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Favel of the Heav'ns, and fish that through the wet

Sea paths in shoals do flide, and know no dearth. O Jehovah our Lord, how wondrous great

And glorious is thy name through all the earth!

April, 1648. J. M. Nine of the PSALM done into Meter, Wherein all, but what is in a different character, are

the very words of the text, translated from the original.

I THOU Shepherd that doft Ilrael keep,

1 Give ear in time of need, Who leadelt like a flack of sheep Thy loved Joseph's seed ;


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TO God our strength fing loud, and clear,

1 Sing loud to God our King, To Jacob's God, that all may bear,

Loud acclamations ring. 2 Prepare a hymn, prepare a song, · The timbrel hither bring, The chearful psaltry bring along, And harp with pleasant Aring.

3 Blow,

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