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ULA PART II. L.M. Lebanon, 79. 5 'Let all that will approach,
I Seek ye my face. Ps. xxvii. 8.

The water freely take;

| Free from my opening heart it flows, 1 TEHOVAH speaks ; Seek ye my face! Your raging thirst to slake.

J My soul admires the wondrous grace; 16 With thankful hearts we come 'I 'll seek thy face'-thy Spirit give!

To taste the offer'd grace; O let me see thy face and live.

And call on all that hear to join 2 I'll wait ; perhaps my Lord may come; The trial and the praise.

(If I turn back how sad my doom !) And, begging, in his way I'll lie

Till the sweet hour he passeth by. T114 PART V. 7's. Aldwinkle, 312. 3 Daily I'll seek with cries and tears,

Come and welcome. HAWELS With secret sighs and fervent prayers; And if not heard, I'll weeping sit,

ROM the Mount of Calvary, And perish at the Saviour's feet.

F Where the Saviour deign'd to die,

What melodious sounds I hear, 4 But canst thou, Lord ! see all my pain,

Bursting on my ravish'd earlAnd bid me seek thy face in vain ?

I Love's redeeming work is done! Thou wilt not, canst not, me deceive, COME AND WELCOME, SINNER, COME The soul that seeks thy face shull live.

12.Sprinkled now with blood the throne,

Why beneath thy burdens groan? L A PART III. L. M. Islington, 40.

All the curse on me was laid ;
Sinners invited. Isa. 1. 18.

Justice owns the ransom paid :

Bow the knee, and kiss the Son, I' COME now,' ye sinners, saith the

COME AND WELCOME, SINNER, COME Lord, And hear my kind inviting word ;

3 “Now behold the festal board 'Come, reason with me,' and embrace

With its richest dainties stored : The plenitude of gospel grace.

To thy Father's bosom press'd,

Once again a child confess'd, 2 I give the new, the feeling heart,

From his house no more to roam; The godly grief, the pleasing smart.

COME AND WELCOME, SINNER, COME! The faith that tells your sins forgiven,

The sighs that waft your souls to heaven3 The guiltless shame, the sweet distress. 1115 PART 1. 8. 7. 4. Helmsley, 223. The conscience clad with tenderness,

Come and welcome. HABT The genuine meek humility, The wonder, 'Why such love to me?'

me l NOME, ye sinners, poor and wretched

U Weak and wounded, sick and sore 4 I give, with every saving grace,

Jesus ready stands to save you, Super-angelic righteousness;

Full of pity join'd with power; The pardon ratified with blood,

He is able, The right to heaven, enthroned with God. |

He is willing: doubt no more. 5 O rich bequests ! and are they free ? 12 Come, ye thirsty, come and welcome;

Lord, grant, O grant them all to me; God's free bounty glorify:
The inviting COME has won my heart: True belief, and true repentance,
I might have heard the sound-DEPART. Every grace that brings us nigh-

Without money,
Part IV. S.M. Henley, 38. Come to Jesus Christ, and buy.
The water of life. DODDRIDGE. 3 Let not conscience make you linger;

Nor of fitness fondly dream: 1 HOW free the fountain flows

All the fitness he requireth,
IT Of endless life and joy!

Is to feel your need of him :
That spring which no confinement knows,

This he gives you; Whose waters never cloy!

'Tis his Spirit's rising beam. 2 How sweet the accents sound

4 Come, ye weary, heavy laden, From the Redeemer's tongue !

Lost and ruin'd by the fall!
Assemble, all ve nations round,

If you tarry till you're better,
In one obedient throng.

You will never come at all : 3 The Spirit bears the call

Not the righteous,
To all the distant lands;

Sinners, Jesus came to call.
The church, the bride, reflects it back, 15 View him prostrate in the garden ;
While Jesus waiting stands.

On the ground your Maker lies!
Ho, every thirsty soul,

On the bloody tree behold him;
Approach the sacred spring;

Hear him cry before he dies,
Drink, and your fainting spirits cheer, It is finished !
Renew the draught, and sing.

Sinner, will not this suffice?


w You Warry tilld by the

6 Lo, th' incarnate God ascended,

3 Hast thou an arm like God most high, Pleads the merit of his blood:

In equal war with him to meet ? Venture on him, venture wholly,

Canst thou his thunderbolts defy ? Let no other trust intrude;

Or quench his flames beneath thy feet ? None but Jesus

4 Deluded worm !-beware in time; Can do helpless sinners good.

Now let the fatal contest cease; 7 Saints and angels, join'd in concert, Confess thy guilt, abhor thy crime, Sing the praises of the Lamb;

And humbly sue for terms of peace. While the blissful seats of heaven

5 Peace is proclaim'd! O bless the sound Sweetly echo with his name!

Of pardon bought with blood divine: Hallelujah!

God has himself the ransom found, Sinners here may sing the same.

Which could atone for sins like thine.

| 6 Embrace him with ecstatic joy; PART II. 8.7.4. Painswick, 162.

His praise proclaim with every breath : The gospel message. FOUNTAIN. Who him reject their souls destrov;

Who hate him are in love with death. I WINNERS, you are now addressed In the name of Christ our Lord ;

PART IV. L. M. New Sabbath, 122. He hath sent a message to you,

The unworthy not unwelcome; Pay attention to his word ;

but mude willing. He hath sent it, Pay attention to his word.

1 HOW sweet thy invitations be! 2 Think what you have all been doing,

II But are they, Lord, for such as we?

We, who transgressors are, and vile, Think what rebels you have been;

And most unworthy of thy smile?
You have spent your lives in nothing
But in adding sin to sin:

2 Unworthy of the ground we tread, All your actions

The liquid drop, the crumb of bread ;One continued scene of sin.

Of sight, of hearing, feeling, taste, 3 Yet your long-abused Sovereign

Then much more of thy saving grace. Sends to you a message mild,

3 But thou didst once a feast prepare, Loth to execute his vengeance,

And all around were welcome there; Prays you to be reconciled:

Those who obey'd the festive call, Hear him woo you,

And those who would not come at all. 'Sinners, now be reconciled.'

4 Yet though we all unworthy be, 14 Pardon now is freely publish'd

Are we unwelcome, Lord, to thee? Through a Mediator's blood;

For thou invitest us to come, Who hath died to make atonement

And find in thee our blissful home. And appease the wrath of God! 5 We hail thy invitations, Lord, Wondrous mercy!

These are our welcome in thy word; See it flows through Jesus' blood !

But higher praise is yet thy due, 3 In his name you are entreated

If thou hast made us willing too. To accept this act of grace;

6 (Let others know th' attractive day, This the day of your acceptance,

And never more perversely say, Listen to the terms of peace:

We WILL NOT come for life to TheeO delay not,

But, WE WILL to the Saviour flee.] Listen to the terms of peace.

7 As all are welcome to thy grace, 6 Having thus, then, heard the message, Th' unworthiest of the human race ; All with heavenly mercy fraught;

Make thousands willing, Lord, we pray, Go, and tell the gracious Jesus

Draw them by cords of love to-day. If you will be saved or not: Sav, poor sinner,

115 Part V. L.M. China, 300. Will you now be saved or not?

The Samaritan woman.

1 NOW if I visit Jacob's well, 115 Part III. L. M. Gould's, 272. W And ask, while Christ himself is Why will ye die? RYLAND.

He'll freely give the vital stream- (there

Where he is, living waters are. WHY, thoughtless sinner, wilt thou die? 2 My fainting soul shall thirst no more

Can the internal regions charm? För sensual streams of bliss below, Or wilt thou vet believe the lie,

When I have tasted those rich springs, That sin can do thy soul no harin?

Which into life and glory flow. God has pronounced the sinner's doom; 1 3 'Tis without money, without price, In ruin soon his course must end :

My soul may richly take her fill; Wilt thou on peace in sin presume? None shall be empty sent away, Or on what confidence depend?

For all may come and draw that will.

hat sin thou intern

Like the rougvoid of peace jour breast

3 Your wawill you pss torm


I leave my pitcher at the well,

2 Turn to Christ your longing eyes, And haste my numerous friends to bring, View his bloody sacrifice: That we may all together go,

See through him your sins forgiven; And drink of that delightful spring.

Pardon, holiness, and heaven; Lord, let them taste as I have done,

Glorify the King of kings,
And then their ready cheerful feet

Take the peace the gospel brings.
Will go, not for my word alone,
But go, because they find it sweet.

1116 Part I. C. M. Crowle, 3.
PART VI. 7's. Prague, 458.

Let the wicked forsake his way.

Isa. v. 7. FAWCETT The wanderer invited. C. WESLEY. 1 WEARY souls, that wander wide 1 SINNERS, the voice of God regard; VY From the central point of bliss,

'Tis mercy speaks to-day; Turn to Jesus crucified,

He calls you by his sov'reign word, Fly to those dear wounds of his :

From sin's destructive way. Sink into the purple flood,

2 Like the rough sea that cannot rest, Rise into the life of God.

You live devoid of peace; 2 Find in Christ the way of peace,

A thousand stings within your breast Peace, unspeakable, unknown:

Deprive your souls of ease. By his pain he gives you ease,

3 Your way is dark and leads to hell; Life by his expiring groan:

Why will you persevere? Rise, exalted by his fall;

Can you in endless torments dwell, Find in Christ your all in all.

Shut up in black despair? 3 believe the record true,

4 Why will you in the crooked ways God to you his Son has given;

of sin and folly go? Ye may now be happy too,

In pain you travel all your days
Find on earth the life of heaven:

To reap immortal woe!
Live the life of heaven above,
All the life of glorious love.

5 But he that turns to God shall live 11B PART VII. 7.6. Deptford, 124. His mercy will the guilt forgive Tu Seeking souls encouraged.NEWTON.

Of those that seek his face. 1 SINNER, hear the Saviour's call,

| 6 Bow to the sceptre of his word, He now is passing by;

Renouncing every sin ; He has seen thy grievous thrall,

Submit to him, your soy'reign Lord, And heard thy mournful cry,

And learn his will divine. He has pardons to impart,

7 His love exceeds your highest thoughts And grace to save from fears;

He pardons like a God; See the love that fills his heart,

He will forgive your numerous faults, And wipe away thy tears.

Through a Redeemer's blood. 2 Why art thou afraid to come, And tell him all thy case ?

PART II. L. M. Hamburgh, 340. He will not pronounce thy doom,

Angels hastened Lot. Gen. xix. 15, Nor frown thee from his face. Wilt thou fear Emmanuel ?

1 LASTEN, O sinner, to be wise, Or dread the Lamb of God,

IT And stay not for the morrow's sun Who, to save thy soul from hell,

The longer wisdom you despise, Has shed his precious blood ?

The harder is she to be won. Raise thy downcast eyes, and see

| 2 0 hasten mercy to implore, What throngs his throne surround!

And stay not for the morrow's sun, These, though sinners once like thee,

For fear thy season should be o'er Have full salvation found.

Before this evening's stage be run. Yield not then to unbelief; He says, 'There yet is room :'

3 0 hasten, sinner, to return, Though of sinners thou art chief,

And stay not for the morrow's sun, Since Jesus calls thee, come.

For fear thy lamp should fail to burn

Before the needful work is done. 11 PART VIII. 7's. Turin, 244.

4 O hasten, sinner, to be blest, Sinners invited.

And stay not for the morrow's sun, 1 VE that in these courts are found,

For fear the curse should thee arrest 1 List'ning to the joyful sound;

Before the morrow is begun. Lost and helpless as ye are,

5 O Lord, do thou the sinner turn! Sons of sorrow, sin, and care ;

Now rouse him from his senseless state! Glorify the King of kings,

O let him not thy counsel spurn, Take the peace the gospel brings.

Nor rue his fatal choice too late!


6 PART III. L. M. Rowles, 73. 5 To Jesus may we fly, The strait gate. GREGG.

Swift as the morning light;

Lest life's young golden beams should I STRAIT is the gate; but Jesus cries,

In sudden endless night.

(die Sinner, set forth and reach the skies; The seats of bliss I long to fill, | Here's room for thousands, millions still.'

PART VI. L.M. Coombs's, 45. 2 What can th' invited sinner say ?

The union of duty and felicity. Say this:- Behold, I come away!

M Y soul, aspire to all the height I will provoke thy love no more ;

1 of love, and duty, and delight; O do not rise and shut the door!'

While thou art found in this employ, 3 Say this, and heaven, with new-raised song, I

Thou shalt a smiling God enjoy. Shall hail, and bid thee come along;

| 2 Hear while he speaks,' he speaks to-day; No!' cries the sinner, with disdain,

Pray while he hears,' unceasing pray; 'If Jesus calls, he calls in vain.'

Believe his promises,' and then

Obey, while he commands.'-Amen. 4 Jesus the slighted call renews : O sinner, canst thou still refuse?

RT VII. 104th. Hanover, 130. Then to yon wider gate repair; Go, and resolve to enter there.

The same. 5 Resolve it not:-to Jesus fly,

EAR God while he speaks,' then hear hiin With breaking heart, and streaming eye;

to-day; With crimson shame thy sins deplore,

And pray while he hears,' unceasingly pray;

Believe in his promise, rely on his word, Then he'll not rise and shut the door.

And, while he commanda' you, obey 'your 6 Yes, fly! for in this journey know

great Lord. The rapid racer moves too slow: Jesus shall smile to see you soar,

PART VIII. L. M. Eaton, 291. And wider throw th' eternal door.

Whosoever will, let him come, &c.

I THE Saviour's fulness far excels (wells; ! 116 Part IV. S.M. Stoke, 207. 1 All Jordan's streams and Salem's To-day. Heb. iii. 7.

Come then, poor sinner, come and see

If there is in it nought for thee. 1 ALL yesterday is gone,

2 Ye doubting sinners, come and try, n To-morrow's not our own;

For Christ will not his grace deny ; : What day is better than to-day

Then draw with joy, your vessels fill, To bow before the throne ?

Come, draw and drink, whoever will! 2 Why should we yet delav,

3 The blessed Spirit now invites, And not to God return?

And, lo! the happy bride unites; How sad to have our oil to buy

And Jesus calls-be not afraid, When we should have it burn!

For such as you the well was made. Jo hear his voice to-day,

14 Yes; justice made it in the Lamb, And harden not your heart;

! And mercy grants it in his name: To-morrow, with a frown, he may

In it there is a boundless store Pronounce the sound-DEPART.

For us and for ten thousand more. 5 And is it open, ful, and free?

Then, Lord, 't is suitable for me: 116 Part V. S.M. Shirland, 304.

(grant me now a rich supply, To-morrow. DODDRIDGE. That I mav drink. and never die. I TO-MORROW, Lord, is thine, 6 [But, careless sinner, know it well,

I Lodged in thy sovereign hand; There 's not a single drop in hell : And, if its sun arise and shine,

No; not a drop to cool the heart, It shines by thy command.

A single drop to ease your sinart.] 2 The present moment flies,

7 Ye saints, your constant tribute bring And bears our life away ;

For this divine, exhaustless spring; O make thy servants truly wise,

Soon Christ will bring you to the skies, That they may live to-day.

Where living fountains ever rise. 3 Since on this winged hour Eternity is hung,

PART IX. C.M. Sprowston, 365 Waken by thine almighty power

The axe laid to the root of unfruit. I The aged and the young.

fui trees. Matt. iii. 13. DODDRIDGE.. One thing demands our care,


Lord into his vineyard comes, I O be it still pursued !

1 Our various fruits to see: Lest, slighted once, the season fair

His eye, more piercing than the light, Should never be renew'd.

Examines every tree.

116 PALO

2 Tremble, ye sinners, at his frown, 3 O harden not your hearts, If barren still ye stand;

But hear his voice to-day; And fear that keenly-wounding axe

Lest, ere to-morrow's earliest dawn, Which arms his awful hand.

He call your souls away. 3 Close to the root, behold it laid,

Almighty God, pronounce
To make destruction sure;

The word of conquering grace;
Who can resist the mighty stroke?

So shall the flint dissolve to tears, Or who the fire endure ?

And scorners seek thy face. 4 Lord, we adore thy sparing love,

7 L.M. Kingsbridge, 88. Buxton, 347. Thy long-expecting grace; Else had we low in ruin fall'n,

Weary souls invited to rest.STEELE. And known no more our place. I POME, weary souls, with sin distrest, | 5 Succeeding years thy patience waits,

U Come, and accept the promised rest Nor let it wait in vain;

The Saviour's gracious call obey, But form in us abundant fruit,

And cast your gloomy fears away. And still this fruit maintain.

| 2 Oppress'd with guilt, a painful load;

O come and spread your woes abroad; 116 PART X. L.M. Morning Hymn,398. Divine compassion, mighty love, The gospel jubilee.

Will all the painful load remove. 1 UTARK! hark! the gospel trumpet 3 Here mercy's boundless ocean flows I sounds,

To cleanse your guilt and heal your woes: Thro' the wide earth the echo bounds; Pardon, and life, and endless peace; Pardon and peace by Jesus' blood,

How rich the gift, how free the grace! Sinners are reconciled to God.

4 Lord, we accept with thankful heart, 2 Come, sinners, hear the joyful news, The hope thy gracious words impart; Nor longer dare the grace refuse;

We come with trembling, yet rejoice, Mercy and justice here combine,

And bless the kind inviting voice. Goodness and truth harinonious join. | 5 Dear Saviour! let thy powerful love 3 Ye saints in glory, strike the lyre;

Confirm our faith, our fears remove; Ye mortals, catch the sacred fire;

And sweetly influence every breast, Let both the Saviour's love proclaim, And guide us to eternal rest. And spread abroad his matchless fame. |

Tuig 148th. Eagle Street, 16. Bethesda, 12. PART XI. 8. 7. 4. Helmsley, 223,

Yet there is room. BODEX, Sinners invited to Christ. SWAIN.

E dying sons of men,
I COME, ye souls by sin affiicted,

Iminerged in sin and woe,
Bow'd with fruitless sorrow down;

The gospel's voice attend,
By the broken jaw convicted,

While Jesus sends to you:

Ye perishing and guilty, come,
Through the cross behold the crown.
Look to Jesus-

In Jesus' arms there yet is room. Mercy flows through him alone.

2. No longer now delay, 2 Take his easy yoke, and wear it,

Nor vain excuses frame:

He bids you come to-day,
Love will make obedience sweet ;
Christ will give you strength to bear it,

Though poor, and blind, and lame
While his wisdom guides your feet

All things are ready, sinner, come, Sate to glory,

For every trembling soul there 's room Where his ransom'd captives meet. 3 Believe the heavenly word 3 Blessed are the eyes that see him ;

His messengers proclaim;
Blest the ears that hear his voice;

He is a gracious Lord,

And faithful is his name; Blessed are the souls that trust him,

Backsliding souls, return and come. And in him alone rejoice : His commandments

Cast off despair, there yet is room. Then become their happy choice.

Compell’d by bleeding love,

Ye wandering sheep draw near; PART XII. S. M. Mornington, 47. Christ calls you from above, 1 AttentiontoGod'sword.DODDRIDGE

His charming accents hear!

Let whosoever will now come: 1 THE Lord Jehovah calls,

In mercy's breast there still is room. I Be every ear inclined; May such a voice awake each heart,

119 7's. Hotham, 224. Bath Abbey, 14 And captivate the mind.

T19 Compel them to come in. 2 If he in thunder speaks,

II ORD, how large thy bounties are, Each trembles at his nod;

U Tender, gracious, sinner's friend! But gentle accents here proclaim

What a feast dost thou prepare,
The condescendins God.

And what invitations send !

116 PA


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