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resignation of the Rev. Francis Vicar of Kingston-upon-Thames, Cresswell.

succeeds the late Mr. Wakefield as The Rev. William Hammersley, Minister of Richmond, Surry; the has been presented to the Vicarage Livings of Kingston and Richmond of Cheswardine, in the county of having been consolidated into one Salop.

Vicarage, (after the death of the The Rev. Elias Thackeray, M.A. then incumbent) by an act of per. bas been presented by the Bishop liament passed more than thirty of Derry, to the valuable living of years ago. Newtown Limavady, in the county The Rev. John Richard Thackof Londonderry.

eray, Is appointed domestic Chap The Rev. John Forth, M. A. has lain to the Duchess Dowager of been presented by the King, to the Newcastle. Kectory of West Hesterton, in the The Rev. Matthew Place, is incounty and diocese of York. ducted to the Rectory of Hampres

The Rev. George Savage, M. A. ton, Dorset.



A , ,
T Cheltenham, the Rev. Sir The Rev. Robert Douglas, Reco

of Salwarp and Hampton hill, in the county of Southampton, Lovett, in Worcestershire, and and Prebendary of Westminster. one of the inagistrates, for that

The Rev. Joseph Iugram, D.D. county, formerly Fellow of All Soul's Col The Rev. James Simons, Rector lege, Oxford, and late Rector of of St. Stephen's, Exeter. Upton Warren, and Stamford-up The Rev. Jonathau Rashleigh, on-Teme, Worcestershire.

Rector of Silverton, Devon, and At his seat, at Tredegar, Mon- of Geduey, in Lincolnshire. He mouthshire, at the advanced age of was formerly of All Soul's College, 82, the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Morgan, Oxford, M. A. 1767. Bart. President and Trustee of the The Rev. William Alphonsus Equitable Assurance Office, near Gunn, Lecturer of Lothbury Black Friar's Bridge, many years Church, and of St. Mary, SomerJudge Advocate General to the set, London, and of Broadway, Army, Vice-President of the Sun- Chapel, Westminster. day Schools, Representative in six The Rev. John William Aubrey, successive Parliaments, and L.L.D. Rector of Hardwick, in the county

The Rev. T. Wakefield, M. A. of Bucks, and of Little Hinton, in Minister of Richmond, Surry. Wiltshire.

At the house of Archdeacon Berney, relict of the late Rev. Davies, in Brecknock, the Rev. Mr. Berney, of Norwich. In her Samuel Rogers, B. D. of Huccle the poor have lost a constant and cote, near Gloucester, Canon of liberal benefactress, and the world St. David's, and Rector of Battes an exemplary Christian. This chaford, Gloucestershire. He was of ritable lady has bequeathed 2001. Christ Church, Oxford, M. A. 1760,

to the Norfolk and Noriich hospiand B. D. 1786.

tal; 2001, to the charity for clergyAt Launceston, Cornwall, the mens' widows and orphans, in NorRev. Edmund Spettigue, full of folk and Norwich; 1001. to the years and good works, being in his charity schools in that city; and 88th year. He was a man of the 1001. to Addenbrooke's hospital, ilk strictest integrity; and as a clergy. Cambridge. Her remains were inman most exemplary, as he vever terred in the family vault at Kirby. failed doing his parochial duty but At Reading, the Rev. Henry once, and that was owing to his Mead, formerly Lecturer of Si. being prevented by the overflowing John's, Wapping, and for several of a river.

years assistant preacher at St. LawMr. John Strawbridge, of Brad- rence's Church in this town. ford, in Wiltshire; he has left At Winboure, Dorsetshire, aged 4001, in the 3 per cents, for a chat 72, the Rev. Johu Harbin, Rector rity school, and 1001, to the Salis- of Hampreston. He was of Corbury infirmary.

pus Christi College, Oxford; L. L. At Grove-house, Hackney, in the B. 1792; and curate of St. Leo91st year of his age,

Thomas nard, Shoreditch, He married a Braidwood, Esq. formerly of Edine sister of Roger Coker, who resignburgh, and eminently distinguished ed Winbourne to him in 1776. for the discovery of the successful His son Edward is curate of Downie practice of instructing the deaf and dumb,

At Woodbridge, in Suffolk, Aged near 80, the venerable Bi- greatly lamented by all who know shop of St. Pol de Leon.

him, the, Rev. Joseph Gopning, At Lanchester, Durham, the Vicar of Sutton and of Spexhiall, Rev. Joseph Walker, aged 47. His in the said county, and formerly unfeigned piety, and unremitting of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. attention to the discharge of his At Edinburgh, Andrew Danzel, parochial duties, added to the

A. M, Professor of Greek in that friendliness of his disposition, and University. that affability and chearfulness of The Rev. Erasmus Warren, Mitemper, for which he was remark- nister of Hampstead, and Rector able, gained him the sincere esteem of Great Bromley, Essex. Ile was and affection of his parishioners. formerly of Trinity College. Cama

At a very advanced age, Mrs. bridge, B. A. 1763; M. A. 1766.

ton, Wilts.

Vol. XI. Churchm. Mag. for Dec. 1806.

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OUR next Number will contain two valuable papers by Mr. PEARSON ; which will be followed by another froin the same gentleman, on the “ Pre-existence of Christ."

We shall commence the 12th volume with a Biographical History of the Church of England, in the Life of Dr. Matthew Parker, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, after the full establishment of the reformation.

JONATHAN DRAPIER's curious communication on the Quakers; J.W. in vindication of Charles the First; the description of the Altar-piece in Whitechapel Church; the LONDON CURATE on Scriptural Passages; Mr. Comber on the Liturgy; Mr. Ludlam's Essay on Things above; and the friendly Letter of V. B. P. are unavoidably deferred till oue



· Page 393, line 28, for “ emitting” read “ counting."

395, 2, for “nor" read “ not."

27, for “ Chewton” read “ Churton."

2. for “ Ewstone" read “ Euston."




CADEMIANA 132, 218, 292
Addison, Mr. anecdote of 219 Calvinism, on,

52, 230
Aház, on the abomination of 171 Cartwright, anecdote of 132
ANECDOTES.--of Bishop Bull 3,-of Casuistry, on a case of

a Quaker 4,--of John Wesley 24, Cecil, Secretary, vindicated 57
-of Mr. Smelt 81,-of Cartwright Chapels of ease, on

the Puritan 132,--of Lord Bur.

Charles I. vindicated 249, 366
leigh 133,-of Dr. Bentley 134,-

account of his death 364
Bishop Hougb 135,- Dr. Stukeley Christianity, benefits of

ib. Bishop Shipley 136,-of a Christ's death, on the efficacy of 287
Quaker 142,-of their Majesties Church, on separation from the 41
214,-Bishop Latimer 218, -- Mr.

on the universal

Boyle 219,-Mr. Addison ib

state of the

196, 370
Frederick Morel 220,--an Augus-

preferments 78, 158, 235,
tine Monk 220,-Bishop Horsley

317, 398, 469
247,- Dr. Kilbye 294,-of Char-

government, on

les I. 364,-of Queen Elizabeth Cobbold, Mrs! character of 320
377;--Lord Herbert of Cherbury

Colosse, description of


Communion, on the preparatory of-
Antiquaries, hint to

face for the

Antrobus, Rev. P. account of 399

Concessions, on

Apollonius, account of 296 Conscience, on

Apostles, on the term


Constantine, on the conversion of
Asia, survey of the seven churches


121, 203 Contradictions in Scripture, on seem.

Convocation, on the 178, 267
Conversion, on


Cornwall, state of Methodism in
Babel, on the confusion at

Baptism, on


Country, on the instinct of 222
Barrow, Dr. letters of

262, 343
Beattie, Dr. letters of

Cromwell, hypocrisy of 252

214, 288
Bentley, Dr. anecdote of 134
Bethlehem, on the massacre at S02

Blake, Mr. character of 159
Bodleian Library, account of 220 Day, Mr. character of

improvement in the 157 Dissenters, on the increase of 347
Body, on the union of Soul and 131 Divinity, on a new professorship in
Bossuet, his correspondence with Bi-


on the study of 25, 98
Boyle, anecdote of

Doubts on Mr. Sharp's Rule 10
account of his lecture 224

Downing college, erection of
Bradshaw, on the character of 253
Brand, Rev. J. account of 398
Brett's narrative, falsity of


Brutes, on humanity to

146 East Indies, state of the Missions in
Bull, Bishop, memoirs of


Burleigh, lord, anecdote of 133 East wind, on the




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shop Bull


Elizabeth, anecdote of Queen 377
Ephesus, description of 208
Erroneous reading, corrested 106
Esdras, on the Second Book of 16,

117, 171, 271
Extempore prayers, anecdote con-
preaching, remarks on

EXTRACTS.-Account of the Protes-

tant Missions in the East Indies
32,-Leiter of Dr. G. Hickes to
one of his parishioners 40,-Survey
of the Seven Churches of Asia, by
Thomas Smith, B. D. 121, 203,
On the inexplicable mystery of
the Trinity 129,--On the Union of
the Soul and Body 131,-- anecdote
of their Majesties by Dr. Beattie
214,-Doctrine of the Lutheran
Churches on the fire points, from
Dr. Heylin 285,--Letter of Dr.
Beattie 256,--Letter from Bishop
Porteus 291,-Archbishop Laud's
Devotions 373, 448.

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Faith, observations on

Fathers, on the study of the 244
Female Education, on

Manners, on

Fire, on passing through the 170
Fish, book found in a

Five points, on the

Fox, C. J. account of

Frederic ll. of Prussia, character


Grace, on falling after

Grecian Literature, on the revival

Greek Monosyllables, on 177
Grotius, new translation of

Gunpowder-plot, reality of the 57

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Indifferent things, on the imposition

Infidelity alliance of heresy and 393
Ireton, hypocrisy of

Islington, on a new chapel at 259,

Jews, on a pretended council of the

Kettlewell, Mr. anecdote of 164
Kilbye, Dr. character of 294
King, anecdote of the

character of the 230, 394
Knippenouhl rock, fall of 314

Lancaster's plan of Education, re-
marks on

60, 141
Laodicea, description of 206
Latimer, Bishop, anecdote of 218
Laud, Archbishop, devotions of 197,

373, 418
Leigh, Lady, account of 79
Literary intelligence 74, 157, 234,

314, 396
Litany, a brief

Locusts, description of the 24
London, liberality of the Bishop of

letter from the


Luke's St. Gospel, on the preface to

27, 85 181, 329
Lumley, Rev. Mr. character of 80

Haarlein, prize questions of the so-
ciety at

Herbert, Lord, enthusiasm of 389
Hercuianeum, MS. found at - 74
Heresy and infidelity, allied 393
Hickes Dr. memoirs of

81, 161
letter of

Hierapolis, description of 205
Hobbes, his superstition 390
Horsley, Bishop, memoirs of 241,

321, 401
Hough, Bishop, anecdote of 135

Manners, on modern

Man's will, on

Mapletoft, Dr. account of 262
Matthew's Gospel vindicated 301
Mede, Joseph, his epitaph 293
Methodism, defence of a letter on

in Cornwall, state of 353

on the increase of 347
Methodists, on the first,

- on the industry of the 266
Milton, on the character of 201,

Ministerial character, on the 65
Moises, Mr. account of 79, 160

monument to the memory

Morel, Frederic, anecdote of 220
Mosaic law, peculiarities of the 138
Myrrh, given to malefactors 275

Nineveh, on the climate of 169
Nonjurors defended

Noy, William, account of 295


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