.

This; my dearest Saviour, give me,

Seal me thine, thou be mine, Then from Earth receive me*

Hasten thou desire of Nations,

From below, take me to Heavenly Habitations.


AT thy Command, our dearest Lord,
Here we attend thy dying Feast,
Thy Blood, like Wine, adorns thy Board,
And thine own Flesh feeds ev'ry Guest.


Our Faith adores thy bleeding Love,
And trusts for Life in one that dy'd,
We hope for heav'nly Crowns above,
From a Redeemer Crucify'd.

With Joy we tell the scoffing Age,
He that was Dead has left his Tomb,
He Lives above their utmost rage,

And we are waiting till he come. <


Aster Sacrament,

MY Soul praise the Lord,
Speak good of his Name,
For ever ador'd

Be Jesus, the Lamb,
Whose Sorrow and Passion*

Do fully retrieve,
From Death and Damnation, .
All those that believe.

How sweet is this taste,.

Of Jesu's rich Grace,, Much sweeter a Feast,

In Heav'n he displays sWhere strong Consolation,,

And Joy shall extends Unto a duration

That never, shall endv

Our God insinite

In Wisdom and Power, Let Angels unite,

With Men to adore;

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Who Sinners redeems, For ever and ever,

In seraphick Strains.


WHAT Creatures beside,
Are favour'd like us,
Forgiven, supplied,

And banquetted thus;
By God our good Father,
Who gave us his Son,
And sent him to gather
His Children in one.

Salvation's of God,

Th'effect of Free Grace, Upon us bestow'd,

Before the World was: God from everlasting

Be blest; and again, Blest to everlasting,

Amen and Amen.

HYMN XIII. ^T1 O our eternal God, * The Father and the Son, And Spirit all Divine, Three Mysteries in One:

Salvation, Power,

And Praise be giv'n,

By all on Earth,

And all in Heaven.


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