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admit that all that has happened to them has been literal. We insist on the literal accomplishment of Jesus being the Son of David. Then away completely with the system of making everything else spiritual, and interpreting the throne of David as some indescribable thing in heaven. David never had a throne in heaven, and there is not the slightest ground, save man's arbitrary fancy, for such an interpretation. Again; as the resurrection of Christ was spoken of and looked forward to by David, in order that he might sit upon the throne of David, so should his second coming be looked forward to by us as preparatory to, and necessary for, the accomplishment of all these glorious promises. Oh! my dear brethren, how ought our hearts to look forward to this ! How ought they to breathe the most fervent desires after the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, seeing that till he come in the flesh, as the Son of David, the throne of David will want its king, and the kingdom of David its Lord! Surely, it is for us to see, that the second coming of Jesus is wanting to complete the covenant, and until this be accomplished, David's covenant is suspended still, it cannot be carried out in its truth and reality. Again; how should the pleading of the Psalmist, after he has been stating the covenant of God with David, suit our feelings at this

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time. He goes on to say, Ps. lxxxix. 38, and following verses,

6. But thou hast cast off and abhorred, thou hast been wroth with thine anointed. Thou hast made void the covenant of thy servant: thou hast profaned his crown by casting it to the ground.

How long, Lord ? wilt thou hide thyself for ever? shall thy wrath burn like fire ?

Lord, where are thy former lovingkindnesses, which thou swarest unto David in thy truth?” The Psalmist is drawing the contrast between the covenant that had been given, and the actual condition of things. It is for us to go to the Lord and plead with him, and say, “Lord, here is thy covenant,

, here is thy unchangeable mercy, here is thy faithfulness to David for ever, and yet look at thy people, see how they are cast out; see how their throne is lost; see how their crown is upon the ground; see how they are dispersed and scattered ! Oh! Lord, arise and have mercy upon Zion. Let the times of peace come, yea, have mercy upon her-pity and comfort Jerusalem !” Oh! surely, we ought to put God in mind of all his covenant. So the Psalmist did. So surely we ought to plead with him, and give him no rest till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth. And then, my brethren, how ought we to go to the Jew and say,

We admit all your Old Testament prophecieswe recognise Christ as the son of David after the flesh—and as he was born literally as the Son of David, so we believe that he will occupy literally the throne of David. We can go all this length with you;

therefore come thou with us and we will do thee good; for the Lord has spoken good concerning Israel. We hold you out a crucified Saviour; we show you the true Lamb that has been sacrificed, of which yours was but the type, and we show you that blood that cleanseth from all sin. Come, and look at it. Come, and believe it. Come, and be saved by it. Do not think that for one moment we rob you of the coming glory of your Messiah; we cannot indeed give up his cross, but now we look for the crowning and glory of him who was crucified. And, my dear brethren, let me say to each of you, how should you all seek a personal interest in this hope? Oh! it is at the resurrection of the just, it is when the Lord's people shall come with him in glory, it is when we shall be raised to be kings and priests unto God, that all this glory will be accomplished. And, is it nothing to you and me, whether we shall have part in that glory? Is it nothing to you and me, whether we are sanctified by God the Father, and justified through Christ Jesus, and called?

Shall we

consider these things as mere matters of idle speculation? Shall we look at this question as one of mere curiosity? Shall we turn over our Bibles, and see the harmony of prophets and evangelists, of types and antitypes, and shall we merely be pleased with the beauty of the scheme, and admire the purpose of our God, and shall we forget our own individual need of that meetness for the inheritance of the saints in light, without which no man shall see the Lord ? Oh! my dear brethren, I had not stood before God in this pulpit to-night, and before you, if it had not been from the solemn and deep conviction that these truths have the most practical bearing. I know the power of these things upon the heart of the Christian who lives in them and who lives upon them, having them applied to his soul by the mighty working of the Spirit. And so far from their being cold, inoperative, speculative truths, leading people astray, if you will only study them in simplicity, looking for the grace of God, and waiting upon him for his teaching, there is no motive so constraining as this blessed hope to kindle in you all diligence and stir you up to all holiness ;-nothing that will so much tend to keep you standing with your loins girt about and your lamps burning

Therefore, my prayer to God this night is, that by means of these Lectures you may not gain information merely, though that is absolutely necessary for your soul's health (for knowledge and grace must always go together); but that the Holy Spirit, who hath indited these blessed promises, may sanctify you by all the truth preached to you on these occasions, and thus make you meet for the heavenly inheritance; that you may be presented together with us and all his saints at that glorious appearing, when Jesus shall take the throne of David, and come to be fully and for ever a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of his people Israel.

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