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26. L. M. Ulverston, 179. 4 My fainting flesh had died with grief, Self-examination.

Had not my soul believed

To see thy grace provide relief, I JUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my Nor was my hope deceived.

ways, Anil try my reins, and try my heart;

5 Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints, My faith upon thy promise stays,

And keep your courage up: Nor from thy law my feet depart.

He'll raise your spirit when it faints,

And far exceed your hope. 2 I hate to walk, I hate to sit With men of vanity and lies;

10 L. M. Wareham, 117. The scoffer and the hypocrite Are the abhorrence of mine eyes.

Storm and thunder. 3 Amongst thy saints will I appear

1 CIVE to the Lord, ye sons of fame, With hands well-wash'd in innocence ;

U Give to the Lord renown and power; But when I stand before thy bar,

Ascribe due honours to his name, The blood of Christ is my defence.

And his eternal might adore. 4 I love thy habitation, Lord,

| 2 The Lord proclaims his power aloud, The temple where thine honours dwell; | Over the ocean and the land ; There shall I hear thine holy word,

His voice divides the watery cloud, And there thy works of wonder tell. And lightnings blaze at his command. 5 Let not my soul be join'd at last

3 He speaks, and tempest, hail, and wind With men of treachery and blood,

Lay the wide forests bare around; Since I my days on earth have pass'd

The fearful hart, and frighted hind, Among the saints, and near my God.

Leap at the terror of the sound.

4 To Lebanon he turns his voice, PART I. C. M. Arabia, 324. And, lo, the stately cedars break; Ver. 1-6. The church our delight

The mountains tremble at the noise,

The valleys roar, the deserts quake. and safety. I THE Lord of Glory is my light,

5 The Lord sits sovereign on the flood, 1 And my salvation too;

The Thunderer reigns for ever King ; God is my strength, nor will I fear

But makes his church his bless'd abode, What all my foes can do.

Where we his awful glories sing. 2 One privilege my heart desires :

6 In gentler language there, the Lord O grant me an abode

The counsels of his grace imparts; Among the churches of thy saints,

Amidst the raging storm, his word The temples of my God!

Speaks peace and courage to our hearts. 3 There shall I offer my requests,

PART I. And see thy beauty still;

L. M. Bramcoate, 8. Shall hear thy messages of love,

Sickness healed, and sorrow removed. And there inquire thy will.

IT WILL extol thee, Lord, on high; 4 When troubles rise, and storms appear, 1 At thy command diseases fly; There may his children hide:

Who but a God can speak and save God has a strong pavilion, where

From the dark borders of the grave? He makes my soul abide.

2 Sing to the Lord, ye saints of his, 5 Now shall my head be lifted high

And tell how large his goodness is ; Above my foes around,

Let all your powers rejoice and bless, And songs of joy and victory

While you record his holiness. Within thy temple sound.

3 His anger but a moment stays ;

His love is life and length of days: 7 PART II. C. M. Abridge, 201. Though grief and tears the night employ,

Ver. 8, 9, 13, 14. Prayer and hope. The morning-star restores the joy, SOON as I heard my Father say, *Ye children, seek my grace,'

20 Part II. L. M. Peru, 516. My heart replied without delay,

Ver.6. Health, sickness, & recovery. I'll seek my Father's face.'

VIRM was my health, my day was 2 Let not thy face be hid from me,

bright, Nor frown my soul away;

And I presumed 'twould ne'er be night; God of my life, I fly to thee

Fondly I said within my heart, In a distressing day.

* Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart.' 3 Should friends and kindred, near and 2 But I forgot thine arm was strong,

Leave me to want, or die; (dear Which made my mountain stand so long; My God would make my life his care, Soon as thy face began to hide, And all my need supply.

My health was gone, my comforts died.

5 My urned to jo cloth on theme round.

3 I cried aloud to thee, my God,

3 Among mine enemies, my name What can'st thou profit by my blood ? Was a mere proverb grown, Deep in the dust can I declare

While to my neighbours I became
Thy truth, or sing thy goodness there? Forgotten and unknown.
4 'Hear me, O God of grace,' I said, 4 Slander and fear, on every side,

And bring me from among the dead :'. Seized and beset me round;
Thy word rebuked the pains I felt,

I to the throne of grace applied,
Thy pardoning love removed my guilt. And speedy rescue found.
5 My groans, and tears, and forms of woe,

PAUSE. Irish, 171. Are turned to joy and praises now:

5 How great deliverance thou hast wrought I throw my sackcloth on the ground,

Before the sons of men ! And ease and gladness gird me round.

The lying lips to silence brought, 6 My tongue, the glory of my frame,

And made their boastings vain!
Shall ne'er be silent of thy name;
Thy praise shall sound through earth

16 Thy children from the strife of tongues and heaven,

Shall thy pavilion hide, For sickness heal’d, and sins forgiven. l.

Guard them from infamy and wrongs,

And crush the sons of pride. 21 Part 1. C. M. Essex, 409. 17 Within thy secret presence, Lord, V.5, 13–19, 22, 23. Deliverance from

Let me for ever dwell; death.

No fenced city, wall'd and barr'd,

Secures a saint so well. 1 INTO thine hand, O God of truth, 1 My spirit I commit;

S. M. Reuben, 328. Thou hast redeem'd my soul from death, Forgiveness of sin upon confession, And saved me from the pit.

1 0 BLESSED souls are they 2 The passions of my hope and fear

Whose sins are cover'd o'er,
Maintain'd a double strife,

Divinely bless'd, to whom the Lord
While sorrow, pain, and sin conspired Imputes their guilt no more.
To take away my life.

2 They mourn their follies past, 3 My times are in thine hand,' I cried, And keep their hearts with care; Though I draw near the dust;'

Their lips and lives, without deceit, Thou art the refuge where I hide,

Shall prove their faith sincere.
The God in whom I trust.

3 While I conceal'd my guilt, 40 make thy reconciled face

I felt the festering wound,
Upon thy servant shine,

Till I confess'd my sins to thee,
And save me for thy mercy's sake,

And ready pardon found.
For I 'm entirely thine.

4 Let sinners learn to pray;

Let saints keep near the throne: 5 [’T was in my haste, my spirit said,

Our help in times of deep distress

Is found in God alone.
I must despair and die;
1 I am cut off before thine eyes,'

C. M. Sprague, 166.
But thou hast heard my cry.]

Free pardon and sincere obedience. 16 Thy goodness how divinely free!

1 LAPPY the man to whom his God How wondrous is thy grace,

IT No more imputes his sin : To those that fear thy majesty,

But, wash'd in the Redeemer's blood, And trust thy promises !

Hath made his garments clean. 70 love the Lord, all ye his saints, 2 Happy, beyond expression, he And sing his praises loud;

Whose debts are thus discharged ; He'll bend his ear to your complaints, And, from the guilty bondage free, And recompense the proud.

He feels his soul enlarged.
PART II. C. M. Exeter, 4.

3 His spirit hates deceit and lies,

His words are all sincere ; Ver. 7-13, 18–21. Deliverance from He guards his heart, he guards his eyes, slander and reproach.

To keep his conscience clear. TIMY heart rejoices in thy name, 4 While I my inward guilt suppress'd, 11 My God, my help, my trust;

No quiet could I find; Thou hast preserved my face from shame, | Thy wrath lay burning in my breast, Mine honour from the dust.

And rack'd my tortured mind. 2 My life is spent with grier,' I cried, 5 Then I confess'd my troubled thoughts, My years consumed in groans;

My secret sins reveal'd; My strength decays, mine eyes are dried, Thy pardoning grace forgave my faults, And sorrow wastes my bones.'

Thy grace my pardon seal'd.


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6 This shall invite thy saints to pray: 5 Ye tenants of the spacious earth, When like a raging flood

With fear before him stand; Temptations rise, our strength and stay He spake, and nature took its birth, Is a forgiving God.

And rests on his command.

6 He scorns the angry nations' rage, Part I. L. M. St. Helena, 354. And breaks their vain designs; Repentance and free pardon. His counsel stands through every age,

And in full glory shines. 1 NLEST is the man, for ever blest,

D Whose guilt is pardon'd by his God,
Whose sins with sorrow are confess'd, 22 PART II, C. M. Evans, 190.
And cover'd with his Saviour's blood.

Creatures vain, and God all-suffi. 2 Blest is the man to whom the Lord

cient. Imputes not his iniquities; He pleads no merit of reward,

1 DLEST is the nation where the Lord And not on works, but grace relies.

D Hath fix'd his gracious throne; 3 From guile his heart and lips are free;

Where he reveals his heavenly word, His humble joy, his holy fear,

And calls their tribes his own, With deep repentance well agree,

2 His eye, with infinite survey, And join to prove his faith sincere.

Does the whole earth behold: 4 How glorious is that righteousness

He form'd us all of equal clay, That hides and cancels all his sins!

And knows our feeble mould. While a bright evidence of grace

3 Kings are not rescued by the force Thro' his whole life appears and shines.

Ot' armies from the grave;

Nor speed nor courage of a horse
PART II. L. M. Babylon Streams, 23.

Can the bold rider save. - A guilty conscience eased by con- | 4 Vain is the strength of beasts or men, fession.

To hope for safety thence;

But holy souls from God obtain I WHILE I keep silence, and conceal |

A strong and sure defence. My heavy guilt within my heart, What torments doth my conscience feel ! 5 God is their fear, and God their trust : What agonies of inward smart!

When plagues of famine spread,

His watchful eye secures the just 2 I spread my sins before the Lord, And all my secret faults confess;

Amongst ten thousand dead. Thy gospel speaks a pardoning word,

6 Lord, let our hearts in thee rejoice, Thine Holy Spirit seals the grace.

And bless us from thy throne;

For we have made thy word our choice, 3 For this shall every humble soul

And trust thy grace alone.
Make swift addresses to thy seat;
When floods of huge temptation roll,
There shall they find a bless'd retreat.

22 Part I. 113th. Anniversary, 123. 4 How safe beneath thy wings I lie,

Works of creation and providence. When days grow dark, and storms appear! And when I walk, thy watchful eye

1 VE holy souls, in God rejoice, (voice; Shall guide me safe from every snare.

1 Your Maker's praise becomes your

Great is your theme, your songs be 22 Part I. c. M. Suffolk, 315.

new :

Sing to his name, his word, his ways, Works of creation and providence.

His works of nature and of grace, 1 PEJOICE, ye righteous, in the Lord, How wise and holy, just and true. 1 This work belongs to you:

2 Justice and truth he ever loves, Sing of his name, his ways, his word,

And the whole earth his goodness proves : How holy, just, and true!

His word the heavenly arches spread: 2 His mercy and his righteousness

How wide they shine from north to south! Let heaven and earth proclaim :

And by the spirit of his mouth His works of nature and of grace

Were all the starry armies made. Reveal his wondrous name.

| 3 He gathers the wide flowing seas, 3 His wisdom and almighty word

Those watery treasures know their place, The heavenly arches spread ;

In the vast storehouse of the deep : And by the Spirit of the Lord

He spake, and gave all nature birth ; Their shining hosts were made.

And fires, and seas, and heaven, and 4 He bid the limpid waters flow

His everlasting orders keep. Cearth To their appointed deep;

4 Let mortals tremble and adore The flowing seas their limits know,

A God of such resistless power, And their own station keep.

Nor dare indulge their feeble rage :

Fond ble our he

10 Be build

Haveals thenis chur

Vain are your thoughts, and weak your PART II. L. M. St. Peter's, 359. But his eternal counsel stands, [hands; UT Ver. 11-22. Religious education. And rules the world from age to age.

INHILDREN in years and knowledge

young, PART II. 113th. New Court, 173.

Your parents' hope, your parents' joy,

Attend the counsels of my tongue, • Creatures vain, & God all-sufficient. Let pious thoughts your minds employ. 10 HAPPY nation, where the Lord 2 If you desire a length of days,

Reveals the treasure of his word, And peace to crown your mortal state, And builds his church, his earthly Restrain your feet from impious ways, throne!

Your lips from slander and deceit.
His eye the heathen world surveys,
He form'd their hearts, he knows their

3 The eyes of God regards his saints,

His ears are open to their cries;
But God'their Maker is unknown.

He sets his frowning face against

The sons of violence and lies. 1 % Let kings rely upon their host, And of his strength the champion boast;

14 To humble souls and broken hearts In vain they boast, in vain rely;

God with his grace is ever nigh; In vain we trust the brutal force,

Pardon and hope his love imparts,
Or speed or courage of a horse,

When men in deep contrition lie.
To guard his rider, or to fly.

5 He tells their tears, he counts their 3 The eye of thy compassion, Lord,


His Son redeems their souls from death; Doth more secure defence afford,

His Spirit heals their broken bones, When deaths or dangers threatening

They in his praise employ their breath. stand; Thy watchful eye preserves the just, Who make thy name their fear and trust,

PART I. C. M. New York, 33. When wars or famine waste the land.

04 Ver. 1–10. Prayer and praise for 4 In sickness or the bloody field,

eminent deliverance. Thou our physician, thou our shield, Send us salvation from thy throne;

IT'LL bless the Lord from day to day : We wait to see thy goodness shine;

1 How good are all his ways! Let us rejoice in help divine,

Ye humble souls that use to pray,
For all our hope is God alone.

Come help my lips to praise.
2 Sing to the honour of his name,

How a poor sufferer cried, 34 PART I. L. M. Bramcoate, 8. Nor was his hope exposed to shame, God's care of the saints.

Nor was his suit denied.
ORD, I will bless thee all my days,

3 When threatening sorrows round me

And endless fears arose, (stood, U Thy praise shall dwell upon my

Like the loud billows of a flood,

Redoubling all my woes ;
My soul shall glory in thy grace,
While saints rejoice to hear the song.

4 I told the Lord my sore distress,

With heavy groans and tears, 2 Come, magnify the Lord with me,

He gave my sharpest torments ease, Come, let us all exalt his name;

And silenced all my fears,
I sought the eternal God, and he
Has not exposed my hope to shame.

PAUSE. 3 I told him all my secret grief,

5 [O sinners ! come and taste his love, My secret groaning reach'd his ears ;

Come, learn his pleasant ways, He gave my inward pains relief,

And let your own experience prove And calm'd the tuinult of my fears.

The sweetness of his grace. 4 To him the poor lift up their eyes, 6 He bids his angels pitch their tents Their faces feel the heavenly shine:

Round where his children dwell; A beam of mercy from the skies

What ills their heavenly care prevents, Fills them with light and joy divine.

No earthly tongue can tell.] 5 His holy angels pitch their tents

7 (O love the Lord, ye saints of his ; Around the men that serve the Lord : His eye regards the just : O fear and love him, all his saints,

How richly bless'd their portion is, Taste of his grace, and trust his word. Who make the Lord their trust! 16 The wild young lions, pinch'd with pain 8 Young lions pinch'd with hunger roar,

And hunger, roar through all the wood; And famish in the wood,
But none shall seek the Lord in vain, But God supplies his holy poor
Nor want supplies of real good.

With every needful good.?

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PART II. C. M. Piety, 513. 8 Then will I raise my tuneful voice
Ver. 11-22. Exhortations to peace

To make thy wonders known:
and holiness.

In their salvation I'll rejoice,

And bless thee for my own. 1 COME, children, learn to fear the Lord;

U And, that your days be long, Let not a false or spiteful word Be found upon your tongue.

PART II. C. M. Canterbury, 199.

V. 12–14. Love to enemies. 2 Depart from mischief, practise love, Pursue the works of peace;

1 TEHOLD the love, the generous love, So shall the Lord your ways approve,

D That holy David shows : And set your souls at ease.

Hark, how his sounding bowels move 3 His eyes awake to guard the just,

To his afflicted foes. His ears attend their cry;

2 When they are sick his soul complains, When broken spirits dwell in dust,

And seems to feel the smart;
The God of grace is nigh.

The spirit of the gospel reigns, 4 What though the sorrows here they taste

And melts his pious heart. Are sharp and tedious too,

3 How did his flowing tears condole The Lord, who saves them all at last, As for a brother dead! Is their supporter now.

And fasting, mortified his soul,

While for their life he pray'd. 5 Evil shall smite the wicked dead : But God secures his own,

4 They groan'd, and cursed him on their Prevents the mischief when they slide,

Yet still he pleads and mourns: [bed, Or heals the broken bone.

And double blessings on his head

The righteous God returns. 6 When desolation like a flood

5 O glorious type of heavenly grace! O'er the proud sinner rolls

Thus Christ the Lord appears; Saints find a refuge in their God,

While sinners curse, the Saviour prays, For he redeem'd their souls.

And pities them with tears.

6 He, the true David, Israel's king, 35 PART I. C. M. Staughton, 265. Bless'd and beloved of God OJ Ver. 1–9. Prayer and faith of

To save us rebels, dead in sin,

Paid his own dearest blood.
persecuted saints.
I NOW plead my cause, Almighty God,!
With all the sons of strife;

L. M. Redemption, 243.
And fight against the men of blood,
Who fight against my life.

O Ver, 5–9. General providence and

special grace. 2 Draw up thy spear, and stop their way, Lift thine avenging rod;

1 HIGH in the heavens, eternal God, But to my soul in mercy say,

II Thy goodness in full glory shines : 'I am thy Saviour God.'

Thy truth shall break thro' every cloud 3 They plant their snares to catch my feet,

That veils and darkens thy designs. And nets of mischief spread;

2 For ever firm thy justice stands, Plunge the destroyers in the pit

As mountains their foundations keep; That their own hands have made. Wise are the wonders of thy hands;

Thy judgments are a mighty deep. 4 Let fogs and darkness hide their way, And slippery be their ground;

3 Thy providence is kind and large, Thy wrath shall make their lives a prey,

Both man and beast thy bounty share :

The whole creation is thy charge, And all their rage confound.

But saints are thy peculiar care. 5 They fly like chaff before the wind,

4 My God, how excellent thy grace, Before thine angry breath;

Whence all our hope and comfort springs ! The angel of the Lord behind

The sons of Adam in distress Pursues them down to death.

Fly to the shadow of thy wings. 6 They love the road that leads to hell; 6 From the provisions of thy house Then let the rebels die,

We shall be fed with sweet repast; Whose malice is implacable

There mercy like a river flows, Against the Lord on high.

And brings salvation to our taste. But if thou hast a chosen few

16 Life, like a fountain rich and free, Amongst that impious race;

Springs from the presence of the Lord: Divide them from the bloody crew, By thy surprising grace.

And in thy light our souls shall see

The glories promised in thy word. 20

5 Fre shallеrey like tion to

6 Life, like am the presence hall see

and free Lord;

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