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same time, made to ourselves and our own habits of thought and action, of Life and conversation : Since They were Written under DIVINE Inspiration equally for our Instruction and Admonition. And when we know These Things, (and so manifest are They for such Great and Gracious and Eternal Purposes, that he who runs may read Them ;) happy, and only so, shall we be, if we act upon Them. And, on the contrary, wretched and miserable, and so everlastingly shall we be, if, as we have means and opportunity, and according to our ability in our several circumstances and situations, we regard Them not.

*** St. Luke, in conclusion of his Gospel Record, after a like description of CHRIST's Benediction to His Disciples, and His Ascension in their Presence, adds, “ And they worshipped Him, and returned to Jerusalem with great joy; and were continually in the Temple, praising and blessing GOD. Amen!"-Chap. xxiv. 52, 53.

Such is the effect of Faith ; such the fruit of Holiness. There is a Jog unspeakable and Full of Glory, a Peace, that passeth the unspiritualized Man's understanding, a Hope, that almost realizes the Happiness of HEAVEN, which belong to them who, from their hearts, believe in the Necessity and Sufficiency of CHRIST's Mediation, and who, in submissiveness to The DIVINE Will, and in subjection to CHRIST's Authority, go the Way That He hath Appointed for them ; neither Principalities nor Powers, neither derision nor scorn, neither evil report nor malicious persecution, neither pains nor bonds, nor even Death itself inducing them to turn away either to the right or to the left from such faith and obedience unto Holiness.

St. John, or his Disciple, to whom he confidingly delivered the manuscript of his Narrative of The Gospel, terminates his Record of The Gospel by this solemn verification of It, and with an assertion of the unnumbered and numberless Works and Manifestations of the Wisdom and Goodness of the Soul-Loving JESUS, saying, “ There are also Many Other Things, Which JESUS Did, the Which, if They should be written every One, I suppose that even the World itself could not contain the Books, that should be written. Amen!”—John xxi. 25. Thus difficult does it seem to the Evangelist's mind to select, from So Rich and Exhaustless a Mine, the Treasures Which should do the fullest Justice to The DIVINE Mission of The SON of GOD. But happily, Enough is thus Furnished, under The HOLY SPIRIT's Guidance, to convict the heart of sin ; to stir up the spirit of repentance ; to awaken a sense of hopelessness of DIVINE Favour, but through The Great and Gracious Peace Offering Made in the Mystery of the Condescending Meret and Love of The SON of THE MOST HIGH. And justly is The Gospel Interpreted as The Blessed Tidings of Reconciliation and Everlasting Peace unto All, who, with meek hearts and firm faith, so receive and apply It. Let us, there, fore, “hold fast the faith, as There Proposed, in the Unity of The SPIRIT, and in the Bond of Peace; adding to that faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge, and to knowledge temperance, and to temperance patience, and to patience Godliness, and to Godliness Brotherly kindness, and to Brotherly kindness charity ;" that, believing in the Mercies of The FATHER, our CREATOR, and trusting in the Merits of The SON, our REDEEMER, and yielding to the Guidance of The HOLY SPIRIT, our SANCTIFIER, we may have the Assurance of Eternal Salvation and Sanctification. Thus will not CHRIST have Suffered for us in vain; but we shall be Restored to the Likeness of His NATURE, and may cherish the hope of sharing the Riches of the Fulness of His Favour in Time and in Eternity Amen! So be it, in Thy Mercy, and in Thy SON's Love, O LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!


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Introductory Remarks on the Connection of Abraham and David, both Prophetically

and Genealogically, with JESUS CHRIST, The MESSIAH
Abraham's birth and marriage ..
Removal from Ur to Canaan ,
The ALMIGHTY's Communing with Abraham, and His Signal Benediction . .
Abraham's prompt obedience to The DIVINE Command, and removal with his

Nephew Lot . . . . . . . . . . . .
His piety and mode of worship
Address in adjusting a strife between Lot's and his Servants . .
His military courage and skill in the rescue of Lot from captivity, and forbearance

in declining & share in the spoil taken from the Enemy
Dedication of a Tenth of the Spoil to the Minister of GOD. .
Melchizedec's invocation of The DIVINE Blessing on Abraham
Notice of this incident by the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews
Intercession with GOD for a lineal Heir, lest the Steward should succeed to his effects
GOD's Encouraging Answ

Abraham's belief in The DIVINE Promise, and The ALMIGHTY's Estimate thereof
St. Paul's reflections Thereon.
Abraham's mode of relieving his Wife Sarah from the offensive manne

her Bond-Woman, towards her . . . . . . . . .
His prayer for Ishmael, his Son by Hagar
The Renewed Promise to and Covenant with Abraham, and the Appointed Change

in his and his Wife's names . . . . . .
Circumcision instituted
Abraham entertains The SON of GOD and attendant Angels .
DIVINE Testimony to Abraham's Family and Household arrangements
Supplication to have the Impending Judgment upon Sodom and Gomorrah Averted
Faith in GOD's Omniscience, and submission to His Justice i
Abraham's disingenuousness with Abimelech, in calling Sarah his Sister .
Efficacy of Abraham's prayer on Abimelech's behalf .
Birth of Isaac: bis Circumcision . . .
Hagar's mockery of Sarah on becoming a Mother ; Sarah's resentment; effect on

Abraham ; GOD's Sanction of Hagar and Ishmael's dismissal by Abraham ,
Abraham's treaty of peace with Abimelech . .
Abraham's remonstrance on the violence shown by Abimelech's Servante
Accommodation between them . .
The great Trial of Abraham's faith and obedience unto Holiness, when Called upon
to sacrifice his Son Isaac .

10 to 13
The progress towards the Appointed Place of Offering.
Recall of The DIVINE Injunction . . . . . . . .
Substitution of a ram for an offering .
DIVINE Estimate of such obedience, and Promise of endless Generations to Abraham,

and the Crowning Glory of being the Stock from Which The MESSIAH
should Spring . . . . . . .

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Death and burial of Sarah .

. . 13, 14

Abraham's treaty for a Family Sepulchre
His anxiety and arrangement to secure a suitable Wife for his Son Isaac: : : 14,
Embassy sent to his Native Land for that object .
The Negotiation and securing of Rebekah, of Abraham's Kindred, by a Peculiar

Providence for Isaac . . . ;. ,: .: . . . .
Isaac's reception of her; their marriage; and his love for her.
Reflections on the Steward's piety, and devotedness to Abraham's and Isaac's interest
Abraham's subsequent marriage .
His preference for Isaac in the disposal of his property. .
His mode of providing for his other Children
Abraham's death and burial
Testimony of Prophets in the Old Testament to the distinguished character of
True and lively faith in CHRIST constitutes a Title to be of the Spiritual seed of

Abraham ...
The New Testament views and estimate of Abraham's character . . . . 20 to
Its prominent connection with That of The MESSIAH
DIVINE Appointment of him to be King on Saul's disaffection to GOD's Command ,
The Prophet Samuel's anointing him as the Chosen amongst Jesse's numerous Sons,

though the Youngest.

GOD's Previous Annunciation of His Preference for David

St. Paul's confirmation of Such Preference, and of David's being the Line of The

SAVIOUR's Descent

Just Discrimination of GOD in Such Selection . .

Reflections thereon . .

The Communication of DIVINE Grace to David; Its Consistency with Free

Agency . . . . . . : : .. .

Saul's mental malady consequent on GOD's Rejection of him .

David called on to calm its disturbance by the influence of music. .

Character given of David by a Servant of Saul .

David appointed Armour-Bearer to Saul . .

Bodily and mental powers of David observed upon

War between the Israelites and Philistines . .

Goliath's defiance of the Armies of Israel .

David's mission from his Father to his Brothers in the Army

David's challenge of Goliath, and his successful combat with the Giant .

Consequent discomfiture of the Philistine Forces'.

Reflections on this great Event ..

. 32 to 34

David presented to Saul, having Goliath's head in his hand ,

Jonathan's affectionate regard for David .

The concord of love between them. . .

Saul appoints David over the Men of war

Popular praise of David superior to that of Saul: Jealousy excited in Saul conse-

quently to madness and murderous disposition towards David .

Reflections thereon . .

David's appointment as Captain over a Thousand, and the esteem shown towards

him: Saul's fear of him .

Saul's subtle offer of his Daughter Merab to David for marriage, whe she

betrothed and shortly afterwards married to Adriel . ..

David's modesty on the proposal made him . .

Affection entertained for David by Michal, Saul's other Daughter ..

Saul's malignant purpose in turning this incident to David's destruction .

Proposed dowry required from David, endangering his life in a conflict with

Philistines, . .

David's accomplishment of the object stipulated for by Saul, and consequent marriage

with Michal ,

Michal's love for David, and Saul's increased fear and enre of him

Saul's effort to induce Jonathan to sacrifice David, and Jonathan's proof of deroted

attachment to him

Jonathan's remonstrance with his Father on David's behalf, and its favourable effect

for the moment . .

Apparent reconciliation through Jonathan's mediation :: :::

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Further success against the Philistines

Saul casts a javelin at David, which he avoids, and escapes .
Michal's contrivance to defeat Saul's purpose to sacrifice David to his jealousy
David goes to Samuel at Ramah . . . . . .
Saul informed thereof . . .
Saul sends Messengers and goes himself to Ramah : Prophetic Influence produced

on All . . . . .
David removes from Ramah, and has an interview with Jonathan' : : . *
David's Expostulation at Saul's unmerited treatment of him: Jonathan's promise

further to intercede for him . . . .
Jonathan's pledge to David to give him every countenance and succour in his power,

and to follow any wish expressed by David
Plan suggested by David to Jonathan to sound Saul, by Jonathan's permission for

David's absence from the King's Table on a Festival.
Covenant between Jonathan and David of perpetual friendship between them and

their Generations .
Jonathan arranges to give secret intelligence to David of Saul's feeling on David's

absence being made known to him . .
Result of the first day of the Festival
On the second day, when Saul informed by Jonathan, the violence of the King's

Festival med by Jonathan the villania orina i

anger such, that he cast a javelin at Jonathan, which the Prince avoided .
Effect of such outrage on Jonathan's mind, confirmatory of his fear and grief on
David's account . . . . .

. .
. .

. .



Jonathan's fulfilment of his promise to David
Affecting interview between Jonathan and David, and the piety it exhibiteth .
David flees to Nob: His interview with Abimelech, the Priest, and obtains from him

Shew-bread, and Goliath's sword, under a false representation : Doeg, an

Edomitish Servant of Saul, being present .
David's flight to Achish, King of Gath, and feigns madness to escape being treated
as an Enemy .

. . . . . . .
His escape to the Cave of Adullam'

David's Brethren join him, and about 400 Supporters : their character
His intercession to have protection given to His Father and Mother by the King of

Moab ,
David's removal to the Land of Judah by the warning of the Prophet Gadi
Saul's remonstrance with his Servants as suspecting their favouring David's conceal.

ment .
Doeg's betrayal of David's reception by Ahimelech and the Priest of Nob . .
Saul's summons of Ahimelech and his Household: the accusation and defence .
Saul's sentence of death upon them: All the Servants, but Doeg, refuse to
execute it

... , .

Fell destruction both of the Priests and of the Inhabitants and City of Nob

Abiathar, the Son of Ahimelech, escapes and flies to David, and is succoured by him
Keilah being invaded by the Philistines : David consults the Oracle of GOD, and

under Such Sanction, decides to go to its relief . . .
David's Followers beset him with their fears; and David again seeks for and obtains
The DIVINE Sanction to go

· · · ·
David's rescue of Keilah, and acquisition of great spoil . . . ..
David having fears that the Inhabitants of Keilah might betray him to Saul,

consults The Oracle, and being thereby Forewarned, leaves Keilah with his

Followers . .
David in the Wilderness of Ziph: Interview there between Jonathan and David :

Interchange of a Covenant of love and devotedness between them . .
The Ziphites betray David's retreat to Saul ; his exultation thereat .
Saul's pursuit of David in the Wilderness of Maon, when called away by a Philistine

invasion ,
David removes to En-gedi, where Saul seeks him; but is himself surprised in the

Cave, and the skirt of his garment is secretly cut off by David
David restrains his Men, when Saul was thus in his power, from sacrificing him .
David proves to Saul the personal danger he was in; and David's remonstrance at

Saul's unjustifiable persecution of him
Saul, stung with Self-condemnation, acknowledges David's righteousness; proclaims

his future Succession to the Throne ; and exacts an oath of consideration

towards Saul's Family, which David gives . . . . . . .
Saul's return; but David's continuance at En-gedi . . . . . .

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Death of Samuel, and his burial, and the general lamentation thereat .
David removes to the Wilderness in Paran in the neighbourhood of Nabal, and his

wife Abigail : On their sheep-shearing festival David sends a Deputation to
greet them, and to seek his bounty, David and his followers having contri-

buted to watch over their flocks
Nabal's stern and insulting rejection of David's embassage . . . . .
David's exasperation at such unmerited treatment, and resolution to arenge it:

Nabal's Servant's representation to Abigail his Wife, of the danger likely to

arise from his conduct .
Abigail's wise conduct on the occasion, in her personal intercession with Darid to

avert his anger and impending chastisement
David's pious acknowledgment of Abigail being thus Made an Instrument in GOD's

Hand to Rescue him from the commission of the contemplated slaughter of

the whole Household of Nabal . . . .
Abigail cautiously apprizes Naval of the imminent danger that had been averted

from him : the effect thereof: Nabal struck with death . . . . . 66, 67
David treats for marriage with Abigail ; and she becomes his Wife .
David's after-marriage with Abinoam : Michal having been given by Saul to Phalti.
The Ziphites again betray David's retreat ; and Saul's pursuit of him: David sends

out spies . . . .
David advances on Saul's retirement, and, taking Abishai with him, has Saul in his

power, and is urged by Abishai to take his life; but declines, as Saul was the

LORD's Anointed, and takes only his spear and bottle of water . .
David's prophetic view of the fatal Destiny awaiting Saul, and of his own Deliver

ance, from GOD .
David's remonstrance with Abner, the Captain of Saul's Host, for leaving the King

defenceless in David's power . .
David's expostulation with Saul for his unjustifiable hostility .
Saul's confession of his error; he pronounces a blessing on David ..
David's continued fear of Saul leads him to seek refuge in Philistia, with Achish
He obtains a grant from Achish of the City of Ziklag . ,
David's subtle invasion of the Geshurites, Gezerites, and Amalekites, and false repre-

sentation to Acbish, who is thereby led to cherish an Enemy in his confi-

. . . . , : i:; minoses
War between the Philistines and the Israelites renewed ; and Achish purposes

employing David on the occasion, and to elevate him in his Army
On the death of Samuel, and on Saul's having put away the Wizards of the Land,

Saul consults the Oracle of GOD, but is not Answered ; and, amidst his fears,
he seeks a revelation from a Familiar Spirit, a Woman at En-dor: Interview
betweeu them; and, in the result, the Spirit of Samuel is raised, which con-
firms the Predetermined Destruction of Saul and his Sons, and the final

Establishment of David in the Kingdom
Remonstrance of the Princes of Philistia with Achish for Countenancing David ; and

rejection of him from taking part in the impending battle, as suspected of

favouring his own Country's cause : Achish advises him to depart secretly : 74, 75
In David's absence from Ziklag, at the Court of Achish, the Amalekites invade and

carry all the Inhabitants and Stock away, and burn the City .
The exasperation of his Followers at their calamity almost vented upon David: His

exemplary piety under the bereavement . . . .
Consulting The DIVINE Oracle, David is encouraged to pursue the Captors: meet.

ing with a deserted Egyptian from their Army, their line of march is dis-
closed by him, and David and two-thirds of his Followers pursue and put
them to the rout, recovering the captives and the plunder, besides great

spoil .
Division of the spoil; David's considerate interference to secure a portion for the

third of His Followers, who from exhaustion, had not been able to join the
Force: David points to The GOD of Battles as the SOURCE of their

success : and establishes a liberal and general rule for the division of spoil .
David gratefully sends portions of the spoil to various places, where he and his Men

had been wont to sojourn . .
Battle between the Philistines and the Israelites in Mount Gilboa: Jonathan and his

two Brothers are slain; and Saul, being wounded, seeks death at the hand of

his Armour-Bearer, but in vain ; and falls on his own sword . .
Indignities offered by the Philistines to the dead body of Saul : They take possession

of the Cities deserted by the routed Israelites . .

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