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The Pieces in Verse are distinguished by their titles being printed in italics.

No, I.

Original Prospectus, with List of Articles projected. On the

Execution of Iglesias. -Specimens of a Series of New Readings

in Bailey and Johnson, No. I.—The Local Epigrammatist, No. 1.

- The Heron Correspondence, on the Chit-Chat of Glasgow,

No. I.; Apocrypha Question; Ladies' Sale; Mr. Knowles ;

Mechanics' Institution; Miss Foote, &c.

No. II.

Specimens of New Readings, No. II.-Mislaid Epilogue to a

New Play.-- What you Please; or, the Dangers of Discretion.-

Heron Correspondence, No. II. ; Theatrical Criticism; Brown's

Drawings ; Minor Theatre; Errors of the Press, &c.

No. III.

Questions for Debating Societies, No. I.--On the Recent

Architectural Embellishments of Glasgow ; St. David's Church;

Remonstrance of a late Member of the Incorporation of Taylors ;

Where is my Father's Grave?-Harry Marten to Charles

Heron; Professor Sandford; Swan's Views, &c.—Epigram.

No. IV.

Drygate Stories, No. I.—The Light in the Garret Window,

a Tale of the Trongate.—Questions for Debating Societies, No.

II. -Eulogium on Drunkenness. ---Constancy; or, Pray will it

Last? - Heron Correspondence, No. III.; Series of Concerts ;

Name of Editor; Mr. Lyon; Polish Literature, &c.---Letter on

Amateur Theatricals.

No. V.

The First Sigh, an Illustration.—New Readings in Bailey and

Johnson, No. III.-— The Picture Gallery, No. I. ; On a Bac-

chante, by Henderson.—Heron Correspondence, No. IV.; Mrs.

Knyvett; Anniversaries of Burns and Byron, and Monument to

the former; Garret Window Story; New Exchange; Mr.

Ewing ; “ Glasgow Magistrate," &c.

No. VI.

Glasgow at Six in the Morning, by the Hermit of the West.-

New Readings, No. IV.— The Picture Gallery, No. II. ; On

Brown's View of Loch Lomond.--Letter from an Aleppo Mer-

chant on the Site of the Exchange.--Heron Correspondence, No.

Winter Parties; Dancing ; Miss Thomson ; Alexander and

the Minor Theatre; Tom Reynolds ; Dorsey; Harriston, &c.

No. VII.

Leaves from a Lounger's Note-Book, No. I. ; Journals of
Soldiers; Idyls of Gesner.—The Returned Letter-Bag; or, The
Fourteenth of February; with Specimens of Serious and Comic
Valentine Verses.—Heron Correspondence, No. VI.; Apostoli-


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cal Silks ; Bachelors' Balls ; New Fashions; Glasgow Arcade;
Employment of Females; Foote and Harvey's Works of Art, &c.

The Snow Storm, a Drygate Story, by Mr. Archibald M-

Crony.--Heron Correspondence, No. VII.; Theatrical Dinner

in Edinburgh; Sir Walter Scott's Acknowledgment of the

Authorship of Waverley; Azzoher; Royal and Minor Theatres ;

Mr. Melrose and Mrs. Mangeon; Play of Montrose ; Collegian

and its Publisher; Milton's Prose; Port M'Queen, &c.

No. IX.

The One-Legged Bookbinder, by the Hermit of the West.-

New Readings, No. V.-Love, Poetry, and Music.- Questions

for Debating Societies, No. III.-Epigram.-Sonnet on the Bass

Rock. --Heron Correspondence, No. VIII.'; Mrs. Heron; Ball

at the Wheat Sheaf; Theatricals; African Roscius; Mrs. Man-

geon ; Library of Useful Knowledge; Anatomy of Drunkenness ;

Anecdotes of Impudence; Mr. Kirkland; The Scrutinist, &c.

No. X.

The Steam-Boat Quay.- Epistle from a Lover to his Mistress.

-A Week's Diary of a Sight-See-er; Rey. Mr. Brown; Cap-

tain Weddell's Voyage; M. Chabert; Miss Pearson ; Duelling ;

Mr. Knowles's Pupils, &c.—Heron Correspondence, No. IX. ;

Thomas Campbell, Esq.; Busy Bodies, &c.— The Maximist,

No. 1.-Cure for Love.

No. XI.

The Emigrants of Avondale, by the Hermit of the West.-

New Readings, No. VI.- Local Epigrammatist, No. II.-

Diary of a Sight See-er, No. II. ; Mr. Kean; Mr. Ryder;

The Lord Rector; Mary Woolstonecraft; Kean as a Huron

Chief; Gymnastics, &c. - Heron Correspondence, No. X.; Vine

Tavern; Shaws Water and Greenock Ladies ; Cromwell's Camp,

&c.— The Maximist, No. II.-On Mr. Campbell's Arrival.

No. XII.

Reminiscences of Driddell, the Pye-Poet, No. I.—Leaves from

a Lounger's Note-Book, No. II. ; Courage; Dr. Drake; Liter-

ature; Phrenology; The Well-Bred Style ; Lord Normanby.-

The Shereef Selim, a Turkish Tale.--Heron Correspondence,

No. XI.; St. Enoch's Church; Civic Magniloquence; Mr.

Ryder; Minor Theatre; Dinner to the Lord Rector; Swan's

Views; Falkirk Magazine, &c.—Local Literary Intelligence.


Hannah Barclay; or, Quaker-Love, a Drygate Story.--New
Readings, No. VII.-Grace Gadabout to the Editor, on the Water-
ing-Places; with his Reply.--Heron Correspondence, No. XII. ;
Secession Church, and Testimony; Miss Graddon; Alexander,
and Sweeps, and Hunchbacks; Account of the Dinner to Thomas
Campbell, Esq., &c. On sundry Local Annoyances.


No. XIV.

Leaves from a Lounger's Note-Book, No. III.; Knowles's

Virginius ; Lauzun's Memoirs; Jewish Spy's Theory of Man.-

Remembrance.— The Maximist, No. III. — Local Literary Intelli-

gence, No. II.-Music.--Heron Correspondence, No. XIII;

Quacks: Mons. Gouffe; Alexander; Kirkland; Lewis: China

Sales ; Fashions, &c.-Meum et Tuum; L. MʻL. ; Dr. Stirling.

No. XV.

New Readings, No. VIII.—Reminiscences of Driddell, No.

II. ; with Extracts from his Works. --Baxter's Works, a Tale.-

The Sofa, No. I.; Venus Steamer; St. Enoch's and its Archi-

tect; The Bridges of Glasgow; Botanic Garden Promenades;

Alexander's Farewell, and Attack upon

“ The Ant,” &c.

No. XVI.

The Watering-Places, by the Hermit of the West, No. I. ;

GOUROCK.— The Changeful, yet Unchanged. The Modern

Friend, a Narrative and Sketch.--Animal Food.-Letter to the

Dilletanti Society.-Ballad. --A Ghost Story. -Sonnet. The

Sofa, No. II. ; Swan's Views; James Scott; Canada ; Song on

the Clyde ; Boxing ; Provincial Theatres; Song, Come meet me at

Gloamin', &c. The Maximist, No. IV.---The Hope Fulfilled. -



Gourock, a Sketch.— The Phraseologist, No. I.--The Sofa,

No. III. ; Steam Organ; Booksellers give Fame; Dr. Scott;

Love Song of a Bedouin Chief; Translation from the Servian ;

Sir Walter Scott; Mr. M.Diarmid ; Jewish Actress, &c.


The Watering-Places, No. II. ; DUMBLANE. - Heron Cor-

respondence, No. XIV.; Miss Foote; The Fiddlers ; Conun-

drums ; Miller and Bell's Claims; Gourock Club; Fashions, &c.

No. XIX.

Rob Roy's Grave.-Lines on Keats. — The Journeyman

Rhymer.— The Mysogonist.-Dramatic Scene; Alberto. —The

Sofa, No. IV.; Glasgow Fair; Lord Douglas; Civic Voyage;

Scott's Napoleon; Theatricals ; Mr. Lyon's Establishment, &c.-

More Miseries, in a Series of Groans. — List of Contributors.

No. XX.

The Watering-Places, No. III. ; ARDENTINNY.--New Read-

ings, No. IX.-The Settee, No. I. ; New Discoveries ; Mr.

Chambers; Literary Souvenir, &c.—dy, these were Nights.

No. XXI.

The Watering.- Places, No. IV.; LARGS.--A Dream. The

Midnight Hour.-The March of Discovery, Stride 1.–From the

German.-Notice of an Important Auto-Biographical Work.

The Contrast -Burlesque Questions for Debating Societies.-

Content. The Maximist, No. V.--Heron Correspondence, No.


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XV.; Regatta of the Yacht Club; Mr. Bland; Miss Noel;

Botanical Candidates ; Meg Dods ; Confessions of a Femicide, &c.


Blind Angus, by the Hermit of the West.— -To


Miseries, Groans 7th to 14th.—The Sofa, No. V.; Library-

Parlours; Lent Books; Rich and Poor Authors; Constable's

Miscellany; The Casquet; Errors of the Press, &c.


The Watering-Places, No. V.; HELENSBURGH. — The Lamp

of Love. -I ask not Wealth.-To Miss Noel.-Sketch of the

Origin of the Holy War in Palestine. -An Inn, from an Old

Play.--Abdarraman's Address to the First Palm-Tree introduced

into Spain.—Letter to the Lord Provost on the Public Amuse-

ments of Glasgow, and on a Plan for supporting the Legitimate

Drama.-Lines on the Theatre.—Sonnet. - The Heron Cor-

respondence, No. XVI. ; Grammar School Studies ; Poor Rates ;

Pollok; Grouse, &c.The Lay of the Homeless.Sonnet on St.

Paul's.By the Home of my Youth.—The Maximist, No. VI.


Tit for Tat, an Anecdotical Recollection.-Minutes of a Se-

derunt of the Careless Club.—More Miseries, Groans 15th to

19th. — The Sofa, No. VI.; Inns; Sea-Bathing; Errata ;

Scottish Rant; The Western Magazine, &c.

No. XXV.

The Bookseller's Wife, by a Back-Shop Lounger.— The

Struggle. -Matthew Fact to the Editor, upon the Allegories of

the Elder Essayists.—Johnson's Second Journey.—The Disin-

humed. Travels into the Vulgar Parts of the City, by a Fine

Gentleman.--We meet as Lovers, or we meet no more. --The

Heron Correspondence, No. XVII.; Livery Gloves; New

Shops; “ Sufferers”; Durnfries Magazine; Byrne's Battle ;

First Announcement of the Chronicles of the Canongate; Who

is the Femicide? &c.—More Miseries, Groans 20th to 29th. -

The Maximist, No. VII.


On Some of the Personal Peculiarities of the Literary Men of

the Last and Present Age.—The Phraseologist, No. II.- The

Representative of Majesty.— The Sofa, No. VII.; Vine and

Fig-Tree; Kean's Villa; Barber's French ; Tonga Islands; Dr.

Chalmers; Anecdotes ; Epitaph, &c.— Remember Thee !


Chronological and Bibliographical Catalogue of Literary Period-

ical Works published in Glasgow during the Present Century. -

New Readings, No. X., a Specimen from the Alphabet. — The

Heron Family: Conclusion of the Correspondence, in the Marriage

of a Member; Madame Pasta ; Miss Pearson, &c.— Resolutions

of the Dunce Club.—Concluding Tete-a-Tete with the Public upon

The Settee, No. II., and ending with The Benison ; or, L'Envoye.

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