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1801, by F. Vesey, jun. Esq. of Lincoln's Esq. 8vo. 6d. Deighton, Cambridge;
Inn, 18. sewed. Brooke and Rider, Hurst, London.

The Trial of the Mutineers, with their An Essay or Practical Enquiry, con-
Portraits, price is. Macpherson.

cerning the hanging and fastening of Gates Trial of Governor Wall, 6d. Fairburn. and Wickets, with plates, by T. N. ParDitto, ditto, Macpherson. ker, Esq. M. A. 2s. Lackington and Co.

A Description of Jerusalem; its Houses

and Streets, Squares, Colleges, Markets, Recreations in Mathematics and Natu- and Cathedrals; the Royal and Private mal Philosophy, being Dr. Hutton's transla- Palaces, with the Garden of Eden in the tion of Montucla's new edition of Ozanam's centre, as laid down in the last chapters Recreations, part the first, 8vo. with six of Ezekiel; also the first chapter of Ge'fto. folding plates, 5s. Kearsley. nesis veritied, as strictly divine and true ;

Select Amusements in Philosophy and and the Solar System, with all its Plurality Mathematics, proper for exercising the of inhabited Worlds, and Millions of Suns, minds of youth. Translated from the French as positively proved to be delusive and of M. L. Despian, 1940. boards, 5s. 6d. false : by Mr. Brothers, who will be reveal. Kearsies.

ed to the Hebrews as their King and Restorer : with plates, Svo. 5s. Riebau.

The Practical Philosophy of Social Life; A Medical Glossary; in which the words or, the Art of conversing with Men; after in medicine are deduced from their origi the German of Baron Knigge, by the Rev. mai linguages, properly accented and er S. Will, 2 vol. boards, ius. Cadell and plained, by W. Turton, M. D. 4to. 215. Davies. in boards, 1802. lackington und Co. A Dictionary of Mohammedan Law,

An Enquiry into the Efficacy of Oxy- Bengal Revenue Terms, Shanscript, Hin-
fere in the Cure of Syphilis ; to which are doo, and other words used in the East In-
subrioined a few general observations on its dies, with full explanations; the leading
application in various other disorders, by words of each article being printed in a
C. Platt, F. M. S. os. sewed. Mawman. new Nustaleck type : to which is added,

Essays on the Diseases of Children, with an Appendix, containing Forms of Fira
Cases and Dissections, by T. Cheyne, mauns, Perwanehs, Arizdashts, Instru-
M. D. imperial octavo, with coloured disa ments and Contracts of Law, Passports,
Bertions, 15s. boards. Longman and Rees. &c. together with a Copy of the Original

"The Modern Practice of Physic, pointing Grant from the Emperor Purrukhsur to the
out the Characters, Causes, Symptoms, English East India Company, in Persian
Prognostic Morbid Appearances, and im and Englisls, by S. Rousseau, Teacher of
proved Method of treating the Diseases of all the Persian Language, 12mo. boards, 7s.

, and shewing how every Species Murray and Highley, Sewell, and Editor. of Contagion is to be avoided and sup Miscellaneous Writings of Lord Bacon, pressed, by R. Thomas, M. D. 2 vols. 17s. foolscap 8vo. with an engraving, 6s. 68. boards . Murray and Highley.

boards. Jones.
The Hospital Pupil; or, an Essay in A General View of the Agriculture Mi.
wanded to facilitate the Study of Medicine neralogy, and present circumstances of the
and Surgery, in four Letters, by T. Par County of Wicklow, by R. Frazer, Esq.
binson, 3s. 60. boards. Symonds.

Svo, with a map, 7s. 6u. boards. G. and
A Treatise on a New Method of curing W. Nicol.
Gonorrhata, by which Strictures in the Remarks on the Poor Laws, and state of
Umary Canai are prevented, by C. H. the Poor, 4s. Sewed. Payne, Machinly.
Wakinson, 8vo. 55. with a descriptive Address to every Class of British Sub-
plate. Baker and Son.

jects, on the Slave Trade, and on a new
A Treatise on Opthalaiy, and those Mode of Abolition, by Dennis Reid, Esq.
Diceages which are induced by Inflamina of Jamaica,
lions of the Eyes, with New Methods of Letters on the Irish Nation, written dur-
Cure, by Edward Moore Noble, Surgeon. ing a visit to that Kingdom, in Autumn
Part the second, 8vo. 45. Robinsons. 1729, by G. Cooper, Esq. of the Hon. So.'

Veilclmi Heberden Commentaris Mor- ciety of Lincoln's-Inn, 2d, edition, with
tutum Historia et Curatione, 7s. 64. bds. great additions, 8vo. 8s. bds. White.

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Works of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, Six Divertisements for the Harp, by 8 vols. 8vo. Rivingtous.

Mrs. Tophamn Daries, 6s. Lavenu. Imposture Exposed, in a few Brief Re Three Sonatas (A) for the Piano-forte, marks on the Irreligiousness, Profaneness, with an accompaniment for a German Indelicacy, Virulence, and Vulgarity of Aute and violin, ad lib. by J. B. Cramer, certain Persons, who style themselves 8s. Lavenu. Al-Jacobin Reviewers, by Josiah Hard, A grand Sonata (B) by ditto, 4s, ditto.

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Forty-two Military Pieces for a full

NOVELS. band, by F. Werth, 11. 11s. 6. Hamilton. The Follies of Fashion, a Dramatic Se

Three Duets for two Flutes, by Mozart, vel, bds. 13s. 6d. Longinan and Rees. op. 6s. Hamilton.

Alinerva Castle, a tale, by Jane Hervey, Three ditto, ditto, by F. A. Hofreister, 3 vols. 12mo. 135. 6d. sewed. Lane and op. 30. 5s. Hamilton.

Co. Chains of the Heart, a comic opcra, by The Accusing Spirit, or De Courcy and Mazhingghy and Reeves, 10s. 6d. Gould- Eglantine, a roinance, by the author of ing and Co.

Rosina, 4 vols. 12ino, 18s. Lane and Co. Three Sonatas for the Piano-forte, in The History of Netterville, or the Chance which are introduced favourite airs, with Pedestrian, by a lady of Bristol. Crosby a violin accompaniment, ab lib. by B. and Co. Cianchetteni, 7s.6d. Goulding and Co. Helen of Glenross, a novel, by the

Overture to Harlequin's Almanack, by Author of Historical Tales, + vols. i 2ino. Mr. Reeve, es.

16s. Robinsons. Britain's Glory, and the Gardner's Glee, Odd Enough, to be Sure! or Emilius in in ditto, Is. each. By the author and the World, a novel, from the Gerinan of La shops.

Fontaine, in 2 vols. 9s. Earle and Co. A Collection of Sougs, Duets, and Glees, Welsh Legends, No. I. containing the dedicated to Sir P. Blake, Bart. Composed Weird Witch of the Wood, and the Sighs by W. Holders, M.B. Oxon. 12s.' Gould. of Ulla, 1s. 6d. Earle and Co. ing and Co.

Ditto, No. II. containing the Infidel,

Earle and Co. Linnrus's Animal Kingdom, systemati,cally arranged, with the Habitations, Man

The Odes of Anacreon: Translated into ners, Economy, Structure, and Peculia. English Verse, by T. Moore, Esq. 2 vols, sitics of its various subjects, translated

8vo. 12s. bds. second edition. Carpenter. from Gmeliu's last edition, amended and

Jacobinism, a Poem, by John Clark Hubenlarged, by W. Turton, M.D. 4 vol. large bard, A. M. 4to, second edition, 3s. 6d. 8vo with plates, £2. 10s. Lackington and

Nicol. Co.

The Sorrows of Love, a Poem, 4s. Harmonia Ruralis: or a Natural History Longman and Rees. of British Song Birds, by James Bolton,

La Bagatella, or Delineation of Home royal 4to. with 80 plates, coloured after Scenery, a Descriptive Poein, in two parts: nature, half bound, £t. 4s. White.

with notes critical aud historical, by W. Edwards's Natural History of uncom

Fox, jun. 8vo. 7s. 6d. Conder, Rivingtons, mon Birds; and of other rare and unde

and Johnson, scribed Animals, Quadrupeds, Reptiles,

Poetical Works of E. Smith, boards 5s, Fishes, Insects, &c. with 365 plates, en

Johnson. graved by the Author, and coloured from

Sketches in Elegy, and other Poems, hfe, in seven volumes 4to. with a full and

containing an Address on the 19th cenaccurate description of each figure, pub- tury, 25.

G. Cawthorne, Strand. Jished in numbers, 3s. each Gardiner,

A Poetical Introduction to the Study of and Robinsons.

Botany, by Frances A. Rowden, royal Svo History of Quadrupeds, by G. Shaw,

10s, 6d. White. M. D. F. R. S. in four large volumes 8vo.

Rural Tales, Ballads, and Songs, by R. with between 200 and 300 plates by Heath,

Bloomfield, Author of the Farmer's Boy, to be comprised in 63 weekly numbers, by Nesbet, foolscap Svo. 45.-demy Svo.

with eleven elegant engravings on wood, 1s. 6d. each. Kearsley. A Complete Herbal; containing the

5s. 6d.-post ito. 10. 6d.-royal 4to. 18s. Prints and the English names of several

boards, Vernor and Hood, &c. thousand Trees, Plants, Shrubs, Flowers,

POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Exotics, &c. by I. Newton, M. D. with

Letter to Sir W. Pulteney, Bart on the 176 plates, 14s. boards. Lackington and subject of the Trade between India and Alen.

Europe, by Sir George Dallas, 5s. boards. A continuation of an Account of Indian

Stockdale. Serpents, containing their descriptions and

An Account of the Proceedings at the figure, published by order of the East

India House, on the 16th inst. Dec. 1801.

Stockdale. India Company under the superintendance by W. Woodfall, 3s. 6d. of Patrick Russell, M. D. F. R.S. Nicol.

An Elucidation of the conduct of his • Plants of the coast of Coromandel, se

Holiness Pope Pius VII. with respect to lected from Drawings and Descriptions, by France, in a Letter to a Country Gentle

the Bishops and Ecclesiastical affairs of W. Roxburgh, M. D. folio 21s. Nicol.

man, by the Rev. I. Milner, 2s. 6d. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.

Keating · Observations upon the Nature and Pro Sixteenth Report of the Society for Bet. perties of the Atmosphere, by N. Downic, terring the Condition of the Poor,

ls. 2s. 6d. Steel.


Observations on Mr. Dundas's Letter of Rev. and Right Rev. the Archbishops and the 30th of June 1801, to the Chairman Bishops of the Church of England. Coband Deputy Chairman of the East India bett and Morgan. Company, Is. Jord an.

Assembly's Catechism, with notes, by Letters on Peace, and on the Commerce G. Burder, 44d. Williams, and Manufactures of Great Britain, by Sir Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns, newly F. M. Eden, Bart. 3s. 6d. Wright. arranged and corrected by Dr. Rippon ; SERMONS.

small edition in 24mo. about the size of Discourses on Various Subjects, deli- Pasham's or Wayland's, 5s.6d. ---Ditto, vered in the English Church at the Hague, thinner edition than before published, 6s. by A. Maclaine, D. D. second edition, one Thinnest edition, 12mo. double columns, vol. 8vo. 8s. bds. Cadell and Davies. only 4 inch thick, 7s. ---the same a little

A Thanksgiving for Plenty, and a Warn thicker, 6s, 6d. Button, Conder, and ing against Avarice, a Sermon preached in Williams. the Cathedral of Litchficld, by the Rev. Vindication of Dissenters against the .R. Nares, Is. Rivingtons.

Charge of Democratic Schenging, by EdA Charge delivered to the Clergy of the ward Parsons, Is. Chapman, and Williams. Diocese of Durham, at the ordinary Visit Sermons and Essays by the late Rev. ation of the Diocese, in July 1801, by John M'Laurin, one of the Ministers of Shaite, Bishop of Durhamn, 4to. is. 6d. Glasgow, published from the Author's NS, Hatchard.

by Dr. John Gillies, a new edition, on fine Serions on the Dignity of Man, and paper, 3s. 64. boarıls. Baynes. the value of the objects principally relating Dr. Watt's Doctrine of the Passions exto Hanan Happiness. From the German plained and improved; also his Discourses of the late Rev. G. I. Zollikofer, Minister on the Love of God, and its Influence on of the Reformed Congregation at Leipsic, all the Passions, &c. with a devout Media by the Rev. W. Tooke, F. R. S. Svo. 21s. tation annexed to cach Discourse; a neat buards. Longman and Rees.

edition, pocket size: price of each sepaThe Blessings of Peace, a Sermon, by rate, neatly bound in red, Is. 6d, or bound the Rer. T. Haweis, LL. B. M. D. is. together, Os. éd. Baynes. Williams.

Dr. Dodůridge's Ten Scimons on the The Utility of Seminaries for Religion Power and Grace of Christ, and on the and Learning, with a view to the Christian Evidences of his glorious Gospel, a neat Ministry, a Sermon, by James Knight. pochet volume, 25, bound, on liner paper Conder.

25. 6d. Baynes. Nicodemus, or a Treatise against the Charge by the Bishop of Durham, 1s. 6d. Fear of Man, by Aug. Herman Frank, IIatchard. third edition, 2s. 6d. Mathews.

Remarks on the Doctrine of JustificaIntroductory Discourse, Charge, and tion by Faith, in a Letter to the Rev. John Serinon, at the Ordination of C. Dewhirst. Ovcrton, A. B. by E. Pearsou, B. D. recConder.

tor of Reinpstone. Rivingtous. Ninth Volume of Sermons, by the Rev. The History of the Reformation, from John Wesley, 3s. Whitfield.

the French of M. de. Beausobre, by J. Day of Good Tidings, a Sermon at Bath, Macauly, Esq. A. B. M. R. I. A. vol. I. to by T. Broadhurst, Svo. Johnson. which is pretined the Author's Life. Riv

ingtons. Self Employment in Secret: Left under the hand-writing of the Rev. Mr. Corbet Casties; by Edward King, Esq. F.R. S. late of Chichester, a new edition, by the with plates, folio. 31. 13s. 6d. Nicols. Rev. W. Unwin, A. M. bound, ls. 6d.


Sketches and Observations on a Tour An Essay on Faith, and its connection throuzh Part of the South of Europe, by with Good Works, by the Rev. 1. Ro- J. Wolff, fto. 185. Richardson. therain, M. A. one vol. 12mo. 3s. boards. Eccentric Escursious throazlı England Rivingtons.

and Wales, by G. M. Woodward, with The History of the Life and Death of upwards of 100 folio and 4to plates, a large our Blessed Saviour, by Mrs. Catharine 4to volume, printed on line vollum paper, D'Oyły. The second edition, with a re 51. with col. prisits, or :31. 34. plin. Jllen. commendatory Advertisement, by the Voyage round the World, performed kev. W. Gilpin, M. 1. one large vol. 12mo. during the years 1790, 1791, and 1792 ; $s. 6d. bds. Rivingtons.

by Etienne Marchand, with Charts, &r. Second Vol. of a Critical and Practical Translated from the Frinch of C.P. Claret. Elucidation of the Book of Common 2 vols. ito. with an Atlas, 31. 135. od. Prayer, by John Shepherd, M. A. 8vo. 8s. Lunoman and Recs. Risingtons.

A Picturesque Tour through the Cities Religion without Cant, &c. by R. Fel of London and Westminster; with 100 lowes, A. M. Svo. is. White.

Views of the principal objects of the Mei A Letter bumbly addressed to the Most tropolis, drawn from the most striking i



tuations, and engraved in aquatinta, by Fantin des Odoards, Histoire PhilosoT. Malton, 2 vols. folio, 171. 10s. boards. phique de la Revolution de France, depuis Malton.

la premiere Assemblee des Notables jusqu'a Letters from an English Traveller, writ- la Paix de 1801. Par. 1801. 9 vol. 8vo. ten originally in French, by the Rev. M. br. 21. 14s. D. Sherlock, A. M. Translated from the French Favrenhrueger's Deutsch und Englisches original, published at Geneva and Paris, Worterbuch, 8vo. 2 theile, weisspapier. 2 vols. 8vo. 14s. boards. Nichols.

30s. E. A Walk through Southampton, by Sir Faublas Moderne, 2 Vols. 12mo. 63. H. C. Englefield, Bart. F.R.S. with plates, E. & H. large 8vo. 5s.

Stockdale. Flore des jeunes Personnes, figurcs en

Inminees, 156. E. & H.

Fosse, precis sur la Defence relative au Imported by Gameau and Co. Albemarle- Service de Campagne a l'usage de l'Officier

street, (inarked G. & Co.); J. Debofles d'Infanteric, 18. br. 9d. D. Gerrard-street, (marked D.); C. Geis François, Essais sur la Ligne Droite et weiler, Parliament-street, (marked G.); lcs Courbes du second degree. Par. 1801. H. Escher, Gerrardl-street, (marked E.); 8vo. fig. br. 45. D. Earle and Herit, Albemarle-street, Gallitzin, Recueil de Noms, &c. appro(marked E. & H.)

pries en Mineralogie, suivi d'un Tableau Adelungs vollständiges Deutsches Wor- Mythologique. Brunswick, 1801. Sro. 4to. terbuch, 4 banch. 4to. 71. E.

br. 12s. D. Almanacs de Gotha, en Françoiset en Genlis, Nouvelles Heures, a l'Usage des Allemand. D. E.

Enfans. Par. 1801. 18mo. br. 2s.6d. D. Almanacks, French, in great variety. Gessner's S. Briefwechsel mit seinem E. & H.

Sohn Conrad, 1302. 7s. E. Annuare de la Republique Françoise par Gmelin Apparatus Medicaminum. 2 tom. le Bureau des Longitudes pour l'An. ix. 12s. E. Par. An. viii. in 18. br. Is. 3d. D.

Grandpre, Voyage dans l'Inde & au Avis aux Femmes enceintes, 18mo. 1s. Bengale pendant les années 1789 & G. & Co.

1790. Par. 1801. 2 vol. 8vo. br. 14s. D. Barthelemy, Voyage de, en Italie, 8vo. Hauy, Traite de Mineralogie, publie 78. E. & H.

par le Conseil des Mines. Par. 1801. 4 vols. Beckmann, Lexicon Botanicum, 5s. E. 8vo. avec Atlas, br. 2 1. 2s. D.

Botanique pour les femmes, 8vo. 10s.6d. Hornnann, Euripidis Hecuba, 6s. E. E. & H.

Heyne, Tibulli Carmina, 12s. E. Brune, Campagne du General, 12mo.3s. L'Art d'Ameliorer les Hommes, 2 vols, E. & H.

8vo. 12s. E. & H. G. & Co. Butet, Lexicologie Latine et Francoise. Journal de Medecine, Chirurgie, PharPar. 1801. 2 vols. Svo. br. avec la Lexi- macie, &c. par Corvisart, Leroux, &c. cographie. 10s. 6d. D.

Par. An.ix. 12mo. br. les 12 prem. cahiers. Canard, Principes d'Economie Politique 21s. D. couronné par l'Institut National, Par. 1801. Introduction a la Fortune, 4to. 5s. 3s. , D.

G. & Co. Carnot de la Correlation des Figures de Kotzebue's Neuer Sehauspiele, Ster Geometrie, Par. 1801. óvo, br. fig. Ts. D. Band, 10s, 6d. wovon die Stuche auch ein

Clairault, Elemens d’Algebre, 6 ed. Par. Zeln Zuhabensind. E. 1801. 2 vols. 18mo. br. fig. 14. D.

kittner's Reise durch Deutschland, Clemence, 3 vols. 12mno. 10s. 60. Danemark, Schweden, Norwegen, und G. & Co.

einen Theil von Italien. 6 thuil. 31. mit De Pradt, les Trois ages des Colonies Rupfern, Leipziz. G. ou de leur etat passe, present, & a venir. Lacroix, Constitutions des Principaux Par. 1802. 3 vols. 8vo. br. 15s. D. Etats de l'Europe et des Etats Unis de

Dindortii Novum Lexicon Ling. Heb. Aincrique, tome. 6 e. Par. 1801, 8vo. Chal. Commentar. in Libros vctcris 'Tes br. 6s. D. tamenti, pars I. Lip-jae. G.

Lafontaine, Aug. Herman & Emilie, Droit Politique, Principe du, 1 vol. 8vo. 4 vols. 12mo. 12s. E. & H. 6s. G. & Co.

L'Homine singulier, ou Damas, Precis des Evenemens Mili Emille dans le Monde. Par. 1801, 2 vols. taires, No. 11. and 12, avec cartes, 8vo. 12ino. br. 6s. D. br. 5s. D.

Lafontaine's Mahrchen Erjahlungen und Ebels Schilderung der Gebirgo Volker Kleine Romane, 2 vols. 12mo. Berlin. G. in der Schweitz, init kuptera. 2ter theil. Lamballe, Memoires Historiques de Ma1902. 13s. E,

dame la Princesse de, Par. 1801, 4 vols. Engelman Charles, Tableau de Famille 12ino. 1 s. D. ou Journal de, Par. 1801. 2 vol. 12mo. fig. Lekain, Memoires de Henri Louis, 6s. D.

publie par son fils aine, Par. 1801, Svo. br. Etrennes aux Sots, 6d. G. & Co.

avec portrait, 11s. D.

Langue Francoise, Connoissance de la, Principes d'Economie Politique, 8vos fro. 35. G. & Co,

5s, E. & H. Lantier, Contes de, 3 vols. 18mo, 7s, 6d. Puissant, Recueil de Propositions de E & H.

Geometrie, Par, 1801, 8vo. fig, br. 4s. D. Libes, Professeur aux Ecoles Centrales Raison, Folie, chacun son mot. Par. 1801, de Paris, Traite Elementaire de Physique, Syo. br. 5s. D, Par. 1801, 3 vols. Syo. fig. br. 24s. D.

Repertoire des Loix, 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. LoderT.C., Tabulæ Anatomicæ, Fac. VI. G. & Co. Vinariae, G.

Schleusner, Novumn Lexicon Graeco-LaLasus & Cydippe, ou les Voisins dans tinum in Novum Testamentum, tom. 2. P.Arcadie, Par. Au. IX, 2 vols. 18mo. 4s. D, Lipsiae, 1801. G.

Memoires sur la derniere Guerre des Schmidts, Reise durch einige schwePyrennees, vo, 7s. E. & H.

dische Provinzen, bis zu den sudlichern Memoires de l'Institut National, 3 livrai- Wohnplatzen der nomadischen Lappen, son. Par. An. IX. 3 vol. 4to, fig. 31. 38. D. 8vo. Hamburg, 1801. G.

Memoires des Societes Savantes de la Scrofani, Essai sur le Commerce Gene. Republique Francoise, par Prouy, Par ral des Nations de l'Europe, avec un Apmentier, Duhamel, &c. 4to. pour l'Annee, percu du Commerce de la Sicile en partia Jés. D.

culier, Par, 1801, 8vo, br. 2s.6d. Ü. Memoires Secrets sur la Russie, Amst, Segur l' aine, Politique de tous les Ca.. 1500, 2 vols. 8vo. br. 12$. D.

binets de l'Europe, pendant les Regnes de Memoires sur la Trigonometrie Spheri, Louis XV. & XVI, avec des Notes, seconde cee, par un Officier, Par. 1801, 8vo. fig. edit. Par. 1801, 3 vols. 8vo, br. 188. D. is. 6. D.

Segur l'aine, Contes, Tables, Chansons, Mos Amusemens dans la Prison de St. & Vers, Par. 1801, 8vo. 58. D. Pelagie, ore. 38. G. & Co.

Sevigne, (Lettres de Madame de) nouvelle Hunze Traite Elementaire de Statique, edition, augmente par de Vauxcelles, Par. 16. IX. 8vo. fig. br. 6s. D.

ornee de portraits, Par. 1801, 10 vols. in Mourque, Essai de Statisque, Par. An, 12mo. 35s. D. K. Sro. br. 45. D.

Soemmering, Corporis Humani Fabrica, Murray, _Apparatus Medicaminum, 6 6 tom. 21. 55. E. tom. 31. E.

Soirees Allemandes, 3 vol. 12mo. 9 Mythologie pour les Enfans, 8vo, 5s. E. & H. E. & H. G. & Co.

Solitaire des Alpes, 2 vol. 12mo. 6s. Nemnich, Lexicon Nosologicum Poly- G. & Co. ginton, 16s. E.

Soulavi, Memoire Historique & Poli. Noel, Dictionaire de la Fable, Par. 1801, tique du Regne de Louis XVI. depuis son: Evols, br. Svo. 18s, D.

Mariage jusqu'a sa Mort, Par. 1801, 6 vols. Sowel Almanac des Muses, 18mo. 8vo. lig. br. 21. 2s. D. 35. 6. G. & Co.

Ditto, vellum, 20s. Oberliaus T. T., Cornelii Taciti Opera, Stereotypes, printed by Didot l'aine, all, ex. rec. Ernesti, tom, 2. pars 1. 16s. Lip- the various editions to this day, three difsiae, 1600. G.

ferent papers.

D. Oliva ius, le Nord Litteraire, Physique, Steiglitz, Plans & Desseins tires de la Politique, & Moral, ouvrage periodique, belle Architecture, ou Representation publie tous les 3 mois, les lo premiers ca d'Edifices, Executes ou Projettes, en 115 keers, 8vo. 21. D.

Planches, Loudr. 1801, folio eart. 91. 9s. D. O'Reilly, Essai sur le Blanchiment, Par. Toulongeon, Histoire de la Revolution 1901, 8vo. br. fig. 7s. 6id. D.

de France de 1789, avec Cartes et Plans. Pailas, Observations faites dans un Par. 1801, 2 vols. 8vo, br. 15s. D. Voyage entrepris dans les Gouvernemens Ditto, 2 vols, 8vo. vellum, 18s. D. Meridionaux de l'Empire de Russie, pen- ; Ditto, 1 vol. tto. ditto, 18s. D. dant les annees, 1793 & 179+, Leipz. 1301, Ditto, 1 vol. 4to. ditto, 368. D. trai 2, 4to. Atlas, Gl. 14s. b. D.

Tumeurs, Essai sur les, 8vo. 3s. Ditto, Ditto, vellum, 31. 12s.

G. & Co. Soumarocow, Theatre Tragique d'Alex., L'Univers, Poeme en Prose, en 12, suivi traduit du Russe, Par. 1801, 2 vols. 8vo. de Notes & d'Observations sur le Systeme br. 10s. D.

de Newton, Par. 1801, 8vo. lig. 8s. D. Perrault, Elemens de Legislation Natu Vaillant, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux relle, Par. 1801, Svo, br. 75. 6d. D. de Paradis, des Rolliers, & des Promerops,

Petit Radel, institutions de Medicine, fig. color. folio, lere. liv. 21. 2s. D. on Expose Theorique et Pratique de cette Vestiges de l'Homme & de la Nature, ou Science, Par. An. IX. 2 vols. 8vo. br. 15s. Essai Philosophique, Par. 1801, 2 vols. in D.

12mo. 6s. D. Plantae Rariores Hungariae, col. fol. Viot, Quelques Idees sur les finances, Vindob. Decas VIII. G.

Par. An. VIII. 8vo. br. 38. 6d. D. Prieure, Les Enfans du, 2 vols. 12mo. Voyage dans la Caverne du Malhcur, 6s. E. & H. G. & Co.

Par. 1801, % vols., 6s. D.



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