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means. And surely if ever OUR UNITED EXERTIONS were requisite, it is NOW, when, as the vigilant Archbishop Laud observed of his own times, poor CHURCH OF ENGLAND is in a storm, and God only knows whether or how it shall get out, and which is worse than a storm from without, it is become like an oak cleft to shivers, WITH

OWN BODY.” (Daily office p. 258.). never had such a harvest in England since the reformation, as he hath now upon the sects and DIVISIONS that are among us.” (Daily office p. 254.) We may say, therefore, in the forcible (and lamentably true) words of an excellent writer, the times require great zeal and great exertions; and unless something be immediately done to stop the effects of delusion und fanaticism, it will soon be too LATE for the UNITED efforts of the best friends to the Constitution both in Church and State to prevent the downfal of both*. It is time to give the alarm: the enemy who excited, and promoted our danger, have seen, and rejoiced in their success; let them not boast of our false security, and thus, glory in our shume. The example

* See a very excellent little Tract, which is entitled to universal perusal and distribution :--A Dialogue between a country gentleman, and one of his poor neighbours ; who had been led away from the Church under the pretext of heuring the gospel, and attending Evangelicul Preachers; bold by Messrs. Rivingtons, price sixpence. The strong sense, and cogent reasoning with which it abounds, renders it peculiarly adapted to answer the desired ends; and it is, therefore, much to be regretted, that it is not in the list of the Society for promoiing Christian Knowledge; where its price and size, would give it considerable advantage. The Rev. Author is most certainly entitled to the thanks of every Orthodox member of the venerable Church of England.--You will, I trust, allow me the liberty of so favourable an opportunity to name another Tract, attributed to the same author (thoughi anonymous) and which is equally excellent in its kind; and the more valuable as it is on a subject of great importance and is treated in a popular way---it is entitled, “ As. VICE to unmarried women, to recover and reliim the fillen, and to prevent the fall of others into the snares and consequences of seduction. Sold also by Messrs. Rivingtons.

Such a Tract is much wanted by the society, just named, and they have not such a one. The Young Woman's Dionitor, adinirable indeed, as it is, is only calculated for girls leaving home for s rvice : but for young women of a inore a ivanced age, the tract I have namen, is as vivaluable companion. Besides, it is, I believe, the only one, for such as have unhappily fallen.

The two tracts, together, would be an excellent present for every young woman. Vúl. XI. Charchm. Mag. Dec. 1906. 3 M

of of ARCHBISHOP LAUD,may be wisely followed on account of bis undoubted orthodoxy, and firmness of principle in opposing every innovation and every dangerous enemy of the Church, however, disguised. His dignified and pervering conduct in those perilous times in which he lived, when it pleased the great head of the Church to raise up such a champion for its support, such an instrument for its defence affords us a noble example, influenced as it must be, by the piety and humility of his prayers, in that daily office which we should do well to adopt, and thus render ourselves acceptable to his master and ours. We proceed now, in the regular order of THE DAILY OFFICE, with the service, which the Archbishop has appointed for

MONDAY. In the Morning. Ps. v. 1, 2, 3. Thanksgiving. Ps. xcvi. 2. Against evil council. Prov. ii. 11. For Direction in Walking

O Lord, I know the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his own steps. (Jer. 10, 23.) Therefore, O Lord, I beseech thee make me know my way, and direct my steps to thy honour, and my own Salvation, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Third Hour. 2 Esdr. viii. 45, 31. For Mercy. Ps. lxxiv. 2, 4. For Mercy and Thirst for God. Ps. cxix. 29. For Trulk and Obedience. For Grace. Coll. i Sund. after Trinity.

Sixth hour. Tob. iii. 2, 3, 6. For Mercy. Jer. xiv. 20. For Pardon. Remember not Lord our offences, &c. as in the Litany. For Protection. The Collect for 3d Sund. alter Trinity. Aug. Serm. 18.

O Lord, I beseech thee, accept the prayers that I offer (thee): give what I ask, forgive what I fear : For THOU through Christ urt the only hope of sinners, and through him, I hope for pardon of my sins. Amen.

Ninth hour. 2 Macc. j. 2, 3, 4, 5. For Obedience. Coll. for 6ıb Sund, after Trinity. The Compline. Ps. xvii. 6, 7, 8. For Defence. To be heard. Ps. cxli. 2. For Thanksgiving: I's. xxviii. 2. For True Religion. Coll. for 7th Sund. after Trinity *. Bed-time and at night, if thou

* This admirable Collect should form a part of every person's daily de*votion:-To which may be added, with equal propriety and advantage, The Coil. for the 18 Sund. after Trinity.


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dwakest, Ps. xxxix. 5 to 9. At Death, Greg. Naz. orat. 8. For Submission. O Lord, I give and offer up unto thee, myself and all that is mine; (my) actions and words, (my) repose and silence; only do thou preserve and guide me, and direct my hand and mind, and tongue to things that are honest and acceptable to thee, and withdraw me from any thing from which it were better to abstain, by and for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amnen.

TUESDAY. In the Morning. For Preservation, Ps. i. 1. 2. For Illumination. ERASMUS.

O Sun of Righteousness, Father and original (cause) of all things; when we are influenced from above by thee, we receive new life ; when we are cherished by thy (blessed) beams, we grow up (in grace;) when we are inflamed by thy love, we are made perfect: when we are forsaken of thee, we perish. O thrice happy are they upon whom thou arisest with the dew of thy mercy! O Lord Jesus bless me with thy light, and scatter the clouds of my ignorance, and the (thick) darkness of my sins, that I

may not go astray from the way of thy commandments, but follow thee unto light eternal, through thee thyself, my only. Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

Prov. iii. 26. O Lord thou art my assurance; I humbly beseech thee preserve my foot from slipping even for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen. For Good Thoughts. Coll. for 9th Sund, after Trinity.

Third Hour. For Assistance. Ps. xxv. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ending thus--for thy goodness and the merits of Jesus Christ my Saviour. Amen.

For Preservation Coll. for od Sund. in Lent. Sirth Hour. To be heard. Ps. xxvii. 8, 9, 10, ll. Ps. lv. 18. Paulin Epist. xvii. page 181. for deliverance.


Ninth Hour Glory to God Ps. xxxi. 19, 21. In bad times Ps. xlii. 3. For Illumination and Obedience Coll, for 3d Sund. after Easter.

* How much is comprehended in this short prayer! How applicable to the situation, and tiines of the Archbishop !


In the Fvening. St. Ambrose, Serm. 8. on Ps. cxviii.

O Lord my Saviour in whose power it is to remit Sins, I beseech thee, say unto me, Loose thee from thay chains, come out of the bonds of thy Sins; and when thou sayest, loose those cords of my Errors, wherewith I am entangled and bound : for though I am the most wicked of all men *, and to be abhorred by reason of my con: tinuance in sins, yet when thou commandest, I shall be free from them.

For Help. Ps. xci. 1. and the Coll. for ļlth Sund,
after Trinity,
The Compline. For Help. Ps. xlvi. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. For

Mercy. Ps. cxix. 122. Increase of Grace, Coll. for 14th
Sund. after Trinity.

At Bed-time, and in the night, if thou awakest. Ps. 1, 15. Jer. x. 24. adding :

And grant that thy correction may amend me, and make me thine, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

St. Ambrose. For Penitence. Look on me also, O Lord Jesus, that I may call to mind my own sins, and wash away my offences with tears : grant me I beseech thee, the tears of St. Peter : I would not have the joy of a sinner, that I may obtain this, turn thee, O Lord, and look upon me, and grant

the same cock may awaken even me, most miserable sin-
ner, that being delivered, I may sing unto thee for ever
and ever.

For Obedience. Coll. for 4th Sund. after Easter.

In the morning: For Penitence. Barục. ii. 12, 14,
adding -

Deliver me for thine own sake, and the merits of my Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Gracious Father, without thee I can do nothing; nor can I have pardon but by thee. I was conceived and born in sin: and though thou didst wash me from that in the laver of BAPTISM, yet I have since defiled myself again. and by many grievous actual sins, have made myself a sinner above all other ment, considering


* This sentence (I am the most wicked, &c.) is an eastern form of speech, and must be so designed by the author, and was thus used by

+ This implies a great degree of self-abasement. Pious men are apt to exceed, in their humiliations before God. But this has its proper bounds, and should be duly regarded,

St. Paul.


the great measure of grace, that thou hast given me. Lord, increase thy grace, and by it weaken first, and then cut off my resistance, that I may see, and confess, and hate, and lorsake all my sins, and find mercy and salvation in the merits of my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

To be heard. Ps. cxix. 147. P's. cxliii. 8. adding:in the merits of Jesus Christ. Amen, Third Hour. For Hope. Ps.xxxix. 9. 7, 8.

For Penitence. O Lord, look upon me in mercy; in the greater mercy because for the calling and place I am in, I must give a stricter account to thee. Look, therefore, upon me Lord, but not till thou hast nailed my sins to the cross of Christ : not till I have hid myself in the wounds of Christ; not till thou hast bathed me in the blood of Christ, that so, the punishment, which should else overtake me, may pass over me : tben look and say unto my soul, I have forgiven thee; and by the work of thy mercy in my soul make me feel it, through Jesus Christ our only Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Gr. Naz. For my Flock. O Lord who bringest the great flocks to perfection, and encreasest the little ones by thy grace; comfort ine abundantly according to the exceeding greatness of thy bounty, and feed and preserve my flock, together with MYSELF, through Jesus Christ the chief shepherd, and our (only) Saviour. Amen.

Sixth Hour. For Defence. Ps. xxxv. 1, 3. To be heard. Ps. Ixxxvi. 6. Deliverance. Ps. cxx. 2. and Coll. for 15th Sund. after. Trinity. For Obedience, the 18tl2 Sund. afler Trinity.

Compline. Penitence. Ps. li. 17. O Lord, I humbly pray thee look upon me, and cleanse my mind and my thoughts from unclear notions, and filihiness of the flesh and spirit, and from every work of the Devil, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For Mercy. O Lord, graciously shew forth thy unspeakable mercy, and both free me froin the sins I have committed, and deliver me from the PUNISHMENTS I have deserved, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. The Coll. for 19th Sund. afler Trinity.

Bed time

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