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RECOMMENDATIONS. THE famous Herman Witsius, Professor of Divinity at Utrecht, in Holland, and the Author of a treatise entitled, The Economy of the Covenants between God and Man, and various other learned and theological tracts, was a writer, not only eminent for his great talents, and particularly solid judgment, rich imagination, and elegancy of composition ; but for a deep, powerful, and evangelical spirituality and savour of godliness: And we most heartily concur in the Recommendation of his works to serious Christians of all denominations, and especially to ministers, and candidates for that sacred office.

JOHN Gill, D. D.
"", : JOHN WAIKER, L. L. D.



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The late Reverend, learned, and pious Mr JAMES HERVEY, in his Theron and Aspasio, Vol. II. p. 366, having mentioned a work of the above WITSIUS, adds, “ The Economy of the Covenants, written by the same hand, is a “ •body of divinity, in its method so well digested ; in its * doctrines so truly evangelical ; and (what is not very usual “ with our systematic writers) in its language so refined and “ elegant; in its manner so affectionate and animating ; that " I would recommend it to every Student in Divinity. I “ would not scruple to risk all my reputation upon the merits of this performance : and I cannot but lament it, as one of “ my greatest losses, that I was no sooner acquainted with “ this most excellent author, all whose works have such a “ delicacy of composition, and such a sweet savour of holi“ ness, that I know not any comparison more proper to re« present their true character, than the golden pot which had manna ; and was outwardly bright with burnished gold; “ inwardly rich with heavenly food."



The sale of WITSIUS's Economy of the Covenants en creases among my friends. The translation is very just, and the excellency, merịts, a place in every Christian's library ; I shala doimo atminst to recommend it at all times, and on all proper gocasions... No.pious person on earth can forbear reading the 34.Book without wonder, rapture, and devotion. It exceecks all commendation : Hervey might well say, “ I would not scrupie id:ruk. all my reputation upon the merits of this performance.” For my own part, I am not ashamed, nor afraid of any scorn and ridicule, that may be poured on me from any quarter, whilst I constantly aver, that the work has not its equal in the world, &c.

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A Pacific Apofeffors of Holland ; Pastof the Fait

A Pacific Address, to the very reverend, learned, and cele

brated Professors of Divinity in the Universities of the United Provinces of Holland; Pastors of the Reformed Churches, and zealous Defenders of the Faith once delivered to the Saints.

The Life of the Author.


| C H A P. I. . Of the Divine Covenants in general.

37, .CHA P. II. Of the Contracting Parties in the Covenant of Works.

снАР. ІІІ. Of the Law, or Condition, of the Covenant of Works.

CH A P. IV. of the Promises of the Covenant of Works,

CHAT, V Of the Penal Sanction.

| C H A P. VI. Of the Sacraments of the Covenant of Works.

108 CHAP. VII. Of the first Sabbath.

с II АР.

I 21

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