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3 Oft when the world, with iron hands,

Has bound me in its six-days' chain,
This bursts them, like the strong man's bands,

And lets my spirit loose again.
4 Go, man of pleasure, strike thy lyre,

Of broken sabbaths, sing the charms,
Ours be the prophet's car of fire,
That bears us to a Father's arms!


Nehem. viii, 10. (P. M.)

1 REJOICE evermore

With angels above,
In Jesus's power,

In Jesus's love;
With glad exultation

Your triumph proclaim,
Ascribing salvation

To God and the Lamb.

2 Thou, Lord, our relief

In trouble hast been,
Hast sav'd us from grief,

Hast sav'd us from sin :
The pow'r of thy Spirit

Can set our hearts free;
And we shall inherit

All fulness in thee.

3 All fulness of peace,

All fulness of joy,
And spiritual bliss

That never can cloy,
To us it is given,

In Jesus to know,
A kingdom of heaven,

A heaven below.


1 Peter i, 18. (c. M.)

1 MY blessed Saviour, is thy love

So great, so full, so free?
Behold, I give my love, my heart,

My life, my all, to thee.
2 I love thee for the glorious worth

Which in thyself I see ;
I love thee for that shameful cross,

Thou hast endur'd for me.
3 Though in the very form of God,

With heav'nly glory crown'd,
Thou would'st partake of human flesh,

Beset with troubles round. 4 Thou would'st like wretched man be made

In ev'ry thing but sin,
That we as like thee might become

As we unlike had been.

5 Like thee in faith, in meekness, love,

In ev'ry beauteous grace;
From glory thus to glory chang'd,

As we behold thy face.
6 O Lord ! I'll treasure in my soul

The mem'ry of thy love,
And thy dear name shall still to me

A grateful odour prove.


John x, 27. (L. M.)

1 JESUS, the shepherd of the sheep,

Thy “little flock” in safety keep;
The flock for which thou cam'st from heav'n,

The flock for which thy life was giv'n. 2 Thou saw'st them wand'ring far from thee,

Secure as if from danger free;
Thy love did all their wand'rings trace,

And bring them to a "wealthy place.” 3 Oh! guard thy sheep from beasts of prey,

And keep them that they never stray;
Cherish the young, sustain the old;

Let none be feeble in thy fold.
4 Secure them from the scorching beam,

And lead them to the living stream;
In verdant pastures let them lie,
And watch them with a shepherd's eye.

5 Lord, bring thy sheep that wander yet,

And let the number be complete :
Then let thy flock from earth remove,

And occupy the fold above. 43

Revelation xvii, 14. (c. m.) 1 ALL hail the power of Jesu's name!

Let angels prostrate fall :
Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown him Lord of all.
2 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,

A remnant weak and small;
Hail him, who saves you by his grace,

And crown him Lord of all. 3 Let every kindred, every tribe,

On this terrestrial ball,
To him all majesty ascribe,

And crown him Lord of all.
4 O that with yonder sacred throng,
We at his feet

There join the everlasting song,

And crown him Lord of all!


Psalm lxxiii, 24. (P. M.) 1 GUIDE me, O thou great Jehovah,

Pilgrim through this barren land: I am weak, but thou art mighty ;

Hold me with thy powerful hand; Bread of heaven! bread of heaven ! Feed me till I want no more.

2 Open now the living fountain,

Whence the healing streams do flow;
Let the fiery cloudy pillar,

Lead me all my journey through ;
Strong deliv'rer! strong deliv'rer!

Be thou still my strength and shield. 3 When I tread the banks of Jordan,

Bid my anxious fears subside;
Bear me through the swelling current;

Land me safe on Canaan's side ;
Songs of praises ! songs of praises,
I will ever give to thee.


1 Timothy vi, 12. (7's.) 1 OFT in sorrow, oft in woe,

Onward, christians, onward go ;
Fight the fight, maintain the strife,

Strengthen’d with the bread of life. 2 Onward, christians, onward go,

Join the war, and face the foe ;
Will ye flee in danger's hour,

Know ye not your Captain's pow'r? 3 Let your drooping hearts be glad ;

March, in heav'nly armour clad;
Fight, nor think the battle long,

Soon shall vict'ry tune your song. 4 Let not sorrow dim your eye,

Soon shall ev'ry tear be dry;
Let not fears your course impede,
Great your strength, if great your need.

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