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Sacramental HYMNS.


A T thy Command our dearest Lord 29

t> Ehold a Mystery . 3

** Blefled Jesus, spotless Lamb 12

Behold the Saviour of Mankind 14

fOME let us lift our Voices high 12

*-1 Christ our Passover for us 16

Come, O my Soul, and Sing* 28

"T\Isturb'd and distress'd 18

p L O R Y to our God be given 29

Tt O W sweet and awful is the place 2

** How condescending and how kind 2

Here, Lord may we admire 16

How shall I bless the bleeding Lamb 1 7

He dies, the heavenly Lover dies 23

TNsinite Grace ! Almighty Charms 8

JOIN every Tongue to sing 9

Jesus drinks the bitter Cup 21

Jesu, let thy pitying Eye 22


T- £ T all our Tongues be one 5 .■y -Lord, how Divine thy Comforts are 6

Lamb of God, whose bleeding Love 13

Lord, we adore thy bounteous Hand 24

X#-Y SnurPcaisetfieLord . . , 30

^ O W let our Pains be all forgot 24

OU R dearest Jesus, full of Grace 7

O how good our gracious God is - . 10

O Love divine, what hast thou done 14

O God of all Grace 15

O come, thou wounded Lamb of God 26

Our agonizing Saviour 27

Olnners, view the doleful Garden,
^.Sinners, view him lifted high

'T'O-day we're hidden to a Feast I

* Thankful for our every Blessing 23 The God of the Skies 25 The doleful Night before hisDeath ,27 To our Eternal God 31

"\XTE Sing the amazing Deeds 11

* * What solid sweetness they possess 19 What Creatures beside 3 r

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.VT E Sinners, while those Symbols dear .9 * Ye Prisoners of Hope 20 f

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