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7.4. Helmsley, 223. Tentenden, 495.

PART IV. C. M. Turvey, 538. Prayer for minister and people.

Christ's presence entreated in the IDEAREST Saviour, help thy servant

church. Hag. ii. 7. STEELE. D To proclaim thy wondrous love! MOME, thou desire of all thy saints, Pour thy grace upon this people,

U Our humble strains attend, That thy truth they may approve;

While, with our praises and complaints, Bless, o bless them,

Low at thy feet we bend. From thy shining courts above.

2 When we thy wondrous glories hear, 2 Now thy gracious word invites them

And all thy sufferings trace, To partake the gospel feast;

What sweetly awful scenes appear! Let thy Spirit sweetly draw them;

What rich unbounded grace! Every soul be Jesus' guest !

3 How should our songs, like those above, o receive us,

With warm devotion rise ; Let us find thy promised rest.

How should our souls, on wings of love,

Mount upward to the skies. PART 1. L. M. Job, 474. 4 But ah ! the song how cold it flows! w Casting the gospel net. Luke v, 5.1

How languid our desire !

How faint the sacred passion glows, I NOW, while the gospel net is cast, Till thou the heart inspire! W Do thou, O Lord, the effort own;

1 5 Come, Lord, thy love alone can raise, From numerous disappointments past,

In us the heavenly flame; Teach us to hope in thee alone.

Then shall our lips resound thy praise, 2 May this be a much-favour'd hour

Our hearts adore thy name. To souls in Satan's bondage led!

6 Dear Saviour, let thy glory shine, O clothe thy word with sovereign power

And fill thy dwellings here, To break the rocks, and raise the dead !

Till life, and love, and joy divine, 3 To mourners speak a cheering word,

A heaven on earth appear. On seeking souls vouchsafe to shine;

17 Then shall our hearts enraptured say, Let poor backsliders be restored,

Come, great Redeemer, come, And all thy saints in praises join.

And bring the bright, the glorious day, 40 hear our prayer, and give us hope, That calls thy children home.

That, when thy voice shall call us home,
Thou still wilt raise a people up

S.M. Wirksworth, 158.
To love and praise thee in our room, ]

He beheld the city, and wept over it.

Luke xix. 41. BEDDOME. 366 PART II. C. M. Providence, 10.

ID Christ o'er sinners weep,
The bow drawn at a venture.

And shall our cheeks be dry ?
1 Kings xxii. 34.

Let floods of penitential grief IA CERTAIN man, when Ahab's sin Burst forth from every eye. 11 Was ripe for punishment,

2 The Son of God in tears, At a mere venture drew his bow.

Angels with wonder see! But God the arrow sent.

Be thou astonish'd, O my soul, Thus in simplicity we bend

He shed those tears for thee. The Scripture's wondrous bow,

3 He wept that we might weep; The arrow's random in our hands,

Each sin demands a tear; But destined where to go.

In heaven alone no sin is found,
Then, Lord, the random arrow guide

And there 's no weeping there.
To some poor sinner's heart,
But to the wounded, bleeding mind

. Helmsley, 223. Tenterden, 495, Thy healing balm impart.

A blessing requested.

COME, thou soul-transforming Spirit, 366 PART III. L. M. Bampton, 275. Bless the sower and the seed;

Let each heart thy grace inherit,
The same.

Raise the weak, the hungry feed
WHILE at a venture, gracious Lord, From the Gospel

Thy servant draws the gospel bow, Now supply thy people's need. Direct the arrow to the heart,

| 2 O may all enjoy the blessing For thou canst wound and heal, we know. | Whích thy word 's design'd to give; But dip it in the Saviour's blood,

Let us all, thy love possessing, Wing ít with mercy from above,

Joyfully the truth receive; That each may feel the pleasing pain

And for ever Of heartfelt penitence and love.

To thy praise and glory live!

may At thy We Love rec

148th. Chelsea, 112. Sovereignty, 362.
Blind Bartimeus. Luke xviii. 35-38.
SINFUL, and blind, and poor,

And lost without thy grace,
Thy mercy I implore,

And wait to see thy face;
Begging I sit by the way-side,
And long to know the Crucified.

Jesus! attend my cry,
Thou Son of David, hear;
If now thou passest by,
Stand still and call me near:
The darkness from my heart remove,
And show me now thy pardoning love.

2 Thy richest grace vouchsafe to give
As each is able to receive;
The blessed grief to all impart,
Or joy, or purity of heart.
3 Our helpless unbelief remove,

And melt us by thy pardoning love;
Work in us faith, or faith's increase-

The dawning or the perfect peace.
4 Give each whate'er for each is best,

But grant us all the promised rest;
Thy blessing in the means convey,
Nor empty send one soul away.


HYMNS AFTER SERMON. 370 L. M. Job, 474. Oswestry, 514. Thy kingdom come. BEDDOME.

C.M. Bath Chapel, 26. Tekoa, 334. ASCEND thy throne, Almighty King,

The parable of the sower. And spread thy glories all abroad; I NOW, Lord I the heavenly seed is sown, Let thine own arm salvation bring,

Be it thy servants' care And be thou known the gracious God. | Thy heavenly blessing to bring down, 2 Let millions bow before thy seat,

By humble fervent prayer. Let humble mourners seek thy face, 2 In vain we plant without thine aid, Bring daring rebels to thy feet,

And water, too, in vain; Subdued by thy victorious grace.

Lord of the harvest! God of grace! 3 O let the kingdoms of the world

Send down thy heavenly rain. Become the kingdoms of the Lord !

3 Then shall our cheerful hearts and tongues Let saints and angels praise thy name,

Begin this song divine : Be thou through heaven and earth adored.

'Thou, Lord ! hast given the rich increase,

And be the glory thine.'
PART I. L.M. Antiquity, 331.
Vision of the dry bones.

2672 PART I. 148th. Sovereignty, 362. Ezek. xxxvii. 3. DODDRIDGE.

Success requested. NEWTON. IT OOK down, O Lord, with pitying eye;

N what has now been sown, U See Adam's race in ruin lie;

Thy blessing, Lord, bestow; Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground

The power is thine alone And scatters slaughter'd heaps around.

To make it spring and grow : 2 And can these mouldering corpses live?

Do thou the gracious harvest raise, And can these perish'd bones revive ?

And thou alone shalt have the praise. That, mighty God! to thee is known ; That wondrous work is all thy own.

373 Part II. 8. 7. 4. Kentucky, 113.

Show me a token for good. 8 Thy ministers are sent in vain To prophesy upon the slain;

CRANT us, Lord, some gracious token In vain they call, in vain they cry,

U of thy love before we part; Till thine almighty aid is nigh.

Crown thy word which has been spoken,

Life and peace to each impart! 4 But if thy Spirit deign to breathe,

And all blessings
Life spreads through all the realms of Which shall sanctify the heart.

Dry bones obey thy powerful voice,

PART III. 148th. Carter-lane, 141. They move, they waken, they rejoice.

A blessing implored. NEWTON. 5 So, when thy trumpet's awful sound Shall shake the heavens and rend the 1 To thee our wants are known, ground,

1 From thee are all our powers; Dead saints shall from their tombs arise, Accept what is thine own, And spring to life beyond the skies.

And pardon what is ours:
Our praises, Lord, and prayers receive.

And to thy word a blessing give. 271 PART II. L. M. Wareham, 117.

O grant that each of us,
Prayer for the whole congregation.

Now met before thee here,
IT ORD, in our hearts implant thy fear, May meet together thus,

u Anji make and keep us all sincere ; When thou and thine appear! Draw burthen'd sinners to thy Son,

And follow thee to heaven our home. And make him to his mourners known. E'en so, Amen, Lord Jesus, come.

373 PART IV. C. M. Halifax, 258. | 2 Peace, troubled soul, dismiss thy fear, Rest, the end of duty. NEWTON.

Hear, Jesus speaks, Be of good cheer;'

Upon his cleansing grace rely,
We seek a rest beyond the skies,

And thou shalt never, never die.
In everlasting day;
Through floods and flames the passage lies,
But Jesus guards the way;

277 PART I. L.M. St. Paul's, 246, ? The swelling flood, and raging flame,

Acceptance through Christ alone. Hear and obey his word;

John xiv. 6. STENNETT. Then let us triumph in his name,

1 LOW shall the sons of men appear, Our Saviour is the Lord.

I Great God, before thine awful bar ?

How may the guilty hope to find 374 L. M. Denbigh, 54. Buxton, 347. Acceptance with th' Eternal Mind?

The spread of the Gospel. 12 Not vows, nor groans, nor broken cries, i To distant lands thy gospel send,

Not the most costly sacrifice,

Not infant blood profusely spilt, 1 And thus thy empire wide extend: To Gentile, Turk, and stubborn Jew,

Will expiate a sinner's guilt. Thou King of gracel salvation show. 3 Thy blood, dear Jesus, thine alone, 2 Where'er thy sun or light arise,

Hath sovereign virtue to atone: Thy name, O God, immortalize :

Here we will rest our only plea, May nations yet unborn confess

When we approach, great God, to thee. Thy wisdom, power, and righteousness.

Part II. 7's. Aaron, 508.
C. M. Bedford, 91. St. George's, 2.

Pleasures of religion. MASTERS. v Duties and privileges. GIBBONS. I T IS religion that can give 1 WHILE sinners, who presume to bear

1 Sweetest pleasures while we live ! The Christian's sacred name,

'Tis religion must supply Throw up the reins to every lust,

Solid comfort when we die. And glory in their shame;

2 After death its joys will be 12 Ye saints, preserved in Christ, and call'd,

Lasting as eternity! Detest their impious ways,

Be the living God my friend, And on the basis of your faith

Then my bliss shall never end. A heavenly temple raise. 3 Upon the Spirit's promised aid

378 L.M. China, 300. Ely, 446. Depend from day to day,

Habakkuk iii. 17, 18. And while he breathes his quickening gale, 1 Is Jesus mine! I'm now prepared, Adore, and praise, and pray.

1 To meet with what I thought most + Preserve unguench'd your love to God, Yes, let the winds of trouble blow, (hard: And let the flame arise,

And comforts melt away like snow; And higher, and still higher blaze, 2 No blasted trees, nor failing crops, Till it ascend the skies.

Can hinder my eternal hopes; (same, 5 With a transporting joy expect

Tho' creatures change, the Lord's the The grace your Lord shall give,

Then let me triumph in his name.
When all his saints shall from his hands
Their crowns of life receive.

| 370 7's. Deptford, 124. Turin, 244.

Help. Hosea xiii. 9. 376 PART I. C. M. Submission, 362.

SELF-destroy'd, for help I pray :
Now is the accepted time.

Help me, Saviour, from above;
COME, guilty souls, and fee away Help me to believe, obey;
U To Christ, and heal your wounds; Help me to repent, and love;
This is the welcome gospel-day,

Help to keep the graces given,
Wherein free grace abounds.

Help me quite from hell to heaven. ? God loved the church, and gave his Son

To drink the cup of wrath :
And Jesus says he'll cast out none

1380 C. M. Abridge, 201. Langshaw. 424.

Felix trembling. Acts xxiv. 24, 25. That come to him by faith.

Ti EE Felix, clothed with pomp and

" PART II. L. M. Eaton, 291.

See his resplendent bride, (power,

Attend to hear a prisoner preach
The convinced sinner encouraged. The Saviour crucified.
" WHO is the trembling sinner, who, 2 He well describes who Jesus was,

That owns eternal death his due? | His glories and his love,
Who mourns his sin, his guilt, his thrall, How he obey'd and bled below,
And does on God for mercy call ?

And reigns and pleads above.

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Inquiring wiv. 8.

3 Felix up starts, and trembling cries,

PART I, 104th. Portugal New, 268 Go, for this time, away; I'll hear thee on these points again

Praise for salvation. On some convenient day."

In VR Saviour alone, the Lord let us bless, 4 Attention to the words of life

Who reigns on his throne the Prince of ou Let Felix thus adjourn;

peace Lord, let us make these solemn truths

Who evermore saves us by shedding his blood

All hail, holy Jesus, our Lord and our God. Our first and last concern.

2 We thankfully sing thy glory and praise,

Thou merciful spring of pity and grace;

Thy kindness for ever to men we will tell, 281 S. M. Eagle-st., 55. Lonsdale, 298.

And say our dear Saviour redeems us from hell
Jabez's prayer. DODDRIDGE. 3 Preserve us in love while here we abide ;

O never remove thy presence, nor hide
THAT the Lord indeed

Thy glorious salvation, till each of us see
Would me his servant bless;

With joy the blest vision completed in thee. From every evil shield my head, And crown my paths with peace !

202 PART II. L.M. Shoels, 309. 2 Be his almighty hand

Gratitude to Christ.
My helper and my guide,
Till with his saints in Canaan's land

i To Him who on the fatal tree My portion he divide.'

I Pour'd out his blood, his life for me, In grateful strains my voice I 'U raise,

And in his service spend my days. 600 PART I. C.M. Northampton, 520. 12 To listening multitudes I 'll tell Inquiring the way to Zion,

How he redeem'd my soul from hell; Psa. lxxxiv. 8. GIBBONS. And how, reposing on his breast,

I lost my cares and found my rest. IT ORD GOD, omnipotent to bless, U My supplication hear;

3 Through him my sins are all forgiven, Guardian of Jacob, hear my voice,

He ever pleads my cause in heaven; Incline thy gracious ear.

I'll build an altar to his name,

And to the world his grace proclaim. 2 If I have never yet begun

To tread the sacred road, O teach my wandering feet the way 224 PART I. C.M. Jerusalem, 379. To Zion's blest abode!

Not unto us. Psa. cxy. I 3 Or, if I'm travelling in the path, Assist me with thy strength,

I NOT unto us, but thee alone, And let me swift advances make,

N Bless'd Lamb, be glory given; And reach thine heaven at length.

Here shall thy praises be begun,

And carried on in heaven. 4 My care, my hope, my first request,

2 The hosts of spirits now with thee Are all comprised in this, To follow where thy saints have led,

Eternal anthems sing; And then partake their bliss.

To imitate them here, lo! we

Our hallelujahs bring.

3 Had we our tongues like them inspired, 309 Part II. C.M. Sprague, 166. Like theirs our songs should rise:

Like them we never should be tired, Hope and gratitude.

But love the sacrifice. IJF, Lord, in thy fair book of life 14 Till we the veil of flesh lay down, 1 My worthless name doth stand;

Accept our weaker lays; And in my heart the law is writ

And when we reach thy Father's throne, By thine unerring hand;

We'll give thee nobler praise. 2 I am secure, by grace divine, Of crowns above the skies :

PART II. C.M. Otford, 106. And on the road, from thy rich stores, 1384, Shall meet with fresh supplies.

I Joy & glory in the Lord. BEDDOME: 3 To thee in sweet melodious strains 1 VE saints, of every rank, with joy, My grateful voice I'll raise ;

1 To God your otfering bring;.. But life's too short, my powers too weak, Let towns and cities, hits and vales, To show forth half thy praise.

With loud hosannas ring. 4 Had I ten thousand thousand tongues, I 2 Let him receive the glory due Not one should silent be;

To his exalted name; (flamed, Ilad I ten thousand thousand hearts, With thankful tongues, and hearts InI'd give them all to thee.

His wondrous deeds proclaim. 118

In h make with heanbi

Praise him in elevated strains,

His love and grace adore,
And make the world to know

Who all our sorrows bore;
How great the Master whom ye serve, Sing aloud evermore,
And yet how gracious too.

Worthy the Lamb'!

2 Jesus, our Lord and God, 394 Part III. S. M. Thrapstone, 353. Bore sin's tremendous load, God's care, and remedy for ours.

Praise ye his name; 1 Pet. v. 7. DODDRIDGE. Tell what his arm hath done, L HOw gentle God's commands!

What spoils from death he won; I How kind his precepts are !

Sing his great name alone; 'Come, cast your burdens on the Lord, i

Worthy the Lamb! And trust his constant care.

3 While they around the throne ? While Providence supports,

Cheerfully join in one,
Let saints securely dwell;

Praising his name;
That hand, which bears all nature up, Those who have felt his blood
Shall guide his children well.

Sealing their peace with God,
Why should this anxious load

Sound his dear fame abroad,

Worthy the Lamb!
Press down your weary mind?
Haste to your heavenly Father's throne,

| 4 Join all ye ransom'd race, And sweet refreshment find.

Our holy Lord to bless; 4 His goodness stands approved

Praise ye his name: Down to the present day;

In him we will rejoice; I'll drop my burden at his feet,

And make a joyful noise ; And bear à song away.

Shouting with heart and voice,

Worthy the Lamb ! 8's. Lock, 49. Israel, 94.

5 What though we change our place, Our God for ever and ever. HART.

Yet we shall never cease

Praising his name: I THIS God is the God we adore,

To him our songs we bring, Our faithful unchangeable friend,

Hail him our gracious King, Whose love is as large as his power,

And, without ceasing, sing, And neither knows measure nor end:

Worthy the Lamb! ? 'T is Jesus, the first and the last,

Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home: | 6 Then let the hosts above,
We'll praise him for all that is past, In realms of endless love
And trust him for all that's to come.

Praise his dear name;
To him ascribed be

Honour and majesty,
C.M. Newington,61. Rochester, 459. Through all eternity:
Christ the burden of the song.

Worthy the Lamb!
I THOU dear Redeemer, dying Lamb,

I We love to hear of thee;
No music 's like thy charming name, 1388 L.M. Lebanon, 79. Malta, 500).
Nor half so sweet can be.

At dismission. HART. 10 let us ever hear thy voice,

I DISMISS us with thy blessing, Lord, In mercy to us speak,

Help us to feed upon thy word ; And in our Priest we will rejoice,

All that has been amiss, forgive, Thou great Melchizedec.

And let thy truth within us live. Our Jesus shall be still our theme,

2 Though we are guilty, thou art good; While in this world we stay;

Wash all our works in Jesu's blood; We'll sing our Jesu's lovely name,

Give every fetter'd soul release, When all things else decay.

And bid us all depart in peace.
When we appear in yonder cloud,

With all thy favour'd throng,
Then will we sing more sweet, more loud,
And Christ shall be our song.

oud, 389 8.7.4. Helmsley, 223. Westbury, 51

At dismission, 2017 6.4. Bermondsey, 52. Bentinck, 261. 1 LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing

U Fill our hearts with joy and peace, Worthy the Lamb.

Let us each, thy love possessing, QLORY to God on high !

Triumph in redeeming grace: U Let earth and skies reply,

O refresh us! Praise ye his name:

Travelling through this wilderness.

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