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5 Onward then, in battle move,
More than conq'rors ye shall prove;
Though opposed by many a foe,
Christian soldiers, onward go.

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1 FATHER of mercies, in thy word,

What endless glory shines !
For ever be thy name ador'd,

For these celestial lines.
2 Here springs of consolation rise

To cheer the fainting mind ; And thirsty souls receive supplies,

And sweet refreshment find. 3 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice

Spreads heav'nly peace around; And life and everlasting joys,

Attend the blissful sound.
4 O may these heav'nly pages be

My ever dear delight;
And still new beauties may I see,

And still increasing light! , 5 Divine Instructor! gracious Lord !

Be thou for ever near;
Teach me to love thy sacred word,

And view my Saviour there.

Psalm lxxxix, 15. (C. M.) 1 HAPPY are they, to whom the Lord

His gracious name makes known ! And by his Spirit and his word,

Adopts them for his own!
2 He calls them to his mercy seat,

And hears their humble prayer ;
And when within his house they meet,

They find his presence near.
3 Though men despise them or revile,

They count the trial small;
Whoever frowns, if Jesus smile,

It makes amends for all.
4 When cheer'd with faith's sublimer joys,

They mount on eagle's wings,
They can despise, as childish toys,

The pride and pomp of kings. 5 O Lord, assist our souls to pay

The debt of praise we owe,
That we enjoy a gospel day,

And heav'n begun below.


Luke i, 68. (c. m.) 1 HARK, the glad sound! the Saviour comes ;

The Saviour promis'd long ;
Let ev'ry heart prepare a throne,

And ev'ry voice a song.

2 He comes, the pris’ners to release,

In Satan's bondage held;
The gates of brass before him break,

The iron fetters yield.
3 He comes, from thickest films of sin

To clear the mental ray,
And on the eye, long clos'd in night,

To pour celestial day. 4 He comes, to bind the broken heart, • To make the wounded whole; : To preach glad tidings to the meek,

And bless the humble soul. 5 Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace!

Thy welcome shall proclaim :
And heav'n and earth shall join to sing

The glories of thy name.

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1 O ZION! when I muse on thee,

I long for pinions like the dove;
And mourn to think that I should be

So distant from the place I love. 2 While here I walk on hostile ground,

The few that I can call my friends,
Are like myself with fetters bound,
And weariness our steps attends.

3 But yet we shall behold the day

When Zion's children shall return;
When all our griefs shall flee away,

And we shall never, never mourn.
4 The hope that such a day will come,
Makes e'en the captive's portion sweet;
Though now we wander far from home,
In Zion soon we all shall meet.


Philippians ii, 1. (l.m.)

1 LED by a Father's gentle hand,

Through this dark wilderness of woe,
We long to reach that blessed land

Where streams of lasting comfort flow. 2 Oh! may our meetings here be blest,

To fit us for that holy place;
May faith and love inflame each breast

With zeal to run the heav'nly race. 3 Here may the Spirit shed the light

Of truth, to guide us on our way;
God's word upon our conscience write,

And teach us how to watch and pray. 4 We would dismiss each worldly thought,

When thus we commune with our God: Our theme shall be the love that brought A Saviour from his blest abode.

5 We'll think how Jesus liv'd and died,

The pains and sorrows that he bore,
The blessing which his love supplied,

The home to which he's gone before. 6 There we will hope to rest ere long,

And gladly change, before his throne,
The pilgrim's for the conq’ror's song,
Sav'd by redeeming grace alone.

5 1 John vii, 37. (s. M.)
I JESUS invites his saints

To meet around his board :
Here pardon'd sinners still may hold,

Communion with their Lord. 2 Here we survey that love,

Which spoke in every breath ; Which crown'd each action of his life,

And triumph'd in his death. 3 Here let our pow'rs unite,

His glorious name to raise :
Let hope and joy fill ev'ry mind,

And ev'ry voice be praise. 4 And while we share the gifts

His gracious hands bestow,
Our hearts, by Jesus' love inspir'd,

With kind affections glow.

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