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PART I. L. M. Winchester, 137. 6 The just and pure shall ever say
V. 1-6, 15–18. Deliverance from

Thou art more pure, more just than they : despair.

And men that love revenge shall know

God hath an arm of vengeance too. THEE will I love, O Lord, my strength, 1 My rock, my tower, my high defence;

PART III. L. M. Ulverston, 179. Thy mighty arm shall be my trust,

Ver. 30, 35, 46, &c. Rejoicing in For I have found salvation thence.

God; or, sulvation and triumph. 2 Death and the terrors of the grave 1 TUST are thy ways, and true thy word,

Stood round me with their dismal shade: J Great Rock of my secure abode ;
While floods of high temptations rose, Who is a God beside the Lord ?
And made my sinking soul afraid.

Or where 's a refuge like our God ? 3 I saw the opening gates of hell,

2 'Tis he that girds me with his might, With endless pains and sorrows there, Gives me his holy sword to wield; Which none but they that feel can tell, And while with sin and hell I fight, While I was hurried to despair.

Spreads his salvation for my shield. 4 In my distress I call'd ‘My God! 3 He lives, (and blessed be my Rock!)

When I could scarce believe him mine: The God of my salvation lives;
He bow'd his ear to my complaint,

The dark designs of hell are broke; Then did his grace appear divine.

Sweet is the peace my Father gives. 5 [With speed he flew to my relief, | 4 Before the scoffers of the age As on a cherub's wing he rode;

I will exalt my Father's naine, Awful and bright as lightning shone Nor tremble at their mighty rage, The face of my deliverer, God.

But meet reproach, and bear the shame. 6 Temptations fled at his rebuke,

5 To David and his royal seed . The blast of his almighty breath :

Thy grace for ever shall extend : He sent salvation from on high,

Thy love to saints in Christ their head And drew me from the deeps of death.] Knows not a limit, nor an end. 7 Great were my fears, my foes were great,

PART I. C. M. Arlington, 17. Much was their strength, and more their rage;

O Victory over temporal enemies. But Christ, my Lord, is conqueror still i W e love thee, Lord, and we adore, In all the wars tnat devils wage.

W Now is thine arm reveal'd; 8 My song for ever shall record

Thou art our strength, our heavenly tower, That terrible, that joyful hour;

Our bulwark and our shield. And give the glory to the Lord,

2 We fly to our eternal rock, Due to his mercy and his pover.

And find a sure defence :
His holy name our lips invoke,

And draw salvation thence.
10 PART II. L. M. Job, 474.

3 When God, our leader, shines in arms, Ver. 20—26. Sincerity proved and

What mortal heart can bear

The thunder of his loud alarms, rewarded.

The lightning of his spear? IT ORD, thou hast seen my soul sincere, 4 He rides upon the winged wind,

1 Hast made thy truth and love appear; And angels in array Before mine eyes I set thy laws,

In millions wait to know his mind, And thou hast own'd my righteous cause. And swift as flames obey. 2 Since I have learn'd thy holy ways, 5 He speaks, and at his fierce rebuke I 've walk'd upright before thy face;

Whole armies are dismay'd : Or if my feet did e'er depart,

His voice, his frown, his angry look 'Twas never with a wicked heart.

Strikes all their courage dead. 3 What sore temptations broke my rest! 1 6 He forms our generals for the field, What wars and strugglings in my breast!! With all their dreadful skill; But thro' thy grace that reigns within ! Gives them his awful sword to wield, I guard against my darling sin ;

And makes their hearts of steel. 4 That sin that close besets me still, 7 [He arms our captains to the fight,

That works and strives against my will: (Though there his name 's forgot; When shall thy Spirit's sovereign power He girded Cyrus with his might, Destroy it, that it rise no more?

But Cyrus knew him not.) 5 With an impartial hand the Lord 8 Oft has the Lord whole nations bless'd

Deals out to mortals their reward;
The kind and faithful souls shall find

For his own church's sake;
A God as faithful and as kind.

The powers that gave his people rest,

Shall of his care partake.] 10

for everat joyfuhe Lord,

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18 Part II. c. M. Liverpool, 83. 10 PART II. S. M. Reuben, 328. The same.

God's word most excellent. ITO thine almighty arm we owe

[For a Lord's-day morning.] 1 The triumphs of the day; Thy terrors, Lord, confound the foe, 11 BEHOLD the morning sun And melt their strength away.

D Begins his glorious way;

His beams through all the nations run, | 2 'Tis by thine aid our troops prevail,

And life and light convey.
And break united powers,
Or burn their boasted fleets, or scale

| 2 But where the Gospel comes,
The proudest of their towers.

It spreads diviner light;

It calls dead sinners from their tombs, 3 How have we chased them thro' the field, I

And gives the blind their sight.
And trod them to the ground,
While thy salvation was our shield,

3 How perfect is thy word !
But they no shelter found.

And all thy judgments just! 4 In vain to idol saints they cry,

For ever sure thy pronzise, Lord,

And men securely trust.
And perish in their blood;
Where is a rock so great, so high,

4 My gracious God, how plain
So powerful as our God?

Are thy directions given !

Oh, may I never read in vain, 5 The rock of Israel ever lives,

But find the path to heaven! His name be ever bless'd; 'Tis his own arm the victory gives,

PAUSE, And gives his people rest. 6 On kings that reign as David did,

5 I hear thy word with love, He pours his blessings down;

And I would fain obey :
Secures their honours to their seed,

Send thy good Spirit from above
And well supports their crown.

To guide me, lest I stray.
6 Oh, who can ever find

The errors of his ways ?
PART I. S. M. Cranbrook, 303.

| Yet, with a bold presumptuous mind The book of nature and Scripture. I would not dare transgress. | BEHOLD the lofty sky

7 Warn me of every sin, D Declares its maker, God,

Forgive my secret faults, And all his starry works on high

And cleanse this guilty soul of mine, Proclaim his power abroad.

Whose crimes exceed my thoughts. 2 The darkness and the light

8 While with my heart and tongue Still keep their course the same;

I spread thy praise abroad,
While night to day, and day to night,

Accept the worship and the song,
Divinely teach his name.

My Saviour and my God, 3 In every different land

Their general voice is known :
They show the wonders of his hand,

PART III. L.M. Haydn's Creation, l.
And orders of his throne.

. The books of nature 8 of Scripture. 4 Ye British lands, rejoice,

i The heavens declare thy glory, Lord, Here he reveals his word;

1 In every star thy wisdom shines; We are not left to nature's voice

But when our eyes behold thy word, To bid us know the Lord.

We read thy name in fairer lines. 5 His statutes and commands

| 2 The rolling sun, the changing light, Are set before our eyes,

And nights and days thy power confess: He puts his gospel in our hands,

And the bless'd volume thou hast writ Where our salvation lies.

Reveals thy justice and thy grace. 6 His laws are just and pure,

3 Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise His truth without deceit,

Round the whole earth, and never stand; His promises for ever sure,

So, when thy truth begun its race
And his rewards are great.

It touch'd and glanced on every land. 7 (Not honey to the taste

4 Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest, Affords so much delight,

Till thro' the world thy truth has run; Nor gold that has the furnace pass'd Till Christ has all the nations bless'd So much allures the sight.

That see the light, or feel the sun. 8 While of thy works I sing,

5 Great Sun of righteousness, arise, Thy glories to proclaim,

Bless the dark world with heavenly light; Accept the praise, my God, my King, Thy gospel makes the simple wise, In my Redeemer's name.]

Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.

11 T In everyur eyes in fairer

But wnd thy nam ne changin

my he prais procla sing,

Thy noblest wonders here we view,

L. M. Doversdale, 130. In souls renew'd, and sins forgiven:

For a day of prayer in time of war. Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew, And make thy word my guide to heaven. TOW may the God of power and grace

N Attend his people's humble cry;

Jehovah hears when Israel prays, 10 Part IV. 6 8's. New Court, 173. And brings deliverance from on high. The books of nature and of Scrip. 1 2 The name of Jacob's God defends ture.

Better than shields or brazen walls;

He, from his sanctuary, sends
REAT God, the heaven's well-order's
U frame

Succour and strength when Zion calls. Declares the glories of thy name; 3 Well he remembers all our sighs,

There thy rich works of wonder shine: 1 His love exceeds our best deserts ; A thousand starry beauties there,

His love accepts the sacrifice A thousand radiant marks appear,

Of humble groans and broken hearts. Of boundless power and skill divine.

| 4 In his salvation is our hope, 2 From night to day, from day to night, | And in the name of Israel's God The dawning and the dying light

Our troops shall lift their banners up, Lectures of heavenly wisdom read; Our navies spread their flags abroad. With silent eloquence they raise Our thoughts to our Creator's praise,

| 5 Some trust in horses train’d for war, And neither sound nor language need.

And some of chariots make their boasts;

Our surest expectations are 3 Yet their divine instructions run

From thee, the Lord of heavenly hosts. Far as the journeys of the sun, And every nation knows their voice :

6 [Oh, may the memory of thy name The sun, like some young bridegroom

Inspire our armies for the fight!

Our foes shall fall and die with shame, dress'd, Breaks from the chambers of the east,

Or quit the field with shameful flight.) Rolls round, and makes the earth re- 17 Now save us, Lord, from slavish fear; joice.

Now let our hopes be firm and strong, 4 Where'er he spreads his beams abroad, Till the salvation shall appear, He smiles, and speaks his maker, God; And joy and triumph raise the song.

All nature joins to show thy praise :
Thus God in every creature shines.
Fair is the book of nature's lines,
But fairer is thy book of grace,

C. M. Milbourn Port, 183.

Good kings the care of Heaven, PAUSE. 5 I love the volumes of thy word ;

THE king, O Lord, with songs of praise What light and joy those leaves afford 1 Shall in thy strength rejoice;

To souls benighted and distress'd! And, bless'd with thy salvation, raise Thy precepts guide my doubtful way,

To heaven his cheerful voice. Thy fear forbids my feet to stray,

| 2 Thy sure defence thro' nations round Thy promise leads my heart to rest.

Has spread his glorious name; 6 From the discoveries of thy law

And his successful actions crown'd The perfect rules of life I draw,

With niajesty and fame. These are my study and delight:

3 Then let the king on God alone Not honey so invites the taste,

For timely aid rely : Nor gold that hath the furnace pass'd

His mercy shall support the throne, Appears so pleasing to the sight.

And all our wants supply. 7 Thy threat'nings wake my slumbering lai

ring 4 But, righteous Lord, his stubborn foes eyes,

Shall feel thy dreadful hand; And warn' me where my danger lies;

Thy vengeful arm shall find out those But 't is thy blessed gospel, Lord,

That hate his mild command. That makes my guilty conscience clean, Converts my soul, subdues my sin, | 5 When thou against them dost engage, And gives a free but large reward.

Thy just, but dreadful doom, 8 Who knows the errors of his thoughts?

Shall, like a fiery oven's rage, My God, forgive my secret faults,

Their hopes and them consume. And from presumptuous sins restrain; 6 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous power declare Accept my poor attempts of praise,

And thus exalt thy fame; That I have read thy book of grace,

Whilst we glad songs of praise prepare And book of nature, not in vain.

For thine almighty name.

L. M. Ayliffe-street, 241. 19 Yet if thy sovereign hand let loose Ver. 1-9. Christ exalted to the

The rage of earth and hell, kingdom.

Why will my heavenly Father bruise I DAVID rejoiced in God his strength,

The Son he loves so well ? Raised to the throne by special grace. | 10 My God, if possible it be, But Christ, the Son, appears at length,

Withhold this bitter cup; Fulfils the triumph and the praise.

But I resign my will to thee, 2 How great is the Messiah's joy

· And drink the sorrows up. In the salvation of thy hand!

11 My heart dissolves with pangs unknown, Lord, thou hast raised his kingdom high, In groans I waste my breath ; And given the world to his command.

Thy heavy hand hath brought me down 3 Thy goodness grants whate'er he will,

Low as the dust of death. Nor doth the least request withhold; 12 Father, I give my spirit up, Blessings of love prevent him still,

And trust it in thine hand; And crowns of glory, not of gold,

My dying flesh shall rest in hope,

And rise at thy command.
4 Honour and majesty divine
Around his sacred temples shine ;
Bless'd with the favour of thy face,
And length of everlasting days.

99 Part II. C. M. Charmouth, 28.

44 Ver. 20, 21, 27-31. Christ's sufferings 5 Thine hand shall find out all his foes;

and kingdom. And as a fiery oven glows With raging heat and living coals, I'NOW from the roaring lion's rage, So shall thy wrath devour their souls. N O Lord, protect thy Son;

Nor leave thy darling to engage

The powers of hell alone." PART I. C. M. Crowle, 3. 2 Thus did our suffering Saviour pray, Ver. 1-16. The sufferings and death With mighty cries and tears; of Christ.

God heard him in that dreadful day, 1 WHY has my God my soul forsook,

And chased away his fears. W Nor will á smile afford ?

3 Great was the victory of his death, (Thus David once, in anguish, spoke,

His throne exalted high; And thus our dying Lord.)

And all the kindreds of the earth 2 Though 't is thy chief delight to dwell

Shall worship, or shall die. Among thy praising saints,

4 A num'rous offspring must arise Yet thou canst hear a groan as well,

From his cxpiring groans; And pity our complaints.

They shall be reckon'd in his eyes 3 Our fathers trusted in thy name,

For daughters and for sons. And great deliverance found:

5 The meek and humble souls shall see But I'm a worm, despised of men,

His table richly spread; And trodden to the ground.

And all that seek the Lord shall be 4 Shaking the head, they pass me by,

With joys immortal fed. And laugh my soul to scorn ;

6 The isles shall know the righteousness 'In vain he trusts in God,' they cry,

Of our incarnate God: 'Neglected and forlorn.''

And nations yet unborn profess 5 But thou art he who form'd my flesh

Salvation in his blood.
By thine almighty word,
And since I hung upon the breast,

L. M. Ulverston, 179.
My hope is in the Lord.
6 Why will my Father hide his face,

Christ's sufferings and exaltation. When foes stand threatening round, 11 NOW let our mournful songs record In the dark hour of deep distress,

The dying sorrows of our Lord; And not a helper found ?

When he complain'd in tears and blood

As one forsaken of his God.

2 The Jews beheld him thus forlorn, 7 Behold thy darling left among

And shook their heads, and laugh'd in The cruel and the proud;

scorn; As bulls of Bashan, fierce and strong, ..He rescued others from the grave; As lions roaring loud.

Now let him try himself to save. & From earth and hell my sorrows meet3 This is the man did once pretend To multiply the smart;

God was his Father and his friend; They nail my hands, they pierce my feet, If God the blessed loved him so, And try to vex my heart.

Why doth he fail to help him now?'

4 Thoth with points of my

4 Barbarous people! cruel priests !

A word of thy supporting breath
How they stood round like savage beasts, Drives all my fears away.
Like lions gaping to devour,

4 Thy hand, in spite of all my foes, When God hath left him in their power!

Doth still my table spread ;
5 They wound his head, his hands, his feet, | My cup with blessings overflows,

Till streams of blood each other meet; Thine oil anoints my head.
By lot his garments they divide,

5 The sure provisions of my God And mock the pangs in which he died.

Attend me all my days;
6 But God, his Father, heard his cry; O may thine house be mine abode,
Raised from the dead, he reigns on high, And all my work be praise !
The nations learn his righteousness, 6 There would I find a settled rest,
And humble sinners taste his grace.

While others go and come;
No more a stranger or a guest,

But like a child at home.
23 L. M. Langdon, 217.
God our Shepherd.

22 S. M. Finsbury, 156. IMY Shepherd is the living Lord;

The same.
I Now shall my wants be well sup-
His providence and holy word [plied ;

THE Lord my Shepherd is,
Become my safety and my guide.

I shall be well supplied ;

Since he is mine, and I am his, 2 In pastures where salvation grows

What can I want beside ?
He makes me feed, he makes me rest;
There living water gently flows,

2 He leads me to the place And all the food 's divinely bless'd.

Where heavenly pasture grows,

Where living waters gently pass, 3 My wandering feet his ways mistake,

And full salvation ilows.
But he restores my soul to peace,
And leads me, for his mercy's sake,

3 If e'er I go astray, In the fair paths of righteousness.

He doth my soul reclaim,

And guides me in his own right way 4 Though I walk through the gloomy vale,

For his most holy name.
Where death and all its terrors are,
My heart and hope shall never fail,

4 While he affords his aid, For God my Shepherd's with me there.

I cannot yield to fear;

Though I should walk through death's 5 Amidst the darkness and the deeps,

dark shade, Thou art my comfort, thou my stay;

My Shepherd 's with me there.
Thy staff supports my feeble steps,
Thy rod directs my doubtful way.

5 In spite of all my foes

Thou dost my table spread; 6 The sons of earth and sons of hell

My cup with blessings overflows,
Gaze at thy goodness, and repine

And joy exalts my head.
To see my table spread so well
With living bread and cheerful wine.

6 The bounties of thy love

Shall crown my following days; 7 (How I rejoice when on my head

Nor from thy house will I remove, Thy Spirit condescends to rest!

Nor cease to speak thy praise. 'Tis a divine anointing, shed

Like oil of gladness at a feast. 8 Surely the mercies of the Lord

4. C. M, Liverpool, 83. Attend his household all their days :

Dwelling with God.
There will I dwell to hear his word,
To seek his face and sing his praise.]

iTHE earth for ever is the Lord's,

1 With Adam's numerous race; He raised its arches v'er the floods,

And built it on the seas.
C. M. Providence, 367.

2 But who, among the sons of men, The same.

May visit thine abode?
IMY Shepherd will supply my need, He that has hands from mischief clean
W Jehovah is his name;

Whose heart is right with God.
In pastures fresh he makes me feed,
Beside the living stream.

3 This is the man may rise and take

The blessings of his grace;
2 He brings my wandering spirit back, This is the lot of those that seek
When I forsake his ways:

The God of Jacob's face.
And leads me, for his mercy's sake,
In paths of truth and grace.

4 Now let our souls, immortal powers,

To meet the Lord prepare, 3 When I walk through the shades of Lift up their everlasting doors,

Thy presence is my stay ; 14


The King of Glory 's near.

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in pastile the linwanderings ,. sake,

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