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This ought to be, this is the first desire of every Christian. Love to God, supreme love to him, is the sum of that first table of the law, zeal for which has remarkably distinguished the Jewish nation. Even in rejecting Christ, it was from a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. However this may be left out by the wisdom of this world, in the days in which we live, it can never be left out of his mind, who is taught of God to pray, Hallowed be thy name. You may, perhaps, hitherto have thought little of despising the Jew, but you do not, you cannot think little of disregarding God's glory. Restored Israel, then, shall most remarkably glorify God. Our Saviour himself thus addressed this people, Thou shalt be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God. As you desire, then, the glory of God, consider and weigh well his promises to Israel, gain an understanding of his purposes of love, believe simply and entirely what he has revealed explicitly and plainly, whatever miracles of grace, and power, and goodness may be required for their accomplishment. As you desire the glory of God seek the welfare of Zion. Take an interest in the restoration of the Jews, pray much for them, and especially aid all efforts for their spiritual welfare.

My second question is, Do You DESIRE THE

BEST HAPPINESS OF MEN? This is the grand boast of the present age, a regard for the second table of the law,—a zeal for the welfare of the human race at large; and blessed be God for every real manifestation of it, for Bible and Missionary Societies, and all institutions aiming at the real good of man. But there are many who, in much zeal for the fancied good of man, seem ready to leave God out of his own world; they eagerly pursue the plans of their own wisdom for the exaltation of man, and disregard those of the infinite wisdom, and deeper and fuller love of the God and Father of all. My dear brethren, we cannot have useful knowledge without God, universities for sound learning without Christianity, general temperance without the Gospel, righteous peace without the reign of the Prince of Peace, and Britain's national glory continued without her Protestant principles. Popery is the scriptural Antichrist, and the Man of Sin, the Whore of Babylon, the great enemy of Christ and his Church. To make past sins in supporting Popery precedents for fresh sanctions of this mystery of iniquity, is to prefer our own honour to God's honour, and to justify and continue former national acts of apostacy, with aggravated rebellion against our only Lord and King. To give sanction to the corruptions of Popery, and to endeavour to lower

the plain testimony of our Articles against those corruptions, is to be unfaithful to the Church to which we belong, and fearfully unfaithful to Christ the Lord of glory. The Jew himself may lose every civil disability, and have power intrusted to him by us over our Christian State, and in doing so we only lose our national Christianity, and the Jew renounce the promised glories of his future inheritance. Men, in their indifference to national profession of true religion, may easily part with it, and the Infidel, with a mockery of kindness, may hail the measure of bestowing our national privileges on the Jews. Yet what is this but rejecting our Lord Jesus Christ himself and justifying his crucifixion. O how that very Infidel, when the Jew shall hereafter come forth as the remaining bulwark of Divine truth, will, under the last Infidel Antichrist, show the real character of this assumed kindness by concentrating all the bitterness of apostate Gentiles against restored Israel. When the Jews were in times past the covenant people of God, and his true Church was amongst them, it was a blessed thing to favour them, and give them power in a state. While they remain in rebellion, however, against our Lord Jesus Christ, to give them this power is to rebel ourselves against the Lord Jesus.






O how sure are all faithless efforts ultimately to fail and recoil ! See, my brethren, here the true foundation which God has laid in Zion for man's best happiness. By the Jew FAITHFUL TO God, he has hitherto communicated—by the Jew faithful to God, he will yet communicate, the highest blessings to the world. But WELL,

UNCONVERTED Jews, or by giving the trust of power in our Christian country to unconverted Jews. This is a marked evidence of national apostacy, and a seeking to rob the Jew of his real inheritance, and make him a partaker of our unbelief. But it is by the Jews converted, repentant, humbled, and restored, that he will bless the human race. It is not by renouncing Christ and his authority as the true King of nations ourselves, but by leading the Jews to look on him whom they have pierced, and to behold his glory as the King of Israel, that we shall be real blessings to mankind. Nearly 4,000 years since the promise was made to Abraham, In thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed. Would you really bless the earth, then turn your attention to the seed of Abraham, and seek their spiritual welfare. It is not a formal baptismal regeneration, without faith, hope, and love, and an external apostolical succession, which Antichrist can boast, but it is their conversion and

restoration, that shall be life from the dead to the world. The plans which mere human wisdom forms, or the taking of a limited part even of the Divine plan, which we may over estimate, enter not into the extent and depth of the evil, which men think they can thus remedy. Not only a restored Jerusalem, but every thing else that God has ordained, and God has predicted to come to pass, will be found to be required in accomplishing the new heavens and the new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

If, then, you would most effectually promote the best and highest and most enduring good of your fellow-men, you must enter into the apostle's feelings, My heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they may be saved : you must rise to something of your Saviour's mind, For Zion's sake I will not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.

Oh that we could bring our beloved country to enter more into this scriptural plan for securing national prosperity! In order to promote such principles, we planned these lectures. Our brethren readily united with us. We bless God for the interest which they have already called forth among our fellow-Christians, and we have good

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