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2-23 -1932

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T HE General Argument

OF THE Third Book of MOSES,




EV I was the third Son of Jacob: From him his Posterity had the name of Levites : Aaron, who, with his

Sons, was called to the Priesthood, was from him called a Levite, Exod. 4. 14. And that Priesthood that was feried in that Family is called Levitical, Heb. 7.11. The Law relating to the discharge of the Priest's Office is properly called the Levitical Law; and upon that account that Book of Moses, which more especially treats of the Holy Rites and Services, in which thèse Priests were by their Office imployed, is very fitly, from the Subject-matter of it, called Leviticus.

And this is the main Subject of this very excellent Book, as will more clearly appear afterwards.


A 2

And because a great part of the Priest's Office was taken up in attendance upon the Altar, and he was nearly concerned in the Sacrifices and holy Oblations which were presented by the People ; and because this Book treats largely of those Sacrifices, and the Rites thereunto belonging, and that in the very beginning of it. I know not how to let the Reader into the Book it felf, any better way, than by premising something concerning the Sacrifices themfelves which are here treated of. And to that purpose I shall,

First, Consider the matter of these Sacrifices, or what things they were which were required or allowed to be offered at the Altar.

Secondly, I shall consider the several sorts or kinds of these Sacrifices, with the particular Laws annexed unto them; and shall in this matter offer nothing but what the Text of the Law gives me ground for.

Thirdly, I shall in very few words shew how very usefull it is to understand this mat ter.

I. I shall consider the matter of these Sacrifices, or what things they were which were required or allowed to be offered at the Altar.

And thefe Oblations being either of living creatures, or of things that were inanimate, I dhall,

First, Consider what living Creatures were admitted for Sacrifices, where these Sacrifices were bloudy. And they were Five onely; viz. Out of the Herd, the Bullock onely ; Out of


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